V.A. – Biellacore




Artist: V.A.
Title: Biellacore
Genre: EDM; Biellacore
Country: Biella (Italy)
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]
Released: 18 May 2014

01 – Signor Orsopulito – Biellatek 3:26
02 – Jieko – Anacleto Tek (Biellatek Pt. 2) 3:19
03 – BAKRL – The Return Of The Giant London-Eating Monster 3:09
04 – ZakALM – Hoover Was Crushed By A Transformer 1:46
05 – Jieko – La Ballata Dei Marci 3:29
06 – ZakALM – Pacistro L’Elementale Di Noci 4:01
07 – BAKRL 3 Minutes Of Luigi 2:57
08 – Jieko – ¡Crek! – Destroy Them With Pietre! – ¡Splat! 4:20
09 – ZakALM – Tromba Ki Ti Ama Lama Ki Ti Infama 3:02
10 – Jieko & ZakALM – Spektress Shrek Fgt 4:37
11 – Jieko VS ZakALM – Pinna Ponna O Sogni Tranquilli (La Psicolabbile) 3:41
12 – Jieko – Cowbell