Jan Grünfeld – Music for plants


Jan Grünfeld

“Music for plants”

The tracks of “Music for plants”are based on a live improvisation with electric guitar and a looping machine. Jan Grünfeld has recorded the music in the summer of 2014 on a huge balcony of an old villa in Bad Muskau, right at the German-Polish border – a very arcadian place! The music is free, like a suntrap. The plants grow better with Jan Grünfeld’s music! But not turn up too loud! And do not forget to water!

“Music for plants” is a joint release by La bèl [LBN031] & Headphonica [hpcd109]

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TYM – Peripetheia (NetlabelDayEdition)



“Peripetheia (NetlabelDayEdition)”

is participating on the first Netlabel Day 2015 ever!
Born in 1992 in the Tuscan hills,
he grew up drumming on everything,
and playing drums as a little crazy rocker with several bands.

He then fell in love with ambient music and acid techno,
from which it takes lifeblood today,
after years of research of its own musical identity
feel the need to publicly express his love for drum machines,
synthesizers and soundscapes!

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Wings of an Angel & Tonepoet – Reason Nitrate

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel & Tonepoet

“Reason Nitrate”

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Jari Pitkänen – Twilight Star Channeling


Jari Pitkänen

“Twilight Star Channeling”

Mashup album by Jari Pitkänen mixing nordic doom metal and ethereal celestial ambient into a 3 track EP. The first EP of a 2 part series closing Enough Records Anonymous Archives cycle.
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Echo Hazard – Salad Shark…. in Space


Echo Hazard

“Salad Shark…. in Space”

Another guest artist graces the collective this time, Norwegian artist ‘Echo Hazard’. Combining the genres of ambient and idm with lounge, Echo Hazard has created a classic chill out EP which wouldn’t be out of place in the background of any chillout lounge… except for the idm and electronica elements which demand your attention throughout.

The strangely titled ‘Salad Shark… in Space’ is an eight track EP with sublime tracks like PalladiumS, Nuke the Sun and Boreholes, with echos of Budha Building and perhaps a touch of Solar Fields and Cell.

Track of choice: Boreholes. Mastering by Mnemonic Studios. Enjoy!

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Wings of an Angel & Jaduhara Indradhusara – Curators Of Corruption

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel & Jaduhara Indradhusara

“Curators Of Corruption”

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Eva Schlegel – Northland


Eva Schlegel


Композиции, написанные около четырёх лет назад в ходе бесконечных экспериментов с записью различных звуков и шумов окружающей среды на диктофон, которые в процессе проходили множество обработок и переработок…
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Ycr0 – Spooky days Ep

Scott Lawlor & Wings of an Angel – Cold Reading

[Self Release ]

Scott Lawlor & Wings of an Angel

“Cold Reading”

from Cold Reading, released 09 September 2015
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VA – Sound Interpretation: Paris



“Sound Interpretation: Paris”

Every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit.
Let’s go for a walk through Paris.
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