Saito Koji – Elephant


Saito Koji


■ EPV_132

■ bonus item
another artwork

all tracks & photo by Saito Koji
artwork by ono (elementperspective)

■ Saito Koji
Saito Koji, born December 25, 1978, is a musician currently
living in Fukushima city, Fukushima prefecture. He played in
several bands, then went solo in 2003 after being influenced
by Otomo Yoshihide’s live performances, Derek Bailey’s CDs,
and Kaoru Abe’s videos. Saito is engaged in the pursuit of
an original kind of minimalism / improvisation.

:: other release ::
EPV_109”Helplessness Loop_01”

EPV_112”hope loop_01”

EPV_116”Helplessness Loop_02”

EPV_117”hope loop_02”

EPV_119”Helplessness Loop_03”

EPV_120”hope loop_03”

EPV_124”Helplessness Loop_04”

EPV_120”hope loop_04”

EPV_129”Helplessness Loop_05”

EPV_130”hope loop_05”


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Echonaif – radioesse

Echonaif - radioesse

Jan Strach – Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę

[UPL 050]

Jan Strach

“Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę”

Inspired by a bout of nostalgia, Jan Strach dove into his archive of a few dozens cassette tapes full of songs recorded between ages of 16-20. After digging through a few hundred tunes, he selected the most interesting to present to you, dear listeners. From regular songs with acoustic guitar in the style of early poj.wlkp, through experiments with two cassette players, casio-created ambient, sampled rock tunes and mandolin instrumentals, Jan Strach shows creations, in perspective maybe sometimes naive, but always honest, authentic and melodically interesting.
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Echonaif – La logica delle Falene



“La logica delle Falene”

Echonaif is a southern italian instrumental rock band: bass, guitar and drums. On 2011 their first EP called “primo” with five songs , features sounds close to the psychedelic rock of the ’70s. The second work now released on Nostress Netlabel is a newest EP called “la logica delle falene”. Five new and more aggressive tracks with a complex and sometimes noisy structures, frequently change of dynamics woven with guitar riffs, all originated from the immediacy of instinct creative jam that turn into songs. The recordings have an approach almost live-concert with few overdubs and post production.

Echonaif è una post rock band dal sud Italia. Un trio (basso, chitarra, batteria) di rock strumentale con all’attivo un EP di cinque pezzi dal titolo “primo” (2011) caratterizzato da sonorità vicine al rock psichedelico degli anni ’70. Questo nuovo secondo lavoro, un EP dal titolo “la logica delle falene”, esce per Nostress Netlabel. Le composizioni del nuovo lavoro hanno un sound più aggressivo, a tratti rumoristico, dove strutture complesse e cambi di tempo si intrecciano a riff effettati di chitarra, il tutto scaturito dall’immediatezza dell’istinto creativo di jam che si trasformano in brani. Le registrazioni hanno un approccio quasi live con poche sovraincisioni e post produzione ridotta all’essenziale.

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yogur de pera – yogur de pera

Emerald Park – Things EP


Emerald Park

“Things EP”

After more than half a year of silence we are back with a new release by one of our favorite artists, the Swedish indie outfit EMERALD PARK!
“Things EP” is a collection of great songs taken from the album Absolute Zero, b-sides and the upcoming Black Box EP.Enjoy / 23 Seconds Netlabel
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Widiwava – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5/4




“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5/4”

01-Pay for Summer
02-The Larch
03-Time Will Pass
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Deftechnixks – At Dusk I Painted Your Lips EP

[UPL 049]


“At Dusk I Painted Your Lips EP”

Just like the last one, this Deftechnixks album was recorded based on Deaf Techniques, this time techniques DT01 (recorded without hearing the recorded track and without looking at the instrument) and to a larger extent DT11 (recorded without hearing the recorded track). This resulted in 12 songs, which, after a long consideration, were reduced to a six-track EP in order to not torture the listener too much. The lyrics were again written based on a stream of consciousness; the title and the look of the cover were selected out of all lyrics by a random number generator, as well as track order. The placement of cover elements were selected by another random generator, a two-year old.
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Proiekt Massage – Proiekt Massage EP


Proiekt Massage

“Proiekt Massage EP”

Proiekt Massage was a short lived project from 2002 – 2003. The Slovenian band consisted of Yoshi (kruh), Samo (Automassage), and Rok (Neuf Meuf, Automassage, kruh). In that year they produced only one EP. No-Source is pleased to be able to share this archived work with you. The music is experimental and lo-fi in composition and sound. Electronica, ambient, post rock, noise influence throughout. Melody and noise compete throughout. There is definitely some similarities between Proiekt Massage and other projects by band member Rok. Share and enjoy.
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V.A. – INDIAVOLATI Basilicata Rock Tetris



“INDIAVOLATI Basilicata Rock Tetris”


Indie/Rock Compilation from Basilicata [Italy]

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Rotten Lily – Blame!


