Hermanokiltro – Limitaciones & Retazos

Hermanokiltro – Limitaciones & Retazos


“Limitaciones & Retazos”

Almost two years after their first release (HK. Orion, 2020), including their early works (2012-2015), “Limitaciones & Retazos” (Limitations & Pieces) is Máximo Campos Flores and Felipe Reyes Flores, second album, produced during the long Covid-19 pandemic quarantines and those days’ limitations, where getting together and making machines work was a therapeutic parenthesis in uncertain and catastrophic times.

Thus, pieces from intermittent improvisation sessions were put together, searching for landscapes, rhythms and melodies, part of the duo’s musical DNA, ranging from electronic cumbia to house, hip-hop to ambient, considering the whole variety of registers and sonic inquiries in their debut release.

“Limitaciones & Retazos” confirms this duo unprejudiced sonic curiosity and stylistic breadth, stretching their own limits, self-assured that musical experience is a permanent learning realm.

VC Miranda
(Santiago, Chile. Agosto / August 2022)

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