Downbeat – Introspección

Rich Sudney – 4 am

SANMI – めぐりあい宇宙

Dubrajah – Reprise

I Neurologici, Manicomio, Miz Brown, Laylah – Hezbolldub Riddim

In Vitro – El Hombre Libre

Cafeina Kid – Neko

Bitter​-​Suss – Apologize For The Past

Red Star Martyrs – Red Star Martyrs

Retouched – Untitled Dub LP

Jack_plug – Calles verticales

Eter Dub – In da name of Jah

Ayato & Planetaldol – MESA

Vejopatis – Versmes

beat.dowsing – Sydney ep

beat.dowsing – Sydney ep

Mastermind SX – Keep on moving

Knolios – Mystic Snail

Heavenchord – Time in Space

Heavenchord – Time in Space

Akusmatic – Schimmerling

Mas&Delayer – Roads


I Neurologici, Miz Brown, Resina, Ras Moray, Shiny D – Dub Lucky Riddim

Various – Modismo 4

Laylah, I Neurologici – Amalgama

I Neurologici, Ras Moray, Shiny D, Jobba – Unity Riddim

I Neurologici, Jobba, Ras Moray, Shiny D – Nuova Resistenza Riddim

Mr Zebre ft Rebel Legal Rmxs

Telegraphy – Greening Of Man

Wolfgrowl – Skyline

I Neurologici, Simone Isidori, Pazmiño, Manicomio – Nuova Gnocca Riddim

netaudio mix (March 2016)

Juan Baeza – Decisiònes

Air Protection Office – Black

Stan Soul – Matted Silence

I Neurologici, Ras Moray, Miz Brown, Pazmiño, Matrix Dubb – Get Chicken Riddim

Mendiak – About Summits

I Neurologici, Ras Moray, Jobba – 440 Hz Riddim

Duppy – Canções de uma Roma Negra

Outlaw Producer – Inner Loop ep

Bleupulp – Due change

Moolsaasa – Sleepless EP

Doublereflect – End Of Cycle EP

Doublereflect – End Of Cycle EP

Miroslav Wilde – Ocean EP

Buruciaka – Kopoc Label Podcast.029

Poisonoise – Kopoc Label Podcast.028

Markus Masuhr – The red moon and the landscapes from jupiter

Akusmatic – For No Reason At All

The Dub Vaders – Herbs & Trips

V.A. – Selections – Green

TwichGarden – [KPL032] TwichGarden – “Rising Dark EP”

Need Answers – [KoPod027] Kopoc Label Podcast.027 – Need Answers