Rotten Lily

“Blame! “

Is there a genre?
– A Genre? Actually, its not that easy to call it as a genre… somethow a mixture of postrock- trash -electronic and melodic instrumental -Music… maybe.That´s, what the musicians told you, what it is?
– Oh no, this is what i would say. The four musicians of Rotten Lily will never find one opinion… they are very different, in a way. You can hear it in their sound… the harmonie is Bonzai, the bells are made by Fo, someone of them is singing, and someone else is always in rage… but otherwise, the anger in their sound could also be their fights… In anger are the guitars, for sure. Their sounds are running with the drums faster and faster…
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Noistruct – From Noranda To Obliteration




“From Noranda To Obliteration”

mp3 192 zip containing 4 sample packs to remix for 4 different tracks01. Get Fuckn Down
02. Bucket Politics
03. Melodie Eats Misandry
04. The Tedious Boredom Of Masking Deceit
05. Cunty Swab (Redux)
06. Fear The Black Lotus
07. I Bet You Masturbate To Autechre
08. Rise Of The Chupacabra
09. I Needed To Rock
10. Make It A Double
11. Statement Of Intent
12. No Excuse For Popmash
13. Deiphile
14. Expand Contract


“Australian hardcore techno producer/promoter and co-founder of Australian label “8-Bit Recordings” from Perth Western Australia.
Noistruct has been producing mostly hardcore techno, breakcore, gabber, digital hardcore and drum n bass since 1998 and has contributed to hardcore scenes in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Playing and organising shows across the country with a wide range of local and international acts.”

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coakira – The Snakepit



“The Snakepit”

OGG 350 zip / MP3 320 zip01. Snakepit
02. Red Terror
03. Siberian Syndrome
04. Gionshoja
05. Brain Wash
06. Wired
07. Gewalt (featuring OZIGIRI)
08. Singing In The Acid Rain

“First release by Akira Sato’s sideproject : coakira. First release for 2013 & from Japan on the NKS !
Akira Sato is a techno artist, member of CustomMummy & AKIRADEATH, famous digital hardcore band from Tokyo.
coakira is a mix of all kind of heavy electronic beats from dub to speedcore with techno synths, software guitars & vocal samples, excepting on “Gewalt” ft. OZIGIRI as piggy vocalist.
Heavy dancefloor tracks for crazy futuristic crowds, enjoy!”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Neuf Meuf – On Titled EP


Neuf Meuf

“On Titled EP”

Neuf Meuf is the solo project of Slovenian musician, Rok Vrbancic. “On Titled” is his third release in his six plus years making making music under his Neuf Meuf alias. This is experimental, lo-fi electrnic music at its best. There are many melodic influences, ambient shoegaze sections, and post rock influence. he title track and “Hise Spijo” were both found on Neuf Meuf’s last album, “What’s Left In Chorus.” “On Titled EP” in many ways acts as a aural continuation. While “Ontitled” and “Hise Spijo” channel noise pop, the rest of the tracks are more infused with ambient and shoegaze. uitars echo, voices whisper, noises build.
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T.BIRD – tbirdintheelectronicmist




We are very proud to release the second T.Bird album! About one year ago after their first release, the russian band with “tbirdintheelectronicmist” renew and confirm their strenght and their ability to compose “electronic space sounds” or, “krautronic” (as the band says). This new work contains eight masterpiece tracks, some recorded during impro sessions at the T-34 studio in Moscow. To feel the power, on the Net Video page, simply scrolling the playlist, it’s possible to watch one of the T.Bird impro session called “Hoi Bun Road” (May 12, 2012 filmed by Oksana Bychkova), a strong psychedelic journey…not to be missed!
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Hospital – The Trees Were Higher



“The Trees Were Higher”

Genre: Indie Rock | Brit Pop | Indie Pop
Location: Moscow (Russia)
Label: Mimonot Music (Digital)
Licenses: by-nc-nd (Creative Commons)
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Project Silence – 424

Bredbery – Тля




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?alos – yomi, l’oscura terra dei morti



“yomi, l’oscura terra dei morti”

?alos is musician/experimental performer stefania pedretti’s solo project that began in 2003. her performances blur the lines between performance art, experimental music, improvisation, video art and force the audience to actively participate. the feminine figure and its role in history and contemporary society is at the heart of her performances.

?alos’ third album for pan y rosas acts as a bridge between what ?alos was and what it is becoming. the first two songs are new versions of old songs; re-played and resung in a way that is closer to ?alos’ live sound. her voice is more aggressive and the guitar more abrasive. the third song, panas, will appear again on ?alos’ next album, era, but it appears here remixed by kawabata makoto of acid mother temple who transferred ?alos’ original recording to an analogue tape and then added layers of his own guitar, tambura, and sitar to it.

yomi, l’oscura terra dei morti was originally released by bar la muerte records in 2010. this is the third of three ?alos reissues.

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AA.VV. – Vittek Tape Indie Christmas Compilation



“Vittek Tape Indie Christmas Compilation”

Download for free the Vittek Tape Indie Christmas Compilation!

