Various – United As One



“United As One”

‘United As One’ is a co-project between the Dubkey and the Dubophonic net labels. Four roots rhythms by Red Star Martyrs, Ashley, Med Dred, and Negritage, were created for this set, and artists from the two labels voiced them, played on them, and remixed them.

We get four different versions of each rhythm. Together with the above mentioned artists’ original versions of their rhythms, we get to hear three great songs by Zion Irie, two typical dub remixes by Manwel T, a topical dub poem by Haji Mike, another crucial song by Singer Tempa, and heavy remixes by Jah Rootikal Steppers, Med Dred, and Ashley. Mind’s Eye Dub – with his sublime melodica melodies – is featured on the last track.

Lots of internet exchanges between Argentina, Cyprus, England, and Malta took place in order to get this album finished, especially between Dub Thomas and Manwel Tabone, the two label heads who orchestrated the whole project. All the valid contributions by all the artists involved make this a wonderful compilation that can’t be missed! A massive release – don’t let it pass you by!





(KoPod021) Kopoc Label Podcast.21 – F.A.R.E.S “Chamber”

1. Micro – Fukyu No [DREX008]
2. yac – xin [instabil 41]
3. Gapfield – Warm Breeze [stasis023]
4. Volunteer – Untitled 02 [adpt018cd]
5. Buruciaka – Animal Friends [insectorama_062]
6. Textural Being – The Sixth Gap [Reshape #2] [BC30]
7. Owen Ni – Ever Changing Leaves [insectorama_064]
8. Mindctrl – Walking In Snow Against [deepx318]
9. Jozef Nemček – A New Space [KPL019]
10. Yuuki Hori – Absolute Dub 1 [DREX020]
11. Okain – Season Two [CAL021]
12. Michal Wolski – The Nest [minicromusic015]
13. Liquom – SUmmER 14:41 (Jocknof mix) [KPL020]
14. Pulse Code Modulation – Bardo [MORPHEUS01]
15. Freund Der Familie – Colombia (Gasometric Run Stripped Mix) [FDF ALFA 01]
16. S_EncE – Floating [ED021]
17. Unbroken Dub – Bad Module [FCD001]
18. organon – Iter Animi [SVCD009]
19. Sub.Made – True Time [SP16]
20. Joergmueller – Round and Round [CTR052]

Submarine FM – Wet Dubz


Submarine FM

“Wet Dubz”

After a first EP on Maree Bass and a second later on Legal Globe, Submarine FM is back with his third EP Wet Dubz. Based in Lyon (France), Submarine FM is already present here on our Dub Tentacles V. On Wet Dubz, you will find four titles between dub and post-dubstep, always accompanied by an immersive bass and abyssal spirit. Also you can find a collaboration with Pepe Ly, vocalist in Purple Lady and Key Jah, keyboardist of VicDub Experience. No possible drowning, dive and listen! – See more at:

Randoom – Acordes Filtrados E.P



“Acordes Filtrados E.P”

KPL021 – Randoom “Acordes Filtrados E.P”

1. Randoom – Acordes Filtrados (Original Mix)

2. Randoom – Green Noise (Original Mix)

3. Randoom – Opal (Original Mix)

4. Randoom – Radio (Original Mix)

5. Randoom – Acordes Filtrados (Atabey Remix)

6. Randoom – Acordes Filtrados (Discknocked Remix)

7. Randoom – Acordes Filtrados (Ignacio Tardieu Remix)

8. Randoom – Acordes Filtrados (Retouched Remix)

Javier Martin aka Randoom brings us this delightful dub techno, 4 tracks that glow with their own light and 4 excellent remixes for exquisite palates..

Thank you very much to all the artists for their collaboration.

Enjoy it.

Substak/Triames – In Absentia



“In Absentia”

Second release of Eclectic Reactions, an EP by the Greek artist Substak and the Basque Triames.
released 11 September 2014

HODSON – Colours That Glow In The Dark



“Colours That Glow In The Dark”

Number three of the finals sees the release debut of ‘Manchester’s Top Geeza’ HODSON, of ex-Skin Walker fame, flexing his musical muscles under the weight of this titanic mixture of spoken word, dnb, glitch and trip hop.

