Francesco Burchini – Rain On Me (Original Mix)

“… there’s hope for spring here too now.”

Akauzazte – Azalberritan




“… if we understand evolution as a way to make between respect for the heritage and memory, Akauzazte show us that have chosen the best way, perhaps the hardest, but the right one. Unashamed of debts on their teachers, and instinctively following the footsteps of nomadic paths crossed by them, Akauzazte been known to seek, find and shape their own personality. Dancing in the shadow of popular music, fornicating with rock, and looking fearlessly face to face, the avant-garde, Akauzazte invites us to know your personal world of sound. Between two edges: one real and raw, and a soft, imaginary, as the two skins of the snake. With new skin, but with the same head, Akauzazte.” (Xabier Erkizia)
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VA – No Labels No Musics III



“No Labels No Musics III”

The electro-music/EdP sound collage project No Labels No Musics, challenges musicians to create original compositions from an existing field recording archive.
Participants are limited to field recordings as the only sound sources, but are encouraged to chop, mutilate, and process until cooked to desired flavor.
This is the resulting dish!
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Noston – Toxic

[kreislauf 117]



Noston – Toxic
(Kreislauf 117)01 Geigerzähler (3:40)
02 Cool Down (5:19)
03 Toxic (5:06)
04 Trumpet Playing Starfish (6:47)
05 Faraz (4:57)
06 High Sky (5:53)
07 Lullaby For My Little Monkey (4:56)
08 One Fifty (3:40)
09 Janos (5:00)
10 Deep Love (4:40)
11 Another Trip (5:20)
12 Ashes To Ashes (3:06)
13 Nozart The Night Music (5:21)

04. März 2012

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Various – Five Pieces



“Five Pieces”

rc050 is five pieces featuring Listening Mirror, Antonymes, Quinn Walker, Widesky and Wil Bolton. Each artist was given a piece of artwork and asked to create a soundtrack from it. 100% of income raised from five pieces will go to the Four paws animal charity.
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hertzcanary – birds don’t come easy



“birds don’t come easy”

A bird on your hard disk is worth two in the bush. Here’s another hatchling by the nightingale of intelligent dance chirp – hertzcanary. birds don’t come easy is the third of the bird series (see related releases below for more). The clutch of five precocial biped lobit funk songs were composed with the now almost extinct FastTracker II.
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VA – Melodica Sampler Vol2



“Melodica Sampler Vol2”

We introduce you our second compilation named Melodica Sampler The motive of this EP corresponds to the conception of Melodica Netlabel. Various music styles and experiments with ample portion of melody and feelings by Slovak and foreign manning. Close your eyes, listen, relax and enjoy it.
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Qatarsis – Qatarsis EP




“Qatarsis EP”

Sounds like Lübeck is far off from outer space when listening to the first release of very talented young producer Qatarsis!You can hear a lot of different influences, great musical sense and a whole bunch of potential for further productions.

Great atmospheres meets spacey sound fx, numb melancholy meets nervous detachedness.

Have a listen, have fun!

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The Noisy Garden


A.A. V.V.


Nostress Netlabel celebrates first anniversary with a compilation of previous unreleased tracks by artists from the netlabel and not only. It’s hard to believe it’s already passed first year and our commitment has enabled us to meet many important talents of the world’s independent music scene. This unexpected success encourages us to strengthen our commitment to the only real purpose: the promotion of free music. It ‘s very great to see that this planet is full of musical talent of all kinds and also great to know and promote artists on a global level. We are happy to receive much music and live recordings…it means faith in us. A big thank to all the artists who collaborated in this first initiative that we hope can be repeated every year.
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clongclongmoo now on Twitter!

Starting from now all new netaudionews and recommendations at clongclongmoo will be automatically published at twitter.!/clongclongmoo

I don’t use it – but maybe you :)


El Pilar Azul – #2


El Pilar Azul


El Pilar Azul, now as a stable band after the addition of Daniel Benavides and Cristian Munoz, present two new songs: “Double Reality” and “54”.The fact that they have already worked as a group grade and gives the music a new air. The guitars back in charge and thus a greater role in “Double Reality” we find a song more direct and forceful than the previous album “Diciembre” while the theme “54” is a fantastic instrumental, with rythm changes that will not leave you indifferent.

>From now on, we wonder what the next album will offer, with “# 2” opened a new path or are playing to confuse us? We look forward to hearing more from them.

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VA – Choose Ur Way



“Choose Ur Way “

It’s about time we get to the first milestone. It’s about time to think over and to move on. It’s already one year behind. With our deepest pleasure and appreciation to all of you, we deliver you our tenth release.
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mixersmith – electricity




We have known Mixersmith as Robotron’s reliable friend. Now he releases his first solo release at Audioexit: Electricity EP. This four-track composition shows us that Mixersmith evolves, creating more and more interesting pieces. He has a unique sound, but at this time it is lighter and consumable – we say lighter, not light! Comparing to Dan Mute’s calculated, strict sounds, this work is close to it, but the tracks search for independence, play with the limits, and more lighter, airy tracks. Mixersmith makes his solo debut very well.
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Klangboot Radio – ~ Automat ~


Klangboot Radio

“~ Automat ~ “

2 hours, 22 Tracks of Ambient, Electronica and SoundscapesOur Artists: 3bc, Jay-Dea López, 7 Vortex, Absorption, Aloo, Asmik, creative commons, FSB, GL[D], Hugo, kalope, keith303, Ken Palmer, klangboot, Ktnish, live live live, netaudio, quietman, Rasul Mono, readymedia, subterrestrial, Tobetozero, Tomputer, Wialenove, Wolfgang Kirchheim, Xesy
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Cosmic Analog Ensemble – It Was