1. Fadamat – Maledetto Novembre
2. Millionaire Blonde – Andrea si Sposa
3. Airway – Supernova
4. Lucy Van Pelt – Amore a collaborazione occasionale
5. Ilenia Volpe – Mondo Indistruttibile
6. Davide Vettori – Progresso e Memoria
7. Captain Mantell – Seven Times Seven
8. La logica di Daisy – Il mio volto
9. Ironique – Seulement tes yeux
10. Phedra – Let me down
11. Sonny Primogenito – Rap Bros
12. Love Yourself First – Al supermercato
13. Astolfo Sulla Luna – 8 settembre u.s.
14. Pentothal ft.Mauras – Camere vuote rimbombano
15. Eddy Virus – iVeerus

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Various Artists – Underpopular Hits vol.2

[UPL 046]

Various Artists

“Underpopular Hits vol.2”

For the second “Underpopular Hits” compilation 1 song was selected from each of Underpolen releases 21 to 41. Ranging from folk, through ambient, conceptual piano soundscapes, experimental guitar freakouts, funny synthpop, it reflects pretty well the diversity of Underpolen, bounded together by a strong DIY feel and a lot of originality. As a bonus, three previously unpublished songs were added.
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The Mostly Bad Virus – E = mbv^2


The Mostly Bad Virus

“E = mbv^2”

E = mbv^2

(recorded on February 11th, 2012)
Office Politics at the Old Philharmonic
Summer Reading List
Run-In with the V.C.C.S.S.
Bluesman Impostor Blues
How Not to Tell a Story 101
Song on Maracas
Joys of Public Transit
Get Gone, Diabete, Get Gone

Blue Purple Bees – Daily Home Reflections


Blue Purple Bees

“Daily Home Reflections “

Blue Purple Bees – Daily Home Reflections

A collections of 10 vintage pop songs


Hands Blues in FREE Download

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Radiomaniac – 2nd Transmission (Single)



“2nd Transmission (Single)”

01. HTRK Sakhalin
02. Anti-Matter
03. Butterfly’s Cry

2nd Transmission is the second release of Radiomaniac. This is a single that was recorded scrupulously the growth of the band sound in a short period of time. The beautiful melody and noise encrusted stunning three new songs have been recorded. The mass of the united sound would break through that thick wall.

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NIÑA TERRORISTA – Mata tus ídolos!



“Mata tus ídolos!”

breakcore / punk / digital hardcore from Colombia –
oct 2012 – full stream / zip ogg 350 / zip mp3 320

1. caos
2. la libertad del borrego
3. libre albedrio
4. fiesta rebelde
5. antigona
6. breaking the core of the darkness
7. vive tu vida (la pestilencia cover)

“One more digital hardcore release on NKS International, after Life.Renegade, Geyser & GRRZZZ (France), Sick Circuit (Australia) or Mechonat Hereg (Israël).
Nina Terrorista agitators are from Bogota / Colombia & they already gave us 1 track 2 years ago on Lima El3ctronica vol. 1 compilation (Tacuara / NKS prod 49). Their brand new ep mixes once again the energy of punk -guitars, vocals & slogans- with electronic sounds -broken hard beats & electro synths & noises. It is available for free on their soundcloud, on Moczu, Tacuara Records & Crach Records.
Maximum exposure for maximum electronic riot. Digital hardcore worlwide rulz !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]”One more digital hardcore release on NKS International, after Life.Renegade, Geyser & GRRZZZ (France), Sick Circuit (Australia) or Mechonat Hereg (Israël).
Nina Terrorista agitators are from Bogota / Colombia & they already gave us 1 track 2 years ago on Lima El3ctronica vol. 1 compilation (Tacuara / NKS prod 49). Their brand new ep mixes once again the energy of punk -guitars, vocals & slogans- with electronic sounds -broken hard beats & electro synths & noises. It is available for free on their soundcloud, on Moczu, Tacuara Records & Crach Records.
Maximum exposure for maximum electronic riot. Digital hardcore worlwide rulz !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Aurora – Occur outside of the binary field EP



“Occur outside of the binary field EP”

01. A fight finishes
02. Bare feet in the clouds
03. Bright lanterns flash
04. Under the layer of north ices

«Aurora» the music project from Khabarovsk release debut EP «Occur outside the binary field». EP includes four tracks as the result of the merger of night contemplation from four «Aurora» band members. The sounds represent the aura of the Far East, in the style of experimental post rock under the influence of ambient music. The band instruments creates a deep feeling of warmth, weightlessness and mystery.

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The Idiot Society – Moving Still

[Kreislauf Extra 017]

The Idiot Society

“Moving Still”

The Idiot Society – Moving Still
(Kreislauf Extra 018)

01 Intro (0:19)
02 Letter Written In Winter (3:08)
03 The Man Is The Town And The Town Is Derelict (4:26)
04 Memory Melody (3:03)
05 Mr. Green (4:35)
06 This Night (4:58)
07 When Winter Fades (4:42)
08 Things Got Built Deceived Your Eyes (6:27)
09 Interval (0:59)
10 Cold City Blues (4:23)
11 What It Is To Be Loved (4:17)
12 Coming Up For Air (4:48)
13 Your Heart’s No Longer Hungry (4:32)
14 Sweet Song (6:04)
15 In Motion (4:39)
16 Let It Go (4:00)
17 Outro (1:33)

07. Oktober 2012

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