Komadub ft Zion Irie – Do Good (EP)


Komadub ft Zion Irie

“Do Good (EP)”

It all started back in 2010 in Istanbul/Turkey, where Hybrid K. and the baglama/cura player Zaffah decided to join their musical knowledge and create Komadub. One year later in 2011 Selekta Firuzaga (Dread Culture Soundsystem) joined them, and together they produced their first album called “Derinbaz”. Unfortunately the group did not last long and after the depart of Zaffah, the rest of the members decided to continue producing music under the same name, dropping beats ina digital style. The “Do Good (EP)” is one of the duo’s fruits of this new era.

Zion Irie (full name David Orleans), was born and grew up in UK/South London (Brixton) in an African Ghana household. After a separation from his family, he left home at the age of 14 and lived for a few years in an authentic rasta house community. Armed with hi spirituality and having a background in original soundsystem things, he taught himself to sing and write lyrics, as well as to compose tracks for the house of Zion UK. Living now in France, he has collaborated with many artists like Ackboo, Kanka, Weeding Dub and Dubsynaticx, while he shared the stage with names like Horace Andy, Brother Culture and many more.

The conscious lyrics of Zion Irie meet the oriental meditation riddims of Komadub, spreading Jah blessings to the souls of all of us. Originally the tune was planned to be included in the coming album of Komadub, which will be out later this Summer, but the sweet voice of Zion Irie and his conscious lyrics, gave the tune a dynamic of its own, which was enough reason to do a separate release and share his deep spirituality with all the family.

“Do Good” is the first work from both artists on Dubophonic and it is released as an EP with four different cuts of the title track. One vocal track, two different dub cuts by Komadub and last but definitely not least, a fourth uplifting reconstruction of the track by Alphadub (selector, operator and co-producer of Dread Culture Sound System) ina heavy steppa style, doing good for our soul, sending more and more positive vibrations with each play of the tune.

Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh – KoPodcast.19 – Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh


Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh

“KoPodcast.19 – Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh”

1.Mind Over Midi – Closer to the End
2.Brk – Untitled Dub 2
3.Brk – Untitled Dub 5
4.Grit – The Furthest Outpost (Gradient Remix)
5.Grit – Marianas Trench (Quantec’s Nightshade Remix, Live Cut)
6.Neotnas – User Mood
7.cv313 – Seconds To Forever (Original)
8.Pobedia – Symbols
9.Neotnas – Slow & Steady
10.Grit – Neon Aura (Havantepe Remix)
11.Grit – The Furthest Outpost (Octex ‘Radio Interference’ Mix)
12.Ericcst – You will never walk alone in tokyo (Naoyuki Sasanami Redux)

Excellent work by the artist Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh where moved us to an adventurous journey into the ambient and dubtechno,

from kopoc we thank this artist and hope that you will enjoy a lot with this podcast..

Various – LXR Compilation – Live And Direct (May 1, 2014)



“LXR Compilation – Live And Direct (May 1, 2014)”

LXR Compilation – Live And Direct

Artist/Composer: Various Artists

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

Have you ever heard of the Sonic Potions LXR?
It is an open DIY drum synth by Sonic Potions. Members of the Sonic Potions forum want to show with their contributions that the LXR is much more than that – it’s an live performace tool.
All tracks are direct recordings of live performances using the LXR as the only instrument flavoured by external effects.
In addition to the first track, which is a seamless mix of all contributions by Möbius, the individual tracks are also included in this release.
So, have fun to dive into the world of the Sonic Potion LXR and explore what can be done with this wonderful machine!

This compilation ranging from ambient to house is dedicated to Julian Schmidt, the founder of Sonic Potions and the creator of the LXR synthesizer.

Dubsynaticx – Studio Dubs Part 1



“Studio Dubs Part 1”

Daniel Rossmann, better known by his stage name Dubsynaticx, was born November 1982 in Vienna, Austria. He inherited his passion for Reggae and Dub music from his father. From an early age he was a big fan of Inner Circle, Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker UB40 and many other performers from the 90th Daniel also began to discover and learn the synthesizer, drum machine, guitar and piano during his childhood. He was truly inspired by the Dub mixes of Scientist, Mad Professor, King Tubby etc.

