V.A – Consciousness Dr.

[EPV_128 ]


“Consciousness Dr.”

■ EPV_128 / free download

3rd anniversary – 3rd stage

My Lifetime were surrounded by crowd of sounds.
The road to Consciousness to Overdrive Consciousness.
Welcome to Consciousness Drive…

■ artist
AUCHRE (soundcloud.com/auchre)
itsuqi doi (cotofu.com)
mitsuru shimizu (soundcloud.com/mici)
Mujika Easel (www.mujika.net)
N-qia (soundcloud.com/n-qia)
Rika Oshimi (www.ac.auone-net.jp/~skin/)
sanmi (soundcloud.com/sanmi-sc)
SHOMOMOSE (soundcloud.com/sho-m)
unmo (flavors.me/unm)
yoko komatsu (yokokomatsu.com)
zmi (zmi.jimdo.com)

■ bonus item
wallpaper for iPhone 4 & 5 (lock & home screen / 2type) ,
wallpaper for PC (3type) , PDF BOOK

illustration by ”Madonna” by Rika Oshimi
:: web ::

mastering by AUCHRE

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Sergi Boal – Silenci


Sergi Boal


This is my second Cd. After “Nylon and Turtle”, that was only guitar, I tried to experiment with other instruments and other musicians. In the work “silenci” I composed for trumpet, for cello, oud and voice, but always with the sound of the guitar like the principal instrument. “Silenci” reflects a mood, a declaration of intentions, in this convulsed times. The first notes the work, a Oud solo ( Origen,played by the Oud Player Yannis Papaioannou), it’s a metaphorical way to say that the music is a spiritual thing, and you have to sit down, cease your minds, and only listen to. i think you will need to listen this work during a Sunday evening, in the dawn,during a raining day or just when the house is almost in silence. Like the last word in the David Linch’s film Muholland drive:..”silence”…. My intention is summarized in the words written on the back cover (translation from the catalan language):The silence is the origin
The absence of sounds
The silence is the utopia
listen the silence, not the noise.EL SILENCI ÉS L’ORIGEN
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KARST & VINCENT BARRAS – Corpusculairmetrique




Abstral Compost: voix & texte
Cyril Bondi: percussions, objets
d’incise: percussions, objets, feedbacks
Luc Müller: Percussions, objets, micro contact
Vincent Barras: Voix & texte (Face A)Karst brings together three musicians/percussionists/improvisors, playing in a fusional, abstract, eletroacoustic way, and voice/text/word/sound. This LP, third publication of the ensemble, grows around the theme/word “corps” (body). On the first side, the Abstral Compost’s random text is put in regard of the improvised speech by Vincent Barras (facinatinf character, speaker, medecin historian, sound poet, Cage’s translater, sound anthropogist, etc).
Karst present as well in 2012 a sound theatre play, “Besoin modeste assiette plate”, around Samuel Ernest Daibe’s outsider writings.
Cyril Bondi and d’incise team together since years, mainly with their duo Diatribes. Luc Müller is involved in the Lausanne based collective Rue du Nord. Abstral Compost oscillats between sound poetry and wild rap with the Labrats Bugband.
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Emerald Park – Things EP


Emerald Park

“Things EP”

After more than half a year of silence we are back with a new release by one of our favorite artists, the Swedish indie outfit EMERALD PARK!
“Things EP” is a collection of great songs taken from the album Absolute Zero, b-sides and the upcoming Black Box EP.Enjoy / 23 Seconds Netlabel
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The Electric Poet – Hell Bound


The Electric Poet

“Hell Bound”

01-A Little Piece of Truth(2:10)
02-Hell Bound(5:03)
03-How’s Your Joint(8:29)
04-Field Nigger(2:06)
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Cagey House – Stations Alive


Cagey House

“Stations Alive”

Cagey House has been releasing music since 2005.This music has always had an underlying pop cheeriness,but also a healthy disregard for structure and a fondness for abstraction.The tracks in Stations Alive show this by featuring melodies and rhythms which rise up out of the general chaos and then float away without any regard for verse or chorus. This produces an effect at once disorienting and engaging.
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Violeta Päivänkakkara – kukkia


Violeta Päivänkakkara



■ bonus item
wallpaper for iPhone5 (lock & home screen) &
wallpaper for PC & another artwork (EPV ver.)

all tracks by Violeta Päivänkakkara
artwork by Marlaja Virta [ marlajavirta.tumblr.com ]

■ Violeta Päivänkakkara
Violeta was born in Helsinki (Finland) in 1992. She has always felt drawn to cosmology, planets, nature and the dream world. She creates environments and personal and melancholic atmospheres, using instruments like the glockenspiel, guitar, piano and electronic sounds
of nature, among others. She currently lives between Helsinki and Barcelona.:: KUU (1st EP) ::
La Gramola Netlabel (2012) [LGN017]