Dispelling specific genre focus in favour of atmospheric and tonal meanderings, HODSON’s five track effort covers aeons of ground, self-regarded in genre terms by HODSON himself as one only named ‘Particular’. Using chiptune as just one of several instruments, only adding further colour to the rich patchwork of influences on show, HODSON also adds sampled vocals and his own spoken word to weigh down tracks with an emotional vibrancy not seen often within the scene. From the delicate duality of guitar tones and big beat-esque drums in ‘Pink & Blue’, to the thick, suffocated dnb in ‘Somewhere Down In The West’ or the throbbing almost acidic bass in ‘Out To Pasture’, Colours That Glow In The Dark is as surprising as it is diverse, and another welcome addition to the TWG roster that we are estatic to be bringing to you.

Liquom – SUmmER 14;41



“SUmmER 14;41”

Alvaro Perez (Liquom) sign our new release “Summer 14, 41,” a very deep journey with 4 excellent tracks to make very cool this summer!


Emanuele Fais, Stefano Balice, Tommaso Busatto – The unlistenable dub project


Emanuele Fais, Stefano Balice, Tommaso Busatto

“The unlistenable dub project”

Emanuele Fais, Stefano Balice, Tommaso Busatto

The unlistenable dub project [0kbps067]

01 – Once again (Emanuele Fais, Stefano Balice, Tommaso Busatto)
02 – Ti fai le canne di droga (Tommaso Busatto)
03 – Mi si è rotto il funk (Emanuele Fais)
04 – La cosa fatta (Stefano Balice)
05 – Heavy dub cunt destroyer (Tommaso Busatto)
06 – Ansia da dub (Emanuele Fais, Stefano Balice, Tommaso Busatto)
07 – Little Duppy Girl (Emanuele Fais)
08 – Tattilofonia e relativi ornamenti vocali dub (Stefano Balice)
09 – Nigga taught me how to reggae (Tommaso Busatto)

MAV [0kbps] Records, August 2014

Ghost Radio – Diwan EP


Ghost Radio

“Diwan EP”

The flames of Maria Callas.
Above the clouds in an airplane view.
Ghosts fly between mountains of bass.

Tablas, field recordings, voices, bells: Ghost Radio converts his environment into music, backed by an immense Bass. The tracks were created partly in a tunnel in Spain or with friends in India. The Diwan EP shows Ghost Radio’s great love for the sound that we have called Dubtechno and dub house for the last ten years, interpreted in small-scale micro-worlds of sound and sound events.


STFU! Come to Dresden!

August 1st to 3rd
Altes Wettbüro

It’s festival time! 20 live sets an musicians from over 7 countrys. Free entry! Workshops and talks. A beautiful Sommergarden!

More details:

Friday – start 8pm:
Anna Bolena / lsl / (P.A.)Bries / Eskaei / Piod / A Bad Man / Fat Carrot / Quip / Dämbi (dj set)

Saturday – start 8pm:
Trans Comfort / Credit00 / Peter Prautzsch / Tylth / Cindy Sizer / Jennifer Touch / Deer / Anna Bolena

Sunday – start 4pm:
Shannon Soundquist / [micro:form] aka Stachy / Ghost Radio / Oleg Slonomovich / Wheb / Unknown Forces / Third Mountain / Ben Eyes

Wolfgrowl – Exitus/Reditum




04-Rock the Boat(4:42)
05-Push and Pull(4:45)
06-Habitual Relapse(3:52)
07-Are We There Yet?(5:29)
08-Land, ho!(3:52)
09-Morning Sun(5:51)

Gapfield – Gapfield Summer



“Gapfield Summer”

We are pleased to share with you one more excellent piece of music, which is inspired by warmth and sunny delight. And this time it’s a brand new story.

