Nostromo – Universal Consciousness

Nostromo – Universal Consciousness


“Universal Consciousness”

Universal Consciousness – Nostromo

Today I am writing about colleagues, an activity that has become a habit, and I am celebrating because this allows me to surrender my ears to things that perhaps I would have missed otherwise. And yes, the pleasure of listening to a piece such as Nostromo is, at some points, so pleasant and repeatable that it gives you, as a first sensation, the urge to listen to it over again. It begins with tribal electronic beats. It is well mixed in terms of difference of style; that is to say, an excellent and very organic mix. It does not lose focus; it is simple and fascinating. Out of its three tracks, in my opinion and without a doubt, the second one, Northern Lights, gets all the applause, and let us say, it is the hit of the album, even though the whole work is consistent regarding composition, choice of sound palette and mixing. This track in particular has something hypnotic; with delicacy from beginning to end and maturity in respect of the used recipe. I just love it. The last track, Universal Consciousness, that gives the name to the album, is undeniably the most danceable song. It is full of good moments and it is part of a very homogeneous album, and at the same time it flows through different paths in each of the three songs. Maybe this last reason is the cause for listening to it many times. It is difficult to keep a clear identity when forms are shifted inside of the very same album, but Nostromo has succeeded. Each one of its tracks, with each one of their individualities, are worked flawlessly, dynamically and warmly. For me, Nostromo provides many reasons for exploring it and for exploring the catalog of Modismo, the Chilean record label where the album has been edited and released; an aside for the label that has been working since a long time ago, releasing several interesting works. It is a real sin not to pass through.

Luis Marte,
Buenos Aires, 2019.

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