Daniel quickly started to create his own Dub singles. As he was interested in developing his professional technical skills, he attended various sound engineering workshops and maintains to continue his improvement in sound engineering.

His first web album “Powerful Water Dub” debuted on the Internet in 2005 received a plethora of positive feedback from Reggae and Dub fans from all over the world. Two years later, in 2007, he released his first official single “Sunshine Dub”. He was involved in various projects with other great artists, among others with Madi Simmons and Sammy Gold and in 2013 Dubsynaticx launched his own Record Label “Tone-Echo Music”, under which he released in March 2014 the single “Shining Dub”.

“Studio Dubs Part 1” is Dubsynaticx’s first release on Dubophonic and is out for free download, sharing some festive Easter vibrations. Daniel Rossman’s inspiration has always been the works of the great dub masters of Jamaican music and this is clear to hear to be heard in his work. Nevertheless, he manages to add his personal tweaks through his sound engineering skills setting his own style and striking with a 10-track dub album full of vibes.

All tracks have this retro skanking dub feeling, but still sound fresh and vibrating. Whether it is due to the irieness of “Dubconscious”, the skanking guitar riddim of “Salt and Pepper Dub” or the heartikal singing of Madi Simmons on “Love Serenade”, the album succeeds in spreading those positive vibes in each and every way. The inclusion of three vocal tracks in the album and the guest appearances of Sammy Gold (properly dubbed), Madi Simmons and Goldtea, definitely adds value to an already good work worth of listening.

Substak – Modal




Modal. What does it mean? Modal could be Jazz, but there’s also a Modal Logic, and there are Modal Verbs of course. But listening to the new release by Substak for Adeptlabel I actually think in Modal Fabric.

Modal is an artificial fiber. It is true that we tend to identify the artificial as something unnatural, false, but “artificial” form Latin artificiālis, which means hand-made or man-made. Art is artificial. Modal is artificial.

It’s usual to think that by means of textile fibers we could produce textile fabrics. But truth is that we could manufacture non-woven fabric. The key is how to weave the fiber. In textiles, fiber are weaved, sewed, tied; in non-woven fabric, fibers are related by means of friction, cohesion, adhesion, etc…

Modal fiber can be used to form part of woven or non-woven materials. Something similar happens with sounds. They can produce music or non-music in their mixing process. There’re rhythms and melodies in “Modal” obviously but what it’s crucially important is how the sonic fibers are fused together until reaching the bottom line.

So Modal is a non-woven musical fabric. It is a sound sheet of porous and absorbent rhythms stuck on with elastic melodies. That is the reason why Modal is highly accurate sonic fibers.

spaceaser – Tangelo



all manifestations fuelled by spaceaser between Jan-Apr ’14
tracks 1,2,3,5,6 & 7 originally for WeeklyBeats project.
track 8 originally released on parsley collabs’ first complation ‘wiki random article’ (parsleycollabs.bandcamp.com/album/wiki-random-article)
track 1 based on aspects of The Flaming Lip’s ‘It’s Summertime’
track 3 based on aspects of ‘St. James Infirmary Blues’

~samples~ 1. birdsong, pipesmoker6. eliclassworld’sbestrapper7. dizzeerascal8. 2000ADTvAd
~various samples of acoustic and electronic percussion taken from various sources and used throughout ‘Tangelo’

spaceaser – Singular



experimenting with live noise and arp manipulation carried out in its entirety on the 11th of April 2014

~track 3 is remix of track 1 by Nappes, aka, Alex Kelly
~track 6 is a remix of tracks 1, 2 and 3 by spaceaser
~samples~ 5; redwoodforest, female salad creator, stationary tornado documentary, fridge expert and fixer, whirlpool expert6; whirlpool expert

(kelp) – Early Nove



“Early Nove”

Artist: (kelp)
Title: Early Nove
Genre: Acoustic; Electronic; Ambient; Dub
Country: Italy
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]
Released: 12 Apr 2014

