GMS/FBW – Vol.3

GMS/FBW – Vol.3



“The longing for (inner) silence leads the/our being(s) to take the(ir) sound to the outside, exposing it/them as a natural/peculiar/idiosyncratic happening.

This sound is also influenced by collective unconscious – i. e. a global < > local society.

What are we to find in this transcendental process?: all/nothing, a receiver/Pandora’s box, feeding back this inner space which happens to be mute(d).

What are we to do if Monserrat Bustamante Laferte came out of the blue? Our amazement would allow this silence to expand in space-time, procrastinating an explanation.

All these processes/experiences/longings turn this album into a snapshot, a here-and-now portrait, a possible chart for adventurers, uncertain for our recent past, stamping our existence until the end of silence.

For this is no comfort zone approach: neither pop nor tape music nor free improv, but all of them instead, a García Canclini-like hybrid, pointing out an emerging possibility for our countries.

Who are these people?

This makes it even more interesting: deeply rooted in crossover practices, GMSs play cumbia on Monday, jazz on Tuesday, and experimentalia on Wednesday.

Martín/Benavides (M/B), one of the most outstanding musicians nowadays, accompanying Chilean acts such as Francisca Valenzuela, Chancho en Piedra, Los Tres, and many others. He is also a great performer in an extremely complex and mesmerizing instrument, such as the theremin.

Gerardo/Figueroa (G/F), composer and musicologist, participant in several Chilean underground scenes and venues from early on: radio shows, such as Musiclaje, and Pueblo Nuevo en Conexión Social; producer of singer-songwriter Camila Moreno’s early recordings. A sui géneris ol’ skool, chatting freewheelingly and unhamperedly with newer generations.

Seiten/Wall (S/W), young composer prone to challenging audiences with unconventional ideas and practices. representing the twilight zone where all sounds and formats meet. At present, he is also a board member of Comunidad Electroacústica de Chile (CECH).”

Víctor Tapia Herrera
(Santiago, Chile. Junio/June 2019)

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