All It Takes



“All It Takes”

“All It Takes” is the third album by Multi-Panel, the solo project of Ludo Maas. Native to the Netherlands, Ludo has been perfecting his style of loop based electronic music pared with vocals and acoustic guitar. On “All It Takes”, Maas blends Lo-fi IDM with Americana, creating a decidedly cinematic experience. Each track blends to the next like scenes in a movie. Nostalgic guitar rifts become the canvas for the synthetic flourishes and expressive synth work. Drum beats and vocals, come and go, on a tidal schedule. The end result is a rich and complex suite of songs that demands to be listened to from start to finish, like a good film. The album was inspired by Maas’ new found love for the cinema, and accompanying soundtracks. Notable inspirations include Tangerine Dream’s Risky Business, Howard Shore’s After Hours, Jon Brion’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Patrick Leonard’s At Close Range, Ennio Morricone’s Days of Heaven, and Jon Hopkins’ Monsters. Maas’ musical influences include Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Múm, Colleen, Fennesz, Boards of Canada, Neil Young, Four Tet, and Postal Service. Support the artist further by purchasing this release through Multi-Panel’s Bandcamp Page.
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The Gateless Gate – Xinjiang


The Gateless Gate


The Gateless Gate is the ambient music project of a Canadian singer-songwriter when he doesn’t want to write songs. Inspirations are ethnic music, Krautrock, avant garde, psychedelic music and various ambient music forms.
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r. – Grabaciones fantasmales



“Grabaciones fantasmales”

r. – Grabaciones Fantasmales (2012)

01.- Fantasmas (Demo 2006)
02.- Fiesta Funebre (2011)
03.- Ni La Cuarta Parte (2006)
04.- Maldita (Demo 2005)
05.- Mal Hábito (Acústico 2011)
06.- Distancia (Ensayo Junio 2007)
07.- Hurgar (2010)
08.- Revolución En Mis Días (2010)
09.- Noches De Marzo (2010)
10.- Pajaros Con Mirada De Gato (Ensayo 2009)
11.- 5:45 pm (2007)
12.- 10 Años Después (Demo 2006)

Art and music by Ruth Barrientos.
Mastered by C.N.Morgan.
Published by m.i.s.t. records


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Claudio Nunez – The tension of the strings


Claudio Nunez

“The tension of the strings”

“The tension of the strings” is a set of 7 free improvisations or, as I like better: 7 compositions in real time for classical guitar solo with some extended techniques and a little of everything in terms of textures, styles, harmonic, rhythmic and melodic explorations.”
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Azoora – A Thousand Ways EP



” A Thousand Ways EP”

The grandfathers of ’23 Seconds Netlabel’ are back with a long-awaited and absolutely astounding EP. “A Thousand Ways EP” is our eight release by the mighty Azoora from London.

For years the band has been creating music on its own terms, which has resulted in a unique and very personal sound, often combining a lot of different genres like indie, post-rock, singer songwriter, trip-hop and a dose of experimental ideas.
Azoora consists today of singer and songwriter Paul Loader, producer, composer and multi instrumentalist John Purcell, drummer Ben Cochrane, and backing vocalist Trudi Lawrence. It was more than two years ago since the full band released something together and the result surpasses all expectations, comparable to the band’s best work. Perhaps the atmosphere is a little bit darker today and the music not so experimental, but the core of the music is the same as before, and the concept where the EP contains two alternative takes of each of their tracks.

So sit down, make yourself comfortable, listen, and be carried away by our flagship and most important artist: Azoora!

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dmyra – MotNiM




[MotNiM] (short for Mystery of the Ninth Morning) is a new EP of music by dmyra. At only three songs, these are some of dmyra’s longest and deepest tracks to date. As the album and track titles suggest, this musical work is shrouded in mystery. Each minute is just as cryptic as the last. The final track, a complete epic, will still leave you wanting more. More music and more answers. dmyra told me that “interpretation is everything.” Perhaps that is the key to the meanings within. “goodbye parks and gardens…”
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Plusplus – Game Over



“Game Over”

Here is the Return of Adam Radmall (aka PlusPlus), Plantman’s guitarist

After the extraordinary album “Evils” released in March 2011 by La bel netlabel,
 here is eight new electro-acoustic tracks with a subtle melancholy that characterizes the PlusPlus’s compositions.
Also available in limited CD edition with four extra bonus tracks.
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VA – Alvorada




08:30, Alvorada com Zés Pereiras, Cabeçudos e Gigantones.
Só a partir de 1893 é que Zabumbas e Zés Pereiras, assim como os Gigantones e Cabeçudos, entram na Romaria da Agonia.
Na Praça da República, uma centena de Bombos de matreca em riste – bumba que bumba e zabumba – inundam de som os romeiros…
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Sergi Boal – Nylon & Turtle