Proyect? Moone Jazzers – The Corridor

[UPL 038]

Proyect? Moone Jazzers

“The Corridor”

A sinister vision of the future, described in apocalyptic poetry with menacing instrumentals as the background. A show of non-compromising authenticity, a mysterious musician with a unique vision, with a will to experiment and shock the listener on every curve.
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V.A. – 3 Years Prozent Part One



“3 Years Prozent Part One”

Artist: V.A.
Title: 3 Years Prozent Part One
Label: Prozent Music
Catalog#: prozent029
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 28.02.2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, DeepTracklisting:

01. Joel Enzo – José (7:54)
02. Quadrakey feat. MiElle – Rêvée (7:15)
03. Dean – Feelin You (7:34)
04. Vage feat. Marcelavie – Platon Tanz (4:26)

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litmus0001 – 55S 137W

[Kreislauf Extra 016]


“55S 137W”

litmus0001 – 55S 137W
(Kreislauf Extra 016)01 55S 137W (66:26)

26. Februar 2012

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litmus0001 – Grytviken

[Kreislauf Extra 015]



litmus0001 – Grytviken
(Kreislauf Extra 015)01 Elusian Nurture Synthesis (16:14)
02 Etudes Des Sens (4:02)
03 Condition Mechanical (9:46)
04 North Atlantic Transit (6:58)
05 This Sacred Written Cold, Pt 2 (16:07)

19. Februar 2012

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Kyoto – Lo que vuelve para vengarse



“Lo que vuelve para vengarse”

After the two previous EPS, published in La Gramola Netlabel, Kyoto release his first LP, recorded and mixed at Montreal Studios by Hans Krüger (El Columpio Asesino, Delorean).

This is their most complete work to date, not only for its duration, but also by its content.

Artwork: Álvaro Ortiz

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Alexander Chereshnev – Unremembered Stardust


Alexander Chereshnev

“Unremembered Stardust”

Alexander Chereshnev shares this EP that consists of 4 melancholic tracks full of ambience. 3 tracks contain vocal parts by artists from great CCmixter community: MiElle, Adisa McKenzie and SackJo22 – each one is in different language. Calm atmospheric music with romantic lyrics and nostalgic feelings.
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Scerbas – Footstool




Another release from our artist Scerbas on Gargan Records.
With the EP Footstool was create another fine piece of electronic music into the world.
The release has the perfect balance between eccentric tech-house beats and deeply house elements.

All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s for the (free) Download.
MP3s, Cover and “all inclusive” ZIP-package are available here or on:

Artist: Scerbas
Album: Footstool
Release Date: 2012-02-25
Genre: Deep House / Tech-House
Label: Garganrecords
Catalog#: gargan063
Type: EP


(01) Footstool (Original Mix) 07:58
(02) Nili Fossae (Original Mix) 04:48

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Point – Deepending




Deep, deep and once again deep is the most accurate way to describe an album which is loaded with a perfect balance of emotional, driving and pad-refined Techno. Catching you in the first seconds and releasing you after serveral replays in the last second, with a huge delight in your face. We are proud to release the first album by Point exclusively on Digital Diamonds.
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01-Erissoma-Sustainer whispers[Miga]
02-Zreen Toyz & Saccomani-Uncertain Symmetry Of Structural Oscillation[Sillage Intemporel]
03-Primitive Thinkers-There Can Be Peace[LoopJazz]
04-Empiric Project-Sargassum[Picpack]
06-The Get-The Darkness[IDMf Netlabel]
07-Great Skies-Breath In The Air[Silenced]
09-Dreza-Slug On The Roof[Kreislauf]
10-Jwilson-It Flickers Between The Endless[IDMf Netlabel]
11-Reed Refucher-Inside me[Section27]
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Ars Sonor & Meklabor – Reeds Remixed


Ars Sonor & Meklabor

“Reeds Remixed”

Effluvia is proud to present another collaborative work with Laetitia Schteinberg of Ars Sonor. Her last release on my little netlabel of sheer, unquestioned brilliance was an epic joint effort between more than a dozen artists, and though only one of those fellow sound manipulators joins with Sonor here, it is no less epic, challenging, and empowering. Another wonderful industrial statement on art at large, Meklabor (dmitry Vlasov) is the one who joins. Originally appearing on Effluvia as Sunburzt, here he brings his colorful sonic abrasive rhythms that glitch, crackle, expand, and shatter the inner menagerie, and never before has the shattering glass of lovecrafted critters of glass so punch-packing. Four tracks where these rhythms echo through haunted dance floors and cemetery raves. A filter of psychonautic junkyard bliss that will surely get your blood pumping with synapse pleasing vibrations, though don’t get the vibe that these tracks aren’t still a challenge to the untrained ear. A Rorschach test of psychedelic catacombs that may tickle something less pleasant than the funny bone. All of this mixed perfectly with Ars Sonor. Broad, dense ambient tundras as far as the ears can hear, a distant blizzard screaming whispers of despair inside your dreaming head, yet with such ecstasy at the same time. This album, as masterfully conjured as anything I’ve heard of either of these musical savants, will sure digest well for your ears. Falling through corridors, fingers bleeding into the reeds, the volcanoes wait for the footsteps to ascend, loudly, with a rhythm your arachnid ears cannot ever hope to hear. Thank you very much for your lovely sounds Meklabor, and to Laetitia Schteinberg, I hope, we hope, that you are doing well!

Radex – Trip Beats



“Trip Beats”

02- Littlebit Noisy(3:19)
03- La(4:20)
04-Risng The Atmosphere(5:06)
05-Move Out(5:03)
06-Trip The Beat(5:29)
09- Lapse(5:29)
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Apes On Tapes – Big Wordz Big Wizard

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