01 – Incubo Sull’Improvviso Della Notte 4:00
02 – Riflessi Come Di Neve Sul Soffitto 3:03
03 – Different Days 3:56
04 – Hardsichorp 3:48
05 – Come Quando Fuori Piove 3:24
06 – 3oring 2:14
07 – Eppur Si Muore 3:20
08 – Il Lupo È Una Metafora Del Gabber 2:20

Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 9



“Dub Techno Mix 9”

01-Focus on the Breath-The Garden
03-Izzat Man-Qubsub
04-Helicalin-Positive Anu
05-Ayqix-Yuqa (Original Version)
07-Deep Paranoya-Thunderball
08-Re-Drum-Dans Les Nuages…
09-Devennue-Underforms (Overcast Sound Remix)
11- Nvelope-Terra Form
12-Vytis-Micro World (Triames Remix)
13-AKUSMATiC-Lunar Chicken
14-Low Orbit Satellite & Ginkgo-Offensive Unit

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – October’s Very Own and City Nights


I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

“October’s Very Own and City Nights”

October’s Very Own and City Nights

This audio is part of the collection: Onorezdi -Netlabel (sub of Verezani Records)
It also belongs to collection: Netlabels

Artist/Composer: I.Z. aka IDzeroNo
Language: English
Keywords: itzSpaceMan; IV Beats; StackzonthaBeat; IDzeroNo; Drake; Beat; Type; Instrumental; Rai L; Viramaina; Lexibanksmusicgroup; D. Boy
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

Vytis – Micro World

Red Star Martyrs vs Dubophonic All-Stars – Time for Tea (EP)


Red Star Martyrs vs Dubophonic All-Stars

“Time for Tea (EP)”

The Red Star Martyrs return with the 2nd EP on Dubophonic. This time the UK musician and producer Stanley Wood unleashes the herbal energy of tea, brewing some special blends, mixing the finest musical flavours of Europe, Jamaica, Orient and Occident in a tasty and relaxing chill out drink. Alongside with him, many artists from the Dubophonic netlabel family. Ibel, The Dubbstyle, Mr Mefistou and Koncrete Roots prepared their own special recipes and are ready to serve their exclusive versions of Stanley’s riddim. So, sip your cup and let the journey begin.

The EP starts with the taste of mint in our mouth, as the oriental vibes flow inna mystical way in the atmosphere. The river of tranquillity passes right in front of us, as we embark in a journey, that sets our mind and soul in a perfect balance. The magical voice of Ibel guides us ina Rub-a-dub journey of irieness, as he prepares his special Jamaican blend of tea, served in two different mixes.

The sounds of the far east travel to Argentina where mint receives a special treatment by the Dubbstyle, being mixed with the yerba mate leaves, only to be transformed into a antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering beverage, cleansing the body from all Babylon diseases. The logical outcome is the cleansing also of the mind and Mr Mefistou uses his double ethnical background and adds for the next recipe a touch of flamenco style guitar mixed with a New York influenced sound.

Finally our herbal beverage returns back to the country it started its journey, only to be chilled in the fridge and to be served with ice by the Koncrete Roots inna special dubplate style. Once we are cleansed, in body and in spirit, we can enjoy the last cup of tea served exactly at five o’clock by Stanley Wood himself. Give thanks for that wonderful journey!

Dºgree – Podcast.18




01 Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator Speech (Dub Edit)
02 Textural Being – Seafoam [ZeECc]
03 Izzat Man – The morning [Energostatic Records]
04 Dublicator – Static Spaces [Auditory Cortex]
05 Dublicator – Quantum Compatibility (Brickman’s Slow Flowing Version) [ZeECc]
06 Federsen – Extrasolar (Original Mix) [Pong Music]
07 CV313 – Subtraktive (Echospace Live Dub) [Echospace(Detroit)]
08 Round Four feat Tikiman – Find A Way [Main Street Records]
09 Fingers In The Noise – Echo System (Maurizio Miceli Remix) [Deep In Dub]
10 Unknown Artist – Knowone 005 A [Knowone]
11 DeepChord – Prana [Soma Quality]
12 Round One Feat. Andy Caine – I’m Your Brother
– (Quadrant Dub II) [Main Street Records]
13 Deepa & Biri – Fog [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
14 Monomood – Nina [Etui Records]
15 Goran Geto – Diving To Deep (Deni Diezer Remix) [Cold Tear Records]
16 Killahertz – Borders [Entropy Records]
17 Monomood – Monoskop [Etui Records]
18 Minimal Boffin – Jardin D’acclimation [Complex Textures]
19 Brickman – In The Rain (Version 1) [Entropy Records]
20 Ignacio Tardieu – 2013 [Deep In Dub]

A perfect melancholic dream is what brings us from Croatia artist Dºgree..

