V.A. – Kaoson kaj kontrolo



“Kaoson kaj kontrolo”

The chaos and control, humans and machines, nature and civilization, immigrant and borderlines, freedom and domestication, privacy and geolocalization, music and sonic weapons. With music by Elypixa, Lezet, In Vitro, Ivan Black, Lingua Lustra, Triangular, Esoteric Sob, DDO feat. Eddine Saïd, Nulix, DjrefugeeSW, K.smith and TSS Tortue Super Sonic.
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Knyaz Mishkin – 16+


Knyaz Mishkin


Live during the festival 16+ (16.08.2015, Kiev, Ukraine).
Leonid Narushevich – guitar;
Andrei Sherro – laptop;
Dzmitry Ladzes – laptop.
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Jari Pitkänen – Twilight Star Channeling


Jari Pitkänen

“Twilight Star Channeling”

Mashup album by Jari Pitkänen mixing nordic doom metal and ethereal celestial ambient into a 3 track EP. The first EP of a 2 part series closing Enough Records Anonymous Archives cycle.
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Echo Hazard – Salad Shark…. in Space


Echo Hazard

“Salad Shark…. in Space”

Another guest artist graces the collective this time, Norwegian artist ‘Echo Hazard’. Combining the genres of ambient and idm with lounge, Echo Hazard has created a classic chill out EP which wouldn’t be out of place in the background of any chillout lounge… except for the idm and electronica elements which demand your attention throughout.

The strangely titled ‘Salad Shark… in Space’ is an eight track EP with sublime tracks like PalladiumS, Nuke the Sun and Boreholes, with echos of Budha Building and perhaps a touch of Solar Fields and Cell.

Track of choice: Boreholes. Mastering by Mnemonic Studios. Enjoy!

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José Guillén – Órbitas


José Guillén


NEW RELEASE on Plus Timbre
by José Guillén
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Rewx – Antilia




Rewx is an argentinian producer. He’s presents new work called Antilia, perfect for big room techno party.
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Wings of an Angel & Jaduhara Indradhusara – Curators Of Corruption

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel & Jaduhara Indradhusara

“Curators Of Corruption”

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Dustywork – Dystopia




Stato Elettrico presenta Dystopia di Dustywork un ep dalle sonorità dub, techno, industrial con ritmiche distorte, effetti, esoteriche linee di synth e bassi graffianti che ti catturano portandoti nelle profondità del suono techno e sperimentale più oscuro.

Danzando sulle macerie della razionalità Dustywork assembla questi tre brani nei quali ogni pensiero di pace e tranquillità si perde nel magma sonoro generato.

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Eva Schlegel – Northland


Eva Schlegel


Композиции, написанные около четырёх лет назад в ходе бесконечных экспериментов с записью различных звуков и шумов окружающей среды на диктофон, которые в процессе проходили множество обработок и переработок…
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Bratenschneider – The Edge EP



“The Edge EP”

High-tech minimal with a psychedelic attitude! Bratenschneider gives a super great insight what a nice sound is cooked in Hamburg nowadays.
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Nox – Auf wieder zehn



“Auf wieder zehn”

next nox release on schmob…dirty and freaky techno music
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Jan Strach – Trawiaste Miasto

[UPL 063]

Jan Strach

“Trawiaste Miasto”

Jan Strach, a lofi artist and an avid worshipper of the DIY doctrine, returns with another full length, as sprawling and ecclectic , as are JS’s inspirations: Frank Zappa, P.M. Dawn, 90s nostalgia, the city of Poznań, cheesy Casio sounds, odd time signatures, wacky chord changes.

There are no dull moments here, no filler, genres skipping between synth pop, grunge, progressive elements and even elements of reggae and fusion jazz interludes. The landscape is filled with elements of 90s popculture (through a Polish lens), and the cryptic lyrics describe, in Polish, nostalgic reality with poetic pathos. All the songs are , as all on Underpolen netlabel, with a lo-fi angle and a homeproduced charm.

Jan Strach is always ready to play with forms and genres. There is a song in 15/16 about a clock, adding 1 letter each verse up to 12. There is a bluegrass/country song with a warped synth interlude. An upbeat Casio pop number which suddenly erupts with farmyard samples which transform it into a swinging jazz instrumental. And so on.