“Gapfield is Jacob Newman & Devin Underwood. While Jacob and Devin have produced ambient and drone for labels like DataObscura and Carpe Sonum, this is their first release as Gapfield, a dub techno/experimental project. While they both live far away from each other, they find it important to sync up in real time online to share ideas, music, etc to keep our projects flowing with new ideas and energy.”

Welcome the debut release of a very promising duo!

Koncrete Roots – Rudie Dubplates (EP)


Koncrete Roots

“Rudie Dubplates (EP)”

After the huge success of their first release “Dub ina Midlands” (awarded 4 stars by CCTRAX and included in’s Dubcast series) and their guest appearence on the EP of Red Star Martys “Time for Tea”, Koncrete Roots is back with more vibes.

Celebrating the first birthday of our netlabel, we are giving to everybody the free EP “Rudie Dubplates” with 5 tracks of wall-shaking basslines, irie sax and warrior style beats. This is our way to say “thank you for your massive support during this 1st year of our existence”. Ruff and tuff!

The EP includes five unreleased Koncrete Roots dubplates, which will definitely bring you to higher heights and have your room walls pounding with sub-bass and vibes. Nuff respect to the Rootsman for the irie sax on “Sax di fisherman”. Giving thanks each and every time!

Jozef Nemček – (KPL019) Jozef Nemček – A New Space E.P


Jozef Nemček

“(KPL019) Jozef Nemček – A New Space E.P”

KPL019 – Jozef Nemček – New Space E.P

1. A New Space

2. A Strange Space

3. Endless Journey

4. Quiet Circulation Time

5. Vertical Line

Written and produced by Jozef Nemček

Mastered by Retouched

Cover by Erthouch

Jozef Nemček shows us his “new space” full of good feelings, intense emotions and nice compositions to give a superb e.p as proof of his talent. Very good e.p of this artist who appreciate your cooperation.

Orbit dj – Podcast.20 – Orbit Dj


Orbit dj

“Podcast.20 – Orbit Dj”

1. Frederick – Be Free
2. Dusty Kid – Far
3. Dusty Kid – Escape
4. Andrea Cichecki – Abstract Illusions (Tomas Rubeck Remix)
5. Van Bonn – Maserung (Organon Remix)
6. Minimal Boffin – Jardin D’acclimation
7. Riley Reinhold & Stefan Gubatz – The Next And The Next (Salz Remix)
8. Doyeq – Dimmed (original mix)
9. Upwellings – Now Landing (The Nautilus Project Outer Space Remix)

Caldera – Caldera – Caldera/Be with you



“Caldera – Caldera/Be with you”

The self-titled track Caldera (SOMO001) describes the sound of the project perfectly. Having started with deep techno, his varied sound now stands for danceable, playful deep house/house-tracks. Caldera tracks contain interesting sound scapes at closer listening.

Sonic moiré is a berlin-based online-label for house, techno and electronic music. Our releases are multifaceted, danceable, relaxed, straightforward or playful.

Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 10



“Dub Techno Mix 10”

01 -Pulses – Away (Maxime Tanguay Off Version)
02 -Knolios – The Too Shall Pass
03 -Docetism – Ocean II
04 -Navmort – Pitcairn 022
05 -Paradise Rhythm – Off The Path
06 -Retouched – Outro
07 -Docetism – Self-immolation
08 -Ryo Ikeda – Night Swimming
09 -Brk – ml4
10 -Caldera – Be with you
11 -Unknown Artist – Untitled
12 -Insect O. – Volca Dub
13 -Ohrwert – Verge
14 -F!avio – Untitled#4
15 -Knolios – Amorous

Specta Ciera – Mountain Region


Specta Ciera

“Mountain Region”

New Energostatic Release by Specta Ciera.

Telegraphy – Smile, Echelon Knows



“Smile, Echelon Knows”

Echelon, the (SIGINT) or “signals intelligent” was or is the worlds leading information gathering entity. Anything from e-mails to cell phone interception, this group of shadow people who operate behind the closed “green door” can and will with a push of a button, listen in on my own and your personal traffic.

