Trixie Delight – Submarine

notforme! – Ludovican /​/​/ Forlorn Shores

Macchiato Funky – Bugella 20-50

Dmitry Smaznov – Waterproof (EP)

Marco Trovatello – Not At All

Dako Loop Orchestra & Lezet – Noise Band in My Garden

Various Artists – The Feel of DEFIL 3

Wings of an Angel – Tell Your New Date Something Truly Romantic And Original, Tell Her How Her Eyes Are Like The Fathomless Sea After A Storm Of The Black Plague

Wings of an Angel – The Pathetic Greatness Of The Masqueraded Face Book

Martin Hoogeboom & Juan A. Mi̱ana РOLK / GLIMM

10Konekt – 100Chaises

Wings of an Angel – What Is So Counterintuitive About Forcing An Average Guy To Be A Philosopher?

Wings of an Angel – Sacrifice Your Suicidal Idealism

BroodingSideOfMadness and Melophobia – Serpent Noir ΚΑΔΜΟΣ / Serpent Rouge ΑΡΜΟΝΙΑ

Wings of an Angel – Cannot Create A Toxin Out Of Mortality

Walt Thisney – single-O

Various Artists – Eastern Block Guitars Compilation

Haase+Santis – Dos Trazos

Martin Hoogeboom – A Sacred Place (Live)

Martin Rach – Pentacyclops

Walt Thisney – Spektro

notforme! – Small Town Mysteries

C. Reider – Listening After the End

Luca Calcagno – La Pioggia Rinfresca L’Estate

Walt Thisney – Crypto

ykymr – City

Andew Sprrw – Music Book (OST)

Walt Thisney – Piano Moods

Fryvolic Art – High 5

Martin Rach – washing room sessions