iky iky / Bird Paradigma – What About Future? ….


iky iky / Bird Paradigma

“What About Future? Elements Of Informal Thought”

Deep in the recesses of the underground is work so evocative that the review by the youthful noise enthusiast and ambient connoisseur could not hope to articulate it. Perhaps I can help bring light to where these sounds might be coming from and why they deserve your time and ears, but words cannot touch the language of true art with soul, just as a soul cannot be touched by the flesh and yet needs the body to be anything more than the change of vapid stone through unseen time. If you listen closely to this collaboration between iky iky and Bird Paradigma, then you will enjoy the luxury of listening to a language that you cannot speak, and yet you can understand. The speaker of the language can evoke emotions within your breast and communicate a message that all deep listeners can share in a vague sort of approximate way, but yet nobody who bears witness knows where the utterance roots from. You have never heard such phonation, and yet it moves you like a poem in your native mother tongue. I say this to extenuate my main point about this album, which I try to convey pettily with meager teenage english; this album is pure poetry, plain and simple. Abstract but with underlying form, as if listening to a language you do not understand. And yet, one does not need to understand the language proclaimed by an operatic maestro. The love and anxiety in such a song helplessly spews forth. the love and anxiety of one of my heroes iky iky (Laetitia Schteinberg) is an expertly crafted language that forces its way into our ears so ardently as to overwhelm us. An artist deeply tormented by the powers that be, her immense soundscapes will move you and put you on parallel with her most personal emotions, tortured and yet beautiful. We share in the sonic temple of her solace and contemplate life within her poetic sound stylings, so vocal and so mysterious like foreign tongue. And then there is Bird Paradigma, and the work of this aloof artist is equally emotional and artistic. Using a palette of sounds that makes the language uttered here a difficult one for many to listen to, but the care put into every solid millisecond of this incredibly astounding piece of unique sound makes it an impenetrable listen that will grow more and more impossible to understand with each listen (I’ve already listened to it three times). So please, listen to this.