:: Pimeässä (2nd EP) ::
elementperspective (2012) [EPV_107]

:: bandcamp(Violeta) ::
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Background Radiation – Uniform Static


Background Radiation

“Uniform Static”

Background Radiation, is the electronic pop duo Ludo Maas & Tim Dwyer. Their sound sits somewhere nicely between Tunng and Apparat. They have been slowly amassing music for this full length album since 2008. “Uniform Static” is a collection new work that is their most engaging, polished yet. It is an extremely percussive album, sharing similarities with their “False Start ep”. Electronic drums pulse and click along all twelve tracks. A lot the the instruments found on their “Moot Point ep” also make an appearance on this album. Many of the songs lyrics delve into ramblings of space, dreams, and memories.
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Ongaku2 – Short Stories



“Short Stories”

30 minutes of music in 12 short tracks.
A sounds and vision’s collection and dreamlike prophecies.
A constellation of intimate sounds and images.
12 improvisations of 2:30 minutes.
One little story.
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Echoculture – Poets And Artists



“Poets And Artists”

02-Fall Of The Leaf(5:03)
03-Paradise Road(3:44)
04-Melting Glaciers(1:29)
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Proyect? Moone Jazzers – Cold Strike

[UPL 048]

Proyect? Moone Jazzers

“Cold Strike”

Proyect? Moone Jazzers comes back with another album, stylistically diverse and well thought-out. The arrangements, deceivingly simple at first, develop and blossom in meditative improvisations, raging from jazz through blues to classical music, bringing to mind creations of the impressionist composers. Everything is as always served in an intimate diy atmosphere, creating the unique atmosphere present on all recordings by Proyect? Moone Jazzers.
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Violeta Päivänkakkara – Pimeässä


Violeta Päivänkakkara


Here’s the second EP of Violeta Päivänkakkara
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Jude Cowan Montague – Winter Hill Sings


Jude Cowan Montague

“Winter Hill Sings”

For the first release of 2013, Linear Obsessional is delighted to present a radical new EP by Jude Cowan Montague.

“Winter Hill Sings” is a collection of short multi-tracked vocal works informed by folk singing and hill walking. The accompanying PDF booklet includes new texts, poetry and artwork by Jude.

Recorded by Brian O’Shaughnessy at Bark Studios, Walthamstow in 2012.
Jude Cowan Montague: Voice and instruments
(double bass, phono-fiddle, percussion)
All songs by Jude Cowan Montague & Trad.

A limited edition CDR version of this mini-album will be released on January 26th 2013- frosted clamshell case with working compass, sugar paper insert with map drawn by Jude Cowan Montague and a hand coloured map. For details please visit the Linear Obsessional Homepage

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Claudio Nunez – December last poems


Claudio Nunez

“December last poems”

“…the music loosely evokes the feeling of some of my favorite jazz piano trios (the udu replacing a regular drum set): Paul Bley, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett… a little more toward free improvisation since there are not tunes or structures previous to the playing itself…”
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Old Splendifolia – Utterly Heartbreaking



Old Splendifolia

“Utterly Heartbreaking”

A new La bèl release.
All songs by Jana Plewa and Frank Schültge Blumm.”The Song Poems seek their fortune through poetic views of the world, leap to the Earth’s perishable inhabitants’ defense, for whom the consistent rational explanations for a world so compelling in its richness, in its confusion, in its complexities impregnable from comprehension give little satisfaction….”
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Rho – Brace For Gravity



“Brace For Gravity”

Rho return to No-Source Netlabel with their first batch of new material since 2010’s album, ‘Cedarleaf.’ ‘Brace For Gravity’ is a brilliant, concise, and calculated release. It showcases the two distinct sides of Rho. One side is their quiet, ambient, acoustic side. Guitars tremble slowly through seas of effects in many of the shorter songs on this album. The other half of Rho is the sprawling, progressive, beat oriented instrumentals. In these pieces, rhythms, synths, and guitar work to take on an almost kraut rock nature. The title ‘Brace For Gravity’ suggests an epic release and these longer tracks definitely deliver. Brace yourself for Rho.
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V.A. – No Labels No Musics 4



“No Labels No Musics 4”

The electro-music.com/EdP sound collage project “No Labels No Musics” challenges musicians to create original compositions from an existing field recording archive. Participants are limited to field recordings as the only sound sources, but are encouraged to chop, mutilate, and process until cooked to desired flavor.
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Heu{s-k}ach – két




Marcel Chagrin and netaudio superstar D’Incise created an album under the moniker Heu{s-k}ach that will definitely be a momerable exploration into post-rock, jazz, musique concrète and avant-garde. We’re honored to be able to release such an album for free, a testament to Heu{s-k}ach’s generosity. Their ingenuity also tests our sense of fear and exploration as their obvious knack for suspense carries us through the many damp rooms found on the album. A slow, heavy walk through these corridors might dizzy the most adventurous of us but as you go on, the journey reveals itself to be within and the reward is uplifting.
Két certainly takes you to dark places, but peering long enough into its darkness will showcase its true beauty.