The main hero of the album, however is the melody. It is clear that this is Jan Strach’s first love, and the thing that he keeps aiming for. Amidst all this disregard for genre and stylistic clarity, the one utmost pervasive tendency can be seen, and that is, to keep the tunes pretty and memorable.

Released on Jan Strach’s Underpolen Netlabel, where you can find all of his other projects and bands, as well as other riveting DIY acts

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Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci – Nostos


Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci



“Strange things there may be, out there, but it sure beats boredom” Trebuchet

νόστος (Nostos) – Greek for “returning home” and the root of the word “nostalgia”-is a collection of eight new electroacoustic works for double bass and electronics by double bassist Daniel Barbiero (Silver Spring, MD USA) and sound artist/electric bassist Cristiano Bocci (Follonica, Italy). The pieces are the result of an international collaboration-sonic action at a distance-over the web.

Each piece is grounded in a solo double bass performance wich was then modified, dismantled and reassembled into constructions that explore timbral nuances as well emerging harmonies, counterpoint and rhythms. “L’ultimo treno per Follonica” is a virtual duet for Barbiero’s double bass and Bocci’s six-strings bass.

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Ycr0 – Spooky days Ep

Yan Terrien – Voicetronics


Yan Terrien


‘Voicetronics’ is a set of short compositions by Yan Terrien based on excerpts from philosophical discourses on existence.
The tracks are articulated around the voices of such philosophers as Alain Robbe-Grillet, Michel Foucault, Guy Debord, Pierre Desgroupes, Boris Vian.

This is electronic music pared down to its essentials, sometimes it acquires a sort of aquatic nature, and dancing to these sounds and beats is not the priority here, whereas introspection and reflection certainly are.

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Taedium – Far




Ambientazioni dark-wave, ambient e dub prendono forma su tappeti elettronici ed intricate trame sonore a cavallo tra musica sperimentale e ricerca techno. Taedium propone un sound oscuro e misterioso con evidenti richiami ad una cultura musicale ampia dell’autore che spazia dalla musica elettronica al dub e che si manifesta a sprazzi in ritmiche e voci che arricchiscono questo album dandogli una connotazione dark-techno-experimental mai monotona o scontata. Un viaggio musicale consigliato a chi piace immergersi nei suoni ed andare sempre più in fondo o lontano (FAR) come ci suggerisce il titolo dell’album.
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Scott Lawlor & Wings of an Angel – Cold Reading

[Self Release ]

Scott Lawlor & Wings of an Angel

“Cold Reading”

from Cold Reading, released 09 September 2015
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Langax – Indopacific




Formato: EP
Pais / Ciudad: España / Barcelona
Año: 2015
Genero: Electrónica
Estilo: IDM, Techno

1. Cleaning Station
2. The Cavern
3. Electric Shell

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VA – Sound Interpretation: Paris



“Sound Interpretation: Paris”

Every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit.
Let’s go for a walk through Paris.
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V/A – Archive Vol.3



“Archive Vol.3”

[KPL029] V/A – “Archive Vol.3”

1. Avidya – Strange Dimension (W&P by Victor C.)
2. Double Reflect – Never Wake (W&P by Gerard Ll.)
3. Frictional Transmission – Disfuctional Response (W&P by Frictional Transmission)
4. Ginging – Box (W&P by Mike Julian)
5. Jozef Nemček – The Relict Radiation (W&P by Jozef Nemček)
6. Ocralab – Lacunosus (W&P by Rocco Biscione)
7. Retouched – MV (W&P by Raúl García.)
8. Shimmer – Moving Closer (W&P by Israel Medina)
9. Twin Peetz – Astro Fighter (W&P by Patrick Peetz)
10. Warmth – SRCS (W&P by Warmth)

Mastered by Vtr
Cover art by Raúl G.

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Dj Mist – Kopoc Label Podcast.025


Dj Mist

“Kopoc Label Podcast.025”

[KoPod025] Kopoc Label Podcast.025 – Dj Mist


1)north hive-immersion
2)Unknown Artist -[Knowone LP001]
3)Echo delta-anodyne
4)Andrea Cichecki-Subjective
5)Unknown Artist-Knowone 001
6)Izzat Man-Dub Wave One
7)Hubble -India
8)Donato Dozzy-Untitled C2
9)thomas koner-La Barca(hour five)
10)Carl Craig-a wonderful life

Mixed by Dj Mist

Cover by Raúl G.

Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3 ep


Niccolo Machiavelli

“Duga 3 ep”

[Kpl028] Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3 ep

1. Niccolo Machiavelli – 0.8 MHZ

2. Niccolo Machiavelli – CS-137

3. Niccolo Machiavelli – UVB-76

Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3 EP – Release Notes
Genre – Techno / Dub Techno
3 tracks based on all things secretive. Numbers Stations, Listening posts, Soviet intelligence services…
UVB-76 = A numbers station lead breaks track with plenty of dub influences and atmosphere.
CS-137 = A droning roller of a techno track with plenty of dub rumbles.
0.8 MHz = Pure chord lead dub techno

Niccolo Machiavelli is a London based producer releasing across the genres from ambience through to techno. With releases on labels including Deeptakt, Black Elk, Drift Deeper, Deep Electronics and Silent Flow, Niccolo fuses dub production values with dense atmospheres. On the Dj front Niccolo has supported Fluxion and G.R.I.T at Astral Industries London.

Written and Produced by Neil Slotnik
Mastered by Neil Slotnik
Cover art by John Fhakner

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Ignacio Tardieu – Forest ep


Ignacio Tardieu

“Forest ep”

KPL027 – Ignacio Tardieu “Forest ep”

1. Ignacio Tardieu – Białowieża

2. Ignacio Tardieu – Brocéliande

3 Ignacio Tardieu – Oulanka

4. Ignacio Tardieu – Białowieża (Tecknoise Remix)

5. Ignacio Tardieu – Brocéliande (Randoom RMX)

6. Ignacio Tardieu – Oulanka (Discknocked Redubtion)

Written and produced by Ignacio Tardieu
Mastered by Ignacio Tardieu
Cover by John Fhakner

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Solef – Travelling Throught Moments



“Travelling Throught Moments”

[KPL026] Solef – “Travelling Throught Moments ep”

1. Solef – The Last Goodbye

2. Solef – The One And Only

3. Solef – Train Days

4. Solef – Anxiety

Written and Produced by Lefteris Ligdas
Mastered by Vtr
Cover art by John Fhakner

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Jiri Chvatal – Polygon & Low


Jiri Chvatal

“Polygon & Low”

KPL025 – Jiri Chvatal “Polygon & Low ep”

1. Jiri Chvatal – Polygon

2. Jiri Chvatal – Low

Written and produced by Jiri Chvatal

Mastered by Jiri Chvatal

Cover by John Fhakner

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Flow Diverter – Untitled EP [pn099]


Flow Diverter

“Untitled EP [pn099]”

“Uno, dos… One, two… the minimum count to begin to dance, not in a warm place illuminated by the sunshine of the European Mediterranean coast, the place where Carlos Vergara (This Co, Octopus Finger) conceived this debut EP from his alias “Flow Diverter” but for delving into those tight, underground, humid spaces… places where the darkness spreads dense frequencies, charged with electricity, and provocative martial rhythms.

In this “Untitled EP”, the two original compositions are accompanied by their respective remixes, produced by two emblems of Chilean electronica, Miguel Conejeros (aka F600) and Eduardo Yáñez (aka Gozne), who from their respective views and hearings, propose, complement, and expand the sound of Flow Diverter.

So turn out the lights, in One, Two…”

Mika Martini
(Director Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel)
(Santiago, Chile, september 2015)

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MRTN CSTR – C0lor B01L3r



“C0lor B01L3r”

From Argentina arrives a new guest in Modismo Netlabel’s house. that make us travel trough unique sounds and quirugic percussions that reveal to us the smaller sound details. The mix between ambient and custom IDM are the perfect maridaje to this era. Download and enjoy.
By André Baradit.

Music by Martín Castro.
Virtual instruments (for Software Reaktor), Synthesis / Sound Design and Mix.
Mastered by Dario Tello – 440 Recording studio and audio production (Cordoba, Argentina).
Cover artwork and design by Alisú.

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