Nick Rivera – Zamalek


Nick Rivera


Zamalek is an island in Cairo in the middle of the Nile.
But also a neighbourhood, something in between.
This album is about the sky you can’t see from this island and the things that swim in it.
Zamalek is a warm cuddle from your trusted friend, a fist in the nape from your best enemy.

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Greatness Awaits


I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

“Greatness Awaits”

[onorezdiLP013] Greatness Awaits (Nov . 17 . 2013)

Greg Reinfeld – Autumnal Jams


Greg Reinfeld

“Autumnal Jams”

3D Movies
Home Recording Boogieblues
False Start
Hindu Freddy
Hating on the Multinationals
Downfall of the Amsterdam Juggler
Buttwish’s Not-So-Secret Wish
Song on Leaves
Rain, Divisible by Itself and One
Bamboo Howard Number 10-C
Totalitarian Orchestra Labor Dispute
Daylight Switchings Time
Alternate Ending
A Tall Boy, Who Has a Mustache for Eyes

Daniele Pasini, Raffaele Pilia – Northern lights


Daniele Pasini, Raffaele Pilia

“Northern lights”

“Northern Lights” flows from a common passion for Northern Europe landscapes, which freely inspired most of their songs. Recalling the fascinating phenomenon of the aurora borealis, the album offers a collection of eight instant composition pieces for flute and classical guitar.

Bo Crew Hip Hop Collective – Bo Crew Hip Hop Vol. I


Bo Crew Hip Hop Collective

“Bo Crew Hip Hop Vol. I”

Artist/Composer: Bo Crew Hip Hop Collective
Keywords: TheFeeDunk Star; TheDeepr; The Corner; I.Z. aka IDzeroNo; Ames Nick Solder; The Pee Punk BROTHA; D-Ram; Dj RuffShraker; Melvin Clark; The Informers; 95 & Sailaway; D – Ram; hip-hop; media; remix; hip_hop; flyingteam; nyc; classic;
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – No StoneWall (Feat. Bo Crew aka BoCrew HipHop Collective )

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

“No StoneWall (Feat. Bo Crew aka BoCrew HipHop Collective )”

TheFeeDunk Star, TheDeepr, The Corner, I.Z. aka IDzeroNo, Ames Nick Solder, The Pee Punk BROTHA, D-Ram, Dj RuffShraker, Melvin Clark

V.A. – AFA presents… Roncheras



“AFA presents… Roncheras”

This album is the fruit of our love of art. This means you can listen to it, dance to it, play it, cut it up and share it without spending a single yen. Those who have participated range from stars of underground Ukrainian dance, to Spanish comic authors. A.F.A.’s only aim is to have fun and to share what we make with as many people as possible so they can have fun with us. Or they can hate us and want to strangle us with a spiky wire. As long as it’s with love, anything goes.

V.A. – AFA presents… Es Incurable. Es Navidad.



“AFA presents… Es Incurable. Es Navidad.”

Bizarre christmas album by Amalgamated Futureless Artists, released in January 2013.

Geometrie Variabili – the Breath


Geometrie Variabili

“the Breath”

The lesson of Steve Lacy: starting from a single element like a scale, a broken chord, a sound, a breath in order to work it up by assembling and disassembling, tearing apart and rebuilding. Fragments of ideas taken freely in an exercise of rearrangement always looking for coherence, always trying to get back to basics.

Greg Reinfeld – Summer Jams of re-Itori Jones


Greg Reinfeld

“Summer Jams of re-Itori Jones”

Birthday Party
Convenience Store Lockdown
Surfing, Overrated
Benefit Show
Song on Bugs
Bloodless Coup at a Bulletin Board
Outsider Art
Halloween with the V.C.C.S.S.

RMSS Systems Inc. – Live Volume


RMSS Systems Inc.

“Live Volume”

Live Volume is a live-recorded dark ambient 6 track compilation, specially prepared by different friend musicians.
Anarytmiczny Sinus Ale Noisemalistick Silnik B: Profili was recorded in October-November, 2011, for the famous world calendar date: 11.11.11 (never before and never after).
Trotskyism_titles#2 (music for film) was recorded in January, 2012.
Maggie Spring Theme was recorded in February, 2012, for Margarita Alexiy-Solovyova’s birthday as a sound present.
Hard to Explain the Silence was recorded in April, 2012, and Insufficientia Cardialis Acuta was recorded in May-June, 2012, both as soundtracks for Ian Licht’s film METER.
Oil-Blooded Bird was recorded in July, 2012, for Oil-Blooded Bird album which is dedicated to Nature Rights and against technical violence.