Complete Fantasy of depths and emotions, a sense of relaxed stress, the calm in the storm seeding unique textures..

Wrap yourself

InSpectr – Computer Habitat”



“Computer Habitat””

“The digit ZERO appeared in the center of the screen… Then other digits, such as 1,2,3,4,5… floated to the center from different sides, creating waves… Then the waves became liquid. These waves of digits had the ability to create any form, but they didn’t know what forms to become… Finally they started to produce their own structures… It was my dream the first time I heard this album!” – InSpectr

Longman – Cockroach Races



“Cockroach Races”

01-Cockroach Races(5:11)
03-Blood Of Fish(7:13)
04-Elixir Of Witches(5:32)
05-Morrison. American Dub Prayer(5:25)
06-21th Century Charming Woman(4:46)
07-Electric Soul (feat.Majesta)(4:53)
08-Dub For My Wife(6:13)
09-Domestic Violence(4:49)

Sunjaman – Outta Here (EP)



“Outta Here (EP)”

Sunjaman is an upcoming producer from Athens, Greece. Being a musician & bass player himself, he has always been exploring the sound of the bass, trying to travel into new territories on his effort to establish his own sound. On the process of exploring the bass territory, he had joined many bands and created numerous side-projects, from punk to hip hop. Nevertheless, dub has always been his main goal.

Inspired by the originality of roots dub and influenced by the modern dub steppa scene, he began to produce and public his tracks online. He made his debut release in 2013 and continued with many collaborations and releases. This is the first time he collaborates with Dubophonic.

The style of Sunjaman’s can’t be described by only one musical genre. It combines many elements of bass music, such as dubstep, jungle, steppa, roots, dubwise. This is eminent in this 7-track EP, consisting of three original tracks and four alternative cuts.

Nuff respect to Northical from the Greek band/soundsystem Kako Synapantima for vocalising “Heavyweight Sound”, as well as Manwel T from Dubkey Records for his version of “Outta Here”. Big shout out also to Jungle Raiders for a very energetic jungle cut of “Witness the day”. The cover art is credited to Katerina Arvaniti.

Deep Paranoya & Pluge – Prague EP


Deep Paranoya & Pluge

“Prague EP”

Artist….: Deep Paranoya & Pluge
Title….: Prague EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST098
Medium….: 4 x File / EP
Playtime….: 24min 39sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1536 kBit/s)
Country….: Czech Republic
Release.date….: 02 Mar 2014
Mastering…: ALHEK Studio
Artwork….: RtM
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Techno

Ashley – Babylon Institution



“Babylon Institution”

This album is a bit different from all the other Ashley sets. The tracks here are a bit sparser than usual. The bass, the drums, and the skank dominate proceedings throughout.

The song ‘In A De Ghetto’ opens this collection. Followed by the raw dub version, the song is influenced by the dancehall roots tunes of the early 80s. In fact, many of the tracks take inspiration from the most in demand session band of that era, the Roots Radics, and Scientist, the top reggae recording engineer and dub mixer at the time.

Ashley decided to go back to basics on this album. Pure, authentic dub – straight to babylon institution head!

Shimmer – KoPodcast.17




Now you can enjoy our new podcast, this time for the artist Shimmer brings it.

Delicate dubtechno set to enjoy tonight..

All vinyl mix!

