Sava Marinkovic – Nowhere Near


Sava Marinkovic

“Nowhere Near”

“Nowhere Near is a short album in length but long on beauty, distance and space. ” JazzWrap

“Beautiful” MusicZoom

“Perfect, clean, impeccable and beautiful!” ILLUSION Project

“This is an album for those who want to see the dream” Yamanote Dreams

In the beginning of his solo career, he has collaborated with many musician like Melinda Ligeti, Sergi Boal, Aleksandra Dokic. By getting to know Melinda Ligeti and beginning their collaboration, Sava has started to work on his debut album.
His solo career is based on an experimental approach to ambient music, free improvisation and minimalism. On his first album guests are the musicians Dragan Gojic, Sava’s brother Nikola Marinkovic (Harry Deorbit), Nikola Kato the keyboardist of the band Demetrin and Melinda Ligeti.
Nowhere Near is short story. Simple, slow and quiet album wich is trying to express ones soul. It is music experiment consisting of five songs, from the clear blue ambient, to the dark and melancholy electronic emotions.

mixing engineer: Slobodan Reković

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