Alexandr Vasilyev – semi-acoustic guitar (A, T, H), special guitar applications (T, H), looper (T, H), piano drones & reverbs (H)

Hikaru Yamada – sax (H), computer noises (H), special live noises (H)

Humsterdrum – guitar (I)

Luci – didgeridoo (A)

Polina Ageykina – voice (A)

RMSS Systems Inc. – bass (A, H, O), acoustic (M) & semi-acoustic (O) guitars, fuzz (O), loops & samples (A, T, M, H, I, O), record & technical supplement (A, T, M, H, I, O)

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Tomika – Good People and God Night EP



“Good People and God Night EP”

Tomika is the music Tom Streller from Leipzig. He combines, electronics, indie pop vocals, chamber pop structure, and a flare of the imagination. His debut EP under Tomika is an extremely mature release. You can tell that Tom has complete control over his production techniques and instruments. Pathos Interlude is a short song based around string instruments. Fall In Springtime shares some similarities with Tunng. The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes starts with a field recording of a thunderstorm before building into a somber folktronic piece driven by piano. The EP ends with Roots & Wings, a downtempo, heartfelt ballad for a rainy night.

01) Pathos Interlude
02) Fall In Springtime
03) The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes
04) Roots & Wings

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Various Artists – Retrovision


Various Artists


In our era of information society overwhelmed with modern content there are moments when longing for the ages gone immerges you into delightful nostalgia. Melodies and grooves from the past times help setting the right climate and artists from Mixgalaxy Records would gladly assist. On this compilation you will find retro blended with contemporary forms as well as authentic vintage sound. So uncork the champaign and hide yourself from the rush of days for a little while.
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trans alp – Nachtschatten


trans alp

” Nachtschatten”

The shadows show the way of light. The frequencies light zhe path of data to our souls. Also the darkness can provide shadows.

With this EP we document one of Trans Alps concerts of the last years, which is also a take of one of his musical processes, which can be described as developing the tracks from one concert to another.

The EP brings five tracks of a concert, taken place in the now vanished off/space »Krautwaldfabrik«. This former cultural space is documented in the CYNAL 01 magazine (in German language only).

Trans Alp mixes small acoustic sound objects with analogue synths as well as digital work during his concerts. Also you can perceive his graphical art through his music.

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Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird

Nick Rivera - The Wasp and the Butcher...and the Bird

Eines morgens traf ich diesen Song. Super emotionaler Song, tolles Cover und verwirrendes Video. Wow – und wieder mal bei

Releasepage bei Bandcamp:



Lorf, Aledelu – #Tessuto

Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma (single)


Nick Rivera

“The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma (single)”

This is the single from the new Nick Rivera’s album called “Zamalek“.
Zamalek is an island in Cairo in the middle of the Nile. But also a neighbourhood, something in between. This album is about the sky you can’t see from this island and the things that swim in it.
Zamalek is a warm cuddle from your trusted friend, a fist in the nape from your best enemy.
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Menion – Menion




After long three years from the extraordinary album “Out of sound/Out of silence” released by La bèl in June 2010, Menion returns with an exciting new album. Ten tracks where the sophisticated electronica and the lively rhythmics of the sardinian artist cross the emotional notes of his guitar.

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Wacky Southern Current – Argonautica


Wacky Southern Current


Marco Cervellin, the force behind Wacky Southern Current, returns with his third album on No-Source. Argonautica continues the trend of high quality instrumental albums from Marco. To give Wacky Southern Current one genre is to sell the music short. A wide range of influences fill up each release from Marco. Argonautica is no exception. This is a more guitar-centric album with Kraut influences, particularly on the track “We Are Argonauts.” “French Radio” is a short burst of experimental soundscape, while “Blues in A” is an excellent seven minute jazz workout. Wacky Southern Current heads is new directions with such musicianship that it’s hard to believe they haven’t been there all along. Argonautica is: Marco Cervellin – guitars, bass, keyboards. Gianni “Ian” Garbo – guitars. Giacomo Gatti – drums.
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Greg Reinfeld – Album, Overrated


Greg Reinfeld

“Album, Overrated”