Ayqix – Yuqa




01 – Ayqix – Yuqa (Original Version) | 10:24
02 – Ayqix – Yuqa (Amazonia Version) | 11:07
03 – Ayqix – Yuqa (Poleo Version) | 10:03
04 – Ayqix – Yuqa (Altern Version) | 07:06

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/temiong-recordings
Bandcamp: http://temiongrecordings.bandcamp.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/temiongrec

Temiong Recordings – 2014
info AT temiongrecordings.com.ar

MAxiroots – See No Light EP



“See No Light EP”

After the success of the latest release by Samson Sounds, DubCombe Records sticks around the block to discover one more talent that Glasgow has to offer.
Argentinian-Scottish naturalized, MAXIROOTS joins forces with the Edinburgh based independent dub label to present his first solo EP ‘See No Light”.
It is with great pleasure that we are presenting here a first taste of this exciting new release, available from the 1st of MARCH on

“Maxi Roots here presents a diverse EP of full-frequency electronic dub, influences from electronica & bass music can be heard alongside old-skool dub, all mixed up dark and deep to great effect. Looking forward to hearing more from this promising new producer. BIG UP!!!”

Steve (Vibronics)

Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 8



“Dub Techno Mix 8”

01-The Reverberated Note-Nadiya
03-Glander-Vacuum (Live Version)
05-V- A deep & Secret Place
06-Teemu T-Wavescape
07-Axs-Artificial Obscurity
10-Sraunus-Die Roten Moebel
11- Shogun Spy-Echo Of The Night
12-Matthias Springer-Beat the Clock

RGL – The light trough ep

[Nyb/Ext 005]


“The light trough ep”

RGL – The light trough ep [Noisybeat Extended 005]
!!Free download!!

Niteffect – Dark Glow



“Dark Glow”

‘Dark Glow’ comprises nearly an hour of music, divided into twenty parts, characterised by the restlessness of trip-hop and abstract hip-hop. Niteffect’s recent material shows great maturity and consistence, every track on Dark Glow compliments the next, making the album a logical and coherent whole.

V/A – Archive Vol.2



“Archive Vol.2”

1.Asedub – Gladius

2.Cliff Tower – Dense

3.Frictional Transmission – Rotation Idea

4.Ginging – BEF

5.If I Had A Hi Fi – Won´t

6.Kratos – Fysis

7.Kris Dubinsky – A deep and Secret Place

8.OhmikRon – Clod

9.Substak – Matar al Bajo

10.Shimmer – Inertia

Master: Vtr

Cover: Erhtouch

Archive Vol.2 is our new compilation centered in the dub, ambient and deep sounds with an exquisite selection of national and international artists of the current underground scene.

Musical poetry rooted to a concept of contemporary ideas, sweet textures wrapped your brain environment and manage to make you forget the bad times.

A sound is an everlasting memory in your heart.

Unitone Soundimentional – Zion Chant


Unitone Soundimentional

“Zion Chant”

The first Dubkey release for 2014 is a crucial roots/steppers/dub album by UK producer Reuben Addis. A highly respected veteran of the British roots scene, Reuben gives us 10 glorious tracks, ranging from classic one drops to heavy digital steppers.

The main singers on the album are longtime Unitone collaborator Zebby Blax, the Junior Delgado-influenced Hatta Benji, and Reuben’s own daughter Dinah. Maltese melodica specialist David Magro (Mind’s Eye Dub) appears on the splendid 14-minute-long TROD MOUNT ZION CHANT extravaganza. Another Maltese connection on the album is Manwel Tabone’s old Reggae Club Radio Malta show which provides us with 2 exclusive Unitone dub plates from 2003.

Nuff intricate dubscapes spice things up throughout this spiritual offering, the experience enhanced by a mystical ETHIOPIAN DAWN photo by Niall Crotty on the cover.

Retouched – Floating on the Dub (Hello Strange)



“Floating on the Dub (Hello Strange)”

1. Kogyo – Oceanica
2. Fussganger – March
3. Desove – Visual
4. Quantec – Atmospheric Noise
5. Ohrwert – Horologium -Sixth Reduct-
6. Mr. Cloudy – Lumen
7. Federsen – Modular Tension
8. Deni Diezer – Where We Do Not
9. Dominique Jacquinet – Sparklin Eyes
10. Organon – Jupiter Mission
11. Organon – Subconscious
12. Ohrwert – Vibrant -First Reduct-
13. Lo – Gray In May
14. Ohmikron – Interval
15. Gosub – Dritta´s Sea


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