Sergi Boal

“Nylon & Turtle”

“My ear were literally staggered as soon as the first notes of this disk” La Grosse Radio Rock

“An album you can taste listening after listening” NetMusic Life

“An interesting and pleasing album” iThink magazine

Nylon and Turtle was recorded after that, while he was watching jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, Sergi boal, guitarist and composer, had a revelation: the necessity to create his own music. This necessity led him few months later to record this CD. There are 9 songs, most of them recorded in one or two takes, so it’s almost a live recording. It is an organic and intimate album, in which the guitarist tries to make a little travel. As in Ice Voice, where it can be appreciated the Nordic influences of Jose Gonzalez, or Yorke, where we can hear echoes of Radiohead. Fukushima is a tribute to the victims of the tsunami in Japan, in where it mixes anger and calm; The incident of the Bell features great tecnique and sounds with a mixture of pop and grunge music, all with the same nylon guitar. In Frontera, the flamenco sounds in his fingers, and take us to Orecchio di Dioniso, and then we get carried away through the last song of the album, “Is anybody out there?”, a composition that borrows the title from Pink Floyd, ending with a question. This album is the starting point of this guitarrist of Barcelona, who decided one day to make his own music with the guitar. Sit back and listen … is anybody out there?

(this album is a joint release with the No-source netlabel)

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poj.wlkp – Most

[UPL 042]



While preparing material for the new album, it appeared that between the previous album “Gdybym Umiał Mówić” and the present enough nice songs were created to be issued on a separate record. What sticks out on “Most” are three versions of the title songs, in very different arrangements. As always poj.wlkp tries to avoid obvious solutions and reaches for surprising stylistic and rhythmic measures, keeping in touch with the lyrical melodicism and intimate, somewhat dark atmosphere.
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Background Radiation – False Start EP


Background Radiation

“False Start EP”

No-Source Netlabel is pleased to bring you the re-release of Background Radiation’s debut EP. The amusingly titled “False Start” was originally released in 2008 on Jog/Shuttle. The 2012 version has been recently remastered and contains a previously unreleased bonus track. This new track, titled “Recovery Basin,” is based upon elements from their 2010 track “Discovery Basin.” “Discovery Basin” can be found on No-Source’s debut compilation “Hey You, Choose Your Own Adventure.” Like Background Radiation’s second EP, “Moot Point,” “False Start” combines acoustic instruments with downtempo electro-pop experimentalism.
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Yosoyunotrotu – Premonition

Wow! Musik für breite Horizonte. Danke audiocast & Yosoyunotrotu!

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – This is not my bed

Ganz nebenbei aber auch ganz nah dran eine wunderschöne Indie EP zum hinsetzen. Ma guckn was derweil die Welt macht.

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – Impossible Roncea Ep


Nicolas Joseph Roncea

“Impossible Roncea Ep”

Impossible Roncea is one of the side projects of Nicolas J. Roncea, a musician who plays also with Fuh and Io monade stanca. Because of a problem with his left hand, in the beginning of 2010, he was forced to stop his musical activity for some months and he decided to make some experiments with home recording, voices, loops and guitar open tunings. So this is “Impossible roncea”, the first 5 tracks ep, out in free download on Yo! netlabel.
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Steve Moyes – Gardening


Steve Moyes


Gardening is a collection of solo acoustic guitar improvisations, performed and recorded by Steve Moyes in the back garden at his home in Gillingham, Kent, England, during the Spring of 2012.

Equipment used: 2 acoustic guitars (one of which is broken), baby knife, hand-held mini fan, 45 rpm record (A Chill At Dawn by Barney Bigard and his Orchestra). Occasionally both guitars were played at once (one with each hand).

“I don’t consider myself either an acoustic guitarist or a gardener. When Richard Sanderson suggested I record an acoustic guitar album for Linear Obsessional, I came up with the idea of recording outdoors, in an attempt to inject a greater variety of sounds into the recordings. It also gave me an excuse to be out in my garden, which I like, but not have to feel that I should be lawnmowing, weeding, or pruning, which I don’t. Thank you Richard.

Also, thanks to Alan Clark of Alan Clark Joinery for providing some of the more interesting ambient sounds on the recordings. More interesting, at least, than the pigeons. Sometimes I wish the pigeons would just shut up.” – Steve Moyes

Download comes with 12 page A5 booklet of photographs and notes.

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Greg Reinfeld – Greg Reinfeld & the Opinionettes


Greg Reinfeld

“Greg Reinfeld & the Opinionettes”

Album #13 from Greg’s Raptor Venom imprint.
Original mono recording released March 15, 2009
tracked, mixed and mastered in Virginia, United States

14 songs / 41 min.