Pornographic Secretary
Cool Maximum
Echo Blues
Robot Solstice Party
Career Paths a Millennium Hence
Pliny the Gangsta
Suburbia v. Ridiculo Yarmuve
It’s a Bean Sprout
William Taft on Horseback circa 1905
Funky Me Eating a Pear
Sexy Translator Honeymoon
Talented Playground
Halo Eyes
Sexual Awakening of Queen Tut
Inveterate Shaker of Hot Butt

the human grizzly – the steinebach tapes

ASTMA and Els Vandeweyer – Live at Naherholung Sternchen


ASTMA and Els Vandeweyer

“Live at Naherholung Sternchen”

Performed and recorded by Olga Nosova, Alexei Borisov and Els Vandeweyer (Berlin, Germany, 25 July 2012)
Alexei Borisov: guitar, voice, electronics
Olga Nosova: snare drum, citra, recorders, sound objects, voice, effects
Els Vandeweyer: vibraphone, percussion, voice
Special thanks: Meli Anders
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McGuffin Electric – Brightelephant


McGuffin Electric


“Brightelephant” is a collection of sinking, memories, human bodies, battleships and battlekisses. And elephants, of course. Each of the 7 pieces in it is as abstract as it is concrete. Old-fashioned sounds for modern, turmoil, times. Halting, skeletal and serious-less chamber music for irrational listeners.

Matteo Fiorini: acoustic guitar, ukulele, banjo, percussions, lapsteel guitar.
Domenico Peluchetti: acoustic bass, bouzuki.
Erica Polini: violin
Captured “goodthefirst” mixed and mastered by Piero Villa, at Rumore Bianco, Esine (BS) – Italy during February 2013.

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Electric Mirrors – Drive


Electric Mirrors


01-The Sudden Afternoon- Archetypes(3:51)
02-Little Big Horn- Western Radio Transmissions(3:21)
03-The Singing Statues(3:44)
04-Streetcar Geography- Stomp Box(4:11)
05-The Illuminated Highway- Urban Exodus(3:00)
06-Modern Life- Ritual Colonies(1:49)
07-1956 Cocktail Party- Suburban Architecture(3:42)
08-Get Away- Parallel Sunset(3:24)
09-The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D(3:23)
10-Good Night- Sleep(2:23)
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Sergi Boal – Cercle


Sergi Boal


“A transposition of the soul into sound waves” NetMusic Life

“Cercle” is my most spiritual project. the most introspective. In this little EP the music flows, the themes don’t have any concrete structure, and maybe this gives the sensation of a visual dream, the sensation that you are floating, and you could create images, thoughts, sensations…. Not having a concrete structure, there’s no beginning, no end ; it’s like a circle! All the songs were recorded in one or two takes.only with a nylon guitar.
The music was almost improvised, except the theme “NILS” that was a rework of the pianist Nils Frahm, from one song of his album “Screws”, trying to “move” the sounds of his personal piano, to the guitar..
I recorded this EP with Hector Xiqués ( I/O Estudi de Gravació, Barcelona),and we tried to give that especial sound of the guitar, with some delays, and reverbs.
Nuvol ( Cloud) Angel Blau ( blue angel) Cercle (circle) Nils ( rework of Nils Frahm Composition ” LA” Sense tu…res… ( without you…..nothing)
please, sit down and dream……………..

This is a joint release with Alchemistica netlabel

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23RedAnts & moniKa ledesma – droning snow (in brown color)


23RedAnts & moniKa ledesma

“droning snow (in brown color)”

Mainly based on free improvisation, 23RedAnts, a spanish duo with Macarena Montesinos and Niet F-n moves in different directions mixing noise, melody, glitch music, silences, field recordings, loops and irregular rhythms in new and surprising ways together with moniKa ledesma, an artist able to create and perform music that crosses the genres in an always original and unexpected way with long sessions that drives the listener through a contradictory and hallucinated universe made by acoustic or distorted sounds mixed with taste and attention for details.”droning snow (in brown color)” is a surreal music project, a perception of experimental drone with a series of dynamics motivated by the presence of a cello as added value and stimulus for serious electro environmental raw sounds. An execution in dark ambient style but slightly balanced by an exact experimental noise-avant-garde direction just a little bit far from the traditional dark ambient style
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Noa:maR – Welcome to Palestine



“Welcome to Palestine”

Electroacoustic duo formed, under the endless rain of the Costa da Morte (Spain), in 2009 with Niet F-n and B.K. Uvión, an experimental musician of galician origins. “Welcome to Palestine” is an album with rarefied melodies, loops, glitches, field recordings, noises and microsounds merge together to create extemporaneous sonics ambients. Guitar, violin, synth and different objects are treated with pedals and effects or with laptop to elaborate the sound and transform the spaces.
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