Tongue Bundle – Salty Language

Buben vs.Nasta Labada – Live at Improvisation Music Festival AGA

Alex Duko – Empty Spaces

Martin Rach And The Wasteland Orchestra – The Great Grey Beast

Wings Of An Angel – Transcendence

Roots Echo – Hidden Structures EP

Pollux – Medusa

ivliss – The Cure is the Springsound

Nava Spatiala and Secrets Of The 45 – NSSOT45

Pollux – Zero Landscape

Daniel Barbiero – Allusions to Fogs & Liquids

Cheon kim – Cheon kim

Telegraphy – Rain’en On My Feet

Ars Sonor – The Second Circle

Jenseits – Nomade Psichico Suite

Saito Koji – A Clockwork Guitar

midnightradio11 – recirculation

volcano radar – refutation of time

claudio nuñez – ninguna libertad/baladas

A.S.T.ral – spionaggio in onde corte

Max Scordamaglia – Ampiezza modulata/Etere

BOOL – I eat phantom

Nev.Era feat. LaMeduza – Distant EP

Schemawound – Haiku 07 by Schemawound

philip corner – java improvs

V.A – Fuga​:​YK

Marsh and May – Falling, More Slowly

agnès pe – morti fire

Steve Hilmy – This Space Occupied (by Maida)

Augustus Bro – Hammerfest (EP)


marta sainz – tres piezas

Gumbel – Huracanado

Variouos – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #01

10Konekt vs MIXolive – 10Kolive 2

Alexei Biryukoff – Train Chase

Francesco Baiocchi – 45 minutes in hard drive through different ways

Avelino Saavedra – MUD

ASTMA and Els Vandeweyer – Live at Naherholung Sternchen

Kayaka – Silence Walk

NOS project – ex it

V.A. – Celestial Matter

Saito Koji – Helplessness Loop_05

Tommaso Busatto – The undetermined object

Alozeau and Miquel Parera – Five Structures And A Cold Void

Sava Marinkovic – Nowhere Near

d’incise – De viribus electricitatis in motu musculari

N.O.F.P. – Live @ Sonoscopia

bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic

Statiq Cradle – Polarity

23RedAnts & moniKa ledesma – droning snow (in brown color)