Mayhem Perception – Out Of Da Brain


Mayhem Perception

“Out Of Da Brain”

1. Our Tribe Of Insomniacs (6:02)
2. Soleil D’Hiver (5:25)
3. One Shot Délivrance (5:11)
4. Additional Particle (6:43)

Nearly one year without release published on Pavillon 36. But we’re not dead! To re-start our collection, we bring to you the first EP of Mayhem Perception (aka Syndrôm & Bouwakanja). An experimental electronic manifest with no genre restriction, only feelings matter! We hope you’ll like it & don’t forget to share it: it’s free! :)

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iky iky

“Collection 2011-2012”

Ambient / IDM / Industrial / Electronica / Drone


01 – Fada Pest [Karači Mix]
02 – Disbelief [Radica Mix]
03 – Icon of Putin Bleeds out of His Eyes
04 – Summer Time
05 – Natrix
06 – I am Anticitizen One
07 – Ring around the Rosie
08 – Imaginary Freedom [feat. Porc O’Pine]
09 – Nails [Redux]

Total: (31:43)

Tojo – When Lights Slow Down



“When Lights Slow Down”

01-Under The Autumn(5:28)
02-Save This Night(5:02)
03-When Lights Slow Down(5:25)
04-Inside My Wres(3:54)
05-One Coffee For My Girlfrend Yuki(5:19)
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David Inexacte – Flama


David Inexacte


David Inexacte is an experimental project, based on electronic IDM music, raising an aesthetic and conceptual break with the intention of fleeing the typical stereotypes, without departing from the techno feelings. The work he presents in “Flama” selection can be defined as a set of burning basses, breaks, clics and distortion dance pieces, with a mischievous and playful spirit.
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Gumbel – A Dying Paradise



“A Dying Paradise”


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Travel Network 6



“Sun-Inside-Mix-Travel Network 6”

01-Christ-One Sunny Cloudy Day[Benbecula Records]
02-Brothomstates-Mdrmx[Warp Records]
03-Susumu Yokota-Kodomotachi[Skintone]
04-theAudiologist-ell DN2[Section 27]
05-The Fear Ratio-Guv Three[Blueprint]
06-Moderat-Slow Match[BPitch Control]
08-Logical Disorder-Magazine[Crazy Language]
10-Roel Funcken-Skinetic Culpture[Eat Concrete]
11-Sul.a-A Rather Jazzy Ending[Archipel]
13-Qebrus-ArgQ[Bedroom Research]
14-FMcontrol-ToVizo[Crazy Language]
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The Kodama Institute – Somewhere around the parts, i lost her

The Kodama Institute

“Somewhere around the parts, i lost her”

New album by The Kodama Institute, also known as Camomille and Variables’ Muhr.
Hip-hop instrumentals, electronica, idm, ambient.

Are you becoming transparent ?
Are you feeling quantum displacement ?

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weldroid – amateur




the weldroid labs open their doors once more and release some of their incredible and unique creatures, made of sound and images. they were bred lovingly in some of the several branches of the labs somewhere between stockholm and budapest from steam- and cyberpunk technology using both 8bit sounds and shiny futuristic computer consoles. seven specimen of these audio creatures have been selected for this incredible release. have a look at each of them, they are strange and beautiful. and though they are polished and designed each has a life of its own. and its own character, attitude and sometimes sense of humor.
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Yrrow – 820




01-Yeah, Like An Illness(2:00)
03-Stalk Me(2:46)
04-Would Be Pure Misery(1:28)
06-Hit The Seat(0:55)
07-Afx Tribe(1:29)
08-Ins Version 0.1(2:40)
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Substak – Organic Acoustic & 001 Netlabel Mix



“Organic Acoustic & 001 Netlabel Mix”

this is reupload to archive.orgOrganic Acoustic , Netlabel Chileno Ambient |experimental | drone |noise | space

1.Atrio Serenade – Vientos Eternos(Version Extendida) Organic Devocion Indomita
2.Atrio Seranade – Nueva Vida Organic V.A – Tierra Desnuda
3.Reflejo – Fiebre Polar 001 Records 02 – Reflejo
4.Usted No! – VinculO 2 001 Records 01 – Canguro Cosmico


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The Plastic Jazz Orchestra – C’mon Kids

Wunderbar inspirierend, voller Referenzen, großartiges Coverdesign!

Hanetration – Tenth Oar EP


“Tenth Oar EP”

“the best glitchy drone music we’ve heard this year” – homelessminds

“field recordings, manipulated glitches and subterranean ambience” – igloomag

“compellingly different, sonically inventive throughout and one of the most promising debuts out there in the ambient/experimental field at the moment” – savaranmusic

Qatarsis – Qatarsis EP




“Qatarsis EP”

Sounds like Lübeck is far off from outer space when listening to the first release of very talented young producer Qatarsis!You can hear a lot of different influences, great musical sense and a whole bunch of potential for further productions.