D’incise: laptop, objects
Marcel Chagrin: guitare, amp, bass drum

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Audiophil – Hope



Hi people this is our livingroom performance for our new song “Hope”

We fuse acoustic instruments with modern sounddesign.

You can hear bowed saw, cajon, guitar, vocals embedded in electronic sounds.

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omara – hitschlampe remixed



“hitschlampe remixed”

01. omara – hitschlampe (quinto remix)
02. omara – hitschlampe (ulf kramer remix)
03. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v1)
04. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v2)
05. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v3)
06. omara – hitschlampe (oliver martini remix)
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If the Archive#2 is published that close of the Archive#1 it’s because we thought crucial by this release to signifie the evolution and the work accomplished by the orchestra during its 2nd residency in the summer 2012. This one has indeed allowed to establish a much more defined direction, both easthetic and strategic, for the IMO’s near futur. After experimenting a large range of conductions type, IMO made the choice to work on and build a specific way to improvise in a large group, based on collective actions, on certain sounds, on volume controle, etc.
Line 1 is along drone, where each musician integrates it regarding its capacity to hold a continuous tone, slowly develloping the sonic mass’s timbre and spectrum. Line 2 is an improvisation where the orchestra explores a serie of matters, in strongly coherent blocs, naturally passing by various densities and colours.

IMO is a large improvisors ensemble, founded in september 2010, It gathers about 45 musicians from all Switzerland and beyond. It is born from the INSUBORDINATIONS label and assocciation nebula that publishes and promotes the twisted forms of experimental improvisation since 2006.
The orchestra seek to devellop collective listening and playing, it creates sonic microclimats, subtles layering, looking for a single sound, generated by a common thought, carried by the impressive amount of musicians forming the core of it. With over 20 concerts and two residency, IMO has found his own and surprising path.
IMO goes in the direction of a practice where instruments loose their classical function – and sound – to become abstract sounding artefacts, establishing then a non-hierarchical relation between them.

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Will Bangs – Stay Golden


Will Bangs

“Stay Golden”

In 2011, No-Source Netlabel kicked off a remix contest for Will Bang’s album Stay Gold. As you may remember, Stay Gold was created as a starting point for musical collaboration. Now that the initial contest is over, No-Source brings to you the remix EP “Stay Golden”. The EP contains five tracks, remixing four of the songs off Stay Gold. These five tracks come across less as remixes and more as a compilation of songs by different artists. Interestingly enough all five tracks share a similar indietronic bond with each other. Ilona from Switzerland adds kick drums, effects drenched vocals and a wave of synths. Harvey Kreepar takes his remix to post-progtronic territory with an immense build of layers. Ford Madox Ford, a mysterious project from the mind that brought you Full-Source, takes on three tracks with reverberated vocals and distorted, arpeggiating synths. Stay Golden is a great way to wrap up the 2012 release year for No-Source. Enjoy!
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Martin Rach – Music For Children


Martin Rach

“Music For Children”

Martin Rach is back with some little oddities of his.
These are small electronic/electro-acoustic pieces collected throughout the years.
Over exposure to these sounds might turn your kids into… Never mind, you find out!
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Violeta Päivänkakkara – Pimeässä


Violeta Päivänkakkara


EPV_107”Pimeässä”Violeta Päivänkakkara / free download

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mitsuru shimizu – ili


mitsuru shimizu


EPV_105”ili” mitsuru shimizu / free download


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Various Artists – hope3.0


Various Artists


||| New Release |||

EPV_111”hope3.0” Various Artists / free download

”hope3.0” is the new free compilation of element perspective.
Final edition of the series, which lasted three times.
This album is made up of 18 artists, who fight on their own effort in the Japanese music scene.
We hope that this great work will be sent to people all over the world.

Japan is still full of hope.

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D. Bleu – A. Borisov – O. Nosova

“Visions Blinking in and out of Desire and Un-Desire”

The canadian psycho folk singer Dora Bleu performs with russian electro acoustic artists Alexei Borisovand Olga Nosova on a special live concert on August 24, 2009 at Genialistude Klubi in Tartu (Estonia), where songs follow their own inner sense of narrative time. The songs follow their own inner sense of narrative time. The guitar playing is sparse, tense, suggestively melodic, sometimes dissonant. The vocals contribute to uneven compositions filled with stark silences. The songs intend to violate the concept of genre, to infuse storytelling and text with trauma, vulnerability and the raw and unprotected and intensely emotional. The lyrics explore the darker caverns of the psyche, in the places of experience where the capitalist war state replenishes itself.
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