Ishtar – Ombre




The VKRS Netlabel are pleased to present Ishtar with the debut release on VKRS Ombre. Songs that are simple yet evocative and are filled with deep ambient influence and acoustic sounds. We hope you enjoy this latest release on the VKRS Netlabel.
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Oskar Hallbert – Saturday

Musik aus dem Jahr 2008. Wie immer rauscht und rumpelt es wenn im Hintergrund wenn Oskar Hallbert zum Intrument greift.

GRENADE SURROUND Experience – Koshachya Muzyka



“Koshachya Muzyka”

03-So Skorost’yu Mira(5:29)
04-V Vys(4:42)
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Various Artists – La bèl’s friends


Various Artists

“La bèl’s friends”

[LBN015] Various Artists – “La bèl’s friends”

The first La bèl compilation.

12 unreleased tracks.

12 La bèl’s friends.

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Naked Polly – In a cat’s dream


Naked Polly

“In a cat’s dream”

Naked Polly returns to No-Source with “In a cat’s dream.” The five songs on this EP were recorded prior to Oscar’s debut album. The sounds on “In a cat’s dream” are very similar to “A day in a night.” The difference is in the more acoustic sound found on the EP, not to mention Spanish lyrics. The songwriting and elements on psych are still there. The first three tracks sit nicely next to each other with their indie acoustic tones. “Fragil(e)” is the EP’s lonely instrumental. The album closes with “Nunca más”, a track that leads the listener out with acoustic guitar, piano, tambourine, and a touch of electric guitar.
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Sergi Boal – Nylon & Turtle


Sergi Boal

“Nylon & Turtle”

Sergi Boal (from Barcelona) is an accomplished classical guitarist. No-Source and Acustronica are pleased to bring you his debut album, “Nylon & Turtle”. This album contains nine original compositions that solely focus on Boal’s acoustic guitar playing. Plucking and strumming fight for dominance in each of these dynamic tracks. Boal is quoted as saying that he is influenced in some way by the music of Baden Powell, Brad Meldauh, Radiohead, and Jose Gonzalez. Tracks like “Yorke (to Thom Yorke), directly reference Radiohead, While “Is there anybody out there?” might be a nod to the Pink Floyd track of the same name. Cover and design by Josep Maria Poch / Elisa Llorens. Photo by Isabella Antonelli. This release is a joint release with the wonderful Acustronica.
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The Hand in the Ocean – we fished all night and caught the day

The Hand in the Ocean

“we fished all night and caught the day”

Released 30 May 2012
Performed by Nate Tapling, Jordan Evans and Jeremy Dulac.
Produced by Jared Lucas.
Artwork by Justin Penna.

the human grizzly – folk songs from an urban tundra


the human grizzly

“folk songs from an urban tundra”

dissonant reverse folk





Cyril Bondi: floortom, objects
Phonotopy: cracked electronics

:Floortom vs hard-drives:
An electronic/percussion versus, acoustic glitches and digital chants, textures layering in an intense monothematic soundscape.

Cyril Bondi is involved since many years into active improvisation, as a member of diatribes among others and co-founder of theInsub Meta Orchestra, he’s multiplying collaborations and projects with his particular approach to be a drummer

Yann Leguay aka Phonotopy, is focused on everything around solid memory and sound materiality: from installations to the performance , passing by music and records edition (ArtKillArt , Phonotopy, Consumer Waste). By transforming hard-drive in a 7200 RPM turntable, he offers an update of turntablism.

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TRIGGER – the fire throws



“the fire throws”

Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet
Matthias Müller: trombone
Nils Ostendorf: trumpet

The Berlin-based improvising wind trio Trigger was formed in 2009 and works on creating a unitary sound of discrete sonic layers. Through the use of multiphonics, circular breathing, and other extended techniques, Trigger forges a music of gradual depth with sudden shifts in texture and mood. The current direction of the trio is long continuous masses of sound and utilizing site-specific resonances of performance spaces.

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Weatherglass – Contractions For Ophelia



“Contractions For Ophelia”

Linear Obsessional Recordings is delighted to release an album by the English experimental musician Weatherglass-

“Much of the music on Contractions for Ophelia was used as background to the birth of Weatherglass’s grand-daughter, hence the title. All the music originated on acoustic instruments, including plucked and bowed acoustic guitar, lapsteel guitar, harmonium, accordion, dulcimer and found objects. Cornwall and Sykes Reservoir feature as special environmental guests, and vocals were supplied by various waterfowl and a budgie.” – Weatherglass 2012

Recorded and Played by Weatherglass
Download comes with PDF booklet of notes and images by Weatherglass

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