Great atmospheres meets spacey sound fx, numb melancholy meets nervous detachedness.

Have a listen, have fun!

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01-Erissoma-Sustainer whispers[Miga]
02-Zreen Toyz & Saccomani-Uncertain Symmetry Of Structural Oscillation[Sillage Intemporel]
03-Primitive Thinkers-There Can Be Peace[LoopJazz]
04-Empiric Project-Sargassum[Picpack]
06-The Get-The Darkness[IDMf Netlabel]
07-Great Skies-Breath In The Air[Silenced]
09-Dreza-Slug On The Roof[Kreislauf]
10-Jwilson-It Flickers Between The Endless[IDMf Netlabel]
11-Reed Refucher-Inside me[Section27]
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Radex – Trip Beats



“Trip Beats”

02- Littlebit Noisy(3:19)
03- La(4:20)
04-Risng The Atmosphere(5:06)
05-Move Out(5:03)
06-Trip The Beat(5:29)
09- Lapse(5:29)
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Altered:Carbon – Livin’ and Learning [ft. Akila Da Hun]

Subterrestrial – Echotron




Subterrestrial presents “Echotron” a unique mix of deep ambient soundscapes and retro lounge/exotica tracks featuring analog synths and drum machines. The tracks are arranged like an LP with the ambient material on “Side A” while “Side B” features the more beat-oriented tracks. Depending on your musical interests you’re bound to enjoy at least one side of this “virtual LP,” maybe both?
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Telegraphy – A Happy Loneliness



“A Happy Loneliness”

Sometimes you just want to be by yourself. Not because you like to be or you practice introversion religiously. Because all of us want to experience life to the fullest extent that our sense allows.

Telegraphy’s “A Happy Loneliness” is a thirty minute live set that centers around the single with the same title (released on ionosonde’s singles collection).

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Krasnoyarsk, Russia. That’s where this music comes from.
It feels like the other side of the planet. It’s close to Mongolia and Kazakhstan and no where near Moscow. Over there, three guys came together and created Eholow. Their sound (something in between intelligent dance music and post-rock) got picked up by Nu_Aura Netlabel. An interesting new label which combines music and illustrations for every track. Sure enough, this did get our attention and brought us to the two tracks presented to you today: niti and Нутации (nutazii).
They speak to me on an experimental unconventional level, but hey, don’t take my word for it… check it out!
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between cathedrals – matriarch


between cathedrals


Will be a long time with the release of 141,414 from the net label, album introduces the “Matriarch” of Between Cathedrals. Breakbeat / Electronica Between Cathedrals overflowing due to nostalgia, the music scene in 2012 continue the vagus, making it a wonderful thing to give them basic Tachikaera. Recommended!

Sekotis – Picture puzzle pattern door



“Picture puzzle pattern door”

Tom Stokes returns with another Sekotis album on No-Source. “Picture puzzle pattern door” further melds the worlds of IDM and Post Rock. The track “Rivers & Mountains” sparks the album into existence with very little electronics. The piece is comprised almost entirely of cleverly layered guitar work. The second track, “The suns that teach the sky to dance” juxtaposes playful electronic melodies with distorted glitch beats. Definitely a nod to Aphex Twin. “Freedoms eroded” is the first track on the album that really mixes everything together into something that can only be described as Post Rock IDM. A sampled voice shouts “I will make you understand” as Sekotis presents his distinct sound. “Eldhraun”, the final track on the album, is over ten minutes of slow burning goodness. Drones, percussive melodies, and shimmering synths ebb and flow into an aural bliss.. Vocal on tracks 2 & 4 by Lucy Nickholds. Design & art by Mike Kram.
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bit Love Machinne

chiptune – electronic – idm


“8-bit Love Machinne”

Amstrad and Commodore Amiga inspiration.

[wp_bandcamp_player type=”track” id=”2923676579″ size=”venti” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”#CC00CC”]

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Substak – Organic Acoustic & 001 Netlabel Mix

ambient – idm – electronic


“Organic Acoustic & 001 Netlabel Mix “

Special dj mix via Kostas Staikos
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Gumbel – Pocket Carnivalé



“Pocket Carnivalé”

Electrofunk, IDM, plunderphonics.
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7Vortex – Leave in Past



“Leave in Past”

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Maxson – Broken Circuit



“Broken Circuit”

Edgar Aguilar, a.k.a. Maxson, is a producer from Jalisco, Mexico. He
gives us a new and cool EP. “Broken Circuit” contain three tracks full of
powerful beats and fresh sounds, we are sure it will make you move….

download at “qubit sound” website

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Various – Goner presents Time To Melt

[Kreislauf 115]


“Goner presents Time To Melt”

Goner presents “Time To Melt”
(Kreislauf 115)

01 Sandbenders – Retrogaming (3:52)
02 White Frame – The Last Morning (4:17)
03 Goner – Time To Melt (7:27)

28. Januar 2012

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