“Smile, Echelon Knows” by Telegraphy is a cloak and dagger deception of dubed audio and field recordings, that will gather all traffic of synthesized chords and beats which will link together all possible variables to make a profile of “you” the listener. Smile !

Substak – Mind Overdose

Mixotic 272


“Mind Overdose”

01 – Kraut Sounds – Shifting Winds
Adept 015
02 – Deep Paranoya & Pluge – Prague Afternoon
Dast Net 098
03 – Substak – Modal After Tarmac Remix
Adept 017
04 – Triames – Local
Geometrika FM 020
05 – Mr.Dee – One Story
DeepX 295
06 – Nvelope – Terra Form
Dreiton 030
07 – Re-Drum – Dans Les Nuages
Tranzmitter 054
08 – Insect O. – Bay Of Dreams
Dreiton 030

Jarz – Little Things



“Little Things”

Jarz is back!

It is a pleasure for us to present you the second release of Jarz on Wondermachine.
Care to detail, disregard of rules, soulful harmonies, field recordings, warm organic backgrounds and unpredictable melodies – the music of Jarz is made of Little Things.

Shunsuke Akimoto, our man in Tokyo, contributes with two personal reinterpretations.
The third remix comes from Andres Marcos.

Music by Jarz (Gino Maduro)
Artwork by Jonathan Mangeninckx
Mastering by Jaco Hernandez
Remixes by Shunsuke Akimoto and Andres Marcos Revellado
Released 22 May 2014

Knolios – Amorous




01-The Too Shall Pass(6:32)
02-Light Ray(5:54)

Discknocked – Lenguas Muertas



“Lenguas Muertas”



2.Lenguaje De Símbolos

3.Volcano Dub

4.Long Distances


6.Lenguaje De Símbolos (If i had a hi fi Dub Reduction)

7.Lenguaje De Símbolos (Triames Remix)

8.Long Distances (Warmth Remix)

9.Lenguaje De Símbolos (Retouched Reduced)

Cover : Erhtouch

Discknocked takes us to a dub world of great environmental structure, a marvellous E.P where we find 4 remixes very well-crafted, what makes a great work of sound quality of this E.P.

Thoroughly recommended and free, as always!

Many thanks to all the artists: Discknocked, Ifihadahifi, Triames, Retouched and Warmth.


Brk – Nttld




New release by Energostatic Records.

Substak – VKRS Purespace Compilation Vol 08 – State of Contemplation


“VKRS Purespace Compilation Vol 08 – State of Contemplation”

VKRS are pleased to present Purespace vol.08 – State of Contemplation , compiled and mixed by Substak ,with this release Substak takes you on a journey of ethereal electronica , sounds to contemplate and music that your mind and body can immerse itself in ,a contemplative space.

The artists

Billy Niko




Kraut Sounds



John Ov3rblast

The netlabels

eden deeply

adept label

sirona records

spaceal orbeats records

cold fiction music

kopoc label

We hope you enjoy this latest VKRS purespace compilation and as always encourage you to support the artists and netlabels involved.

Awen – Volume 1



“Volume 1”

Fresh Poulp Records is very proud to present the first EP of AWEN, Romanian artist from Bucarest. You have already discovered her on our last Dub Tentacles. With this « Volume 1″ Awen confirms his talent with 5 tracks, clearly oriented Dub Steppa and dubstep neo-traditionalist. Each tune has his remix by 3 french bands, Tsunami Wazahari, Mahom Dub and Full Dub. 4th remix make by Serious Dub , also Romanian and Awen ‘s friend.






4.Into Light
5.Cosmic Dust
6.Echo Response
7.One Last Time
8.Buzz Earth
10.Beat Textures
12.Looking For An Exit
14.Vacuum Break

Cover: Ertouch
Master: Cliff Tower and Ethernal Mastering (Tracks 4, 7, 10 and 14)

Cliff Tower aka Retouched brings us the second LP of Kopoc Label in which the dubtechno is the style that predominates in these 15 tracks.
Some of these 15 tracks have been collected recently and others are working long ago, which makes seeing a different sound on each track.

Generating new vibrations in your ears until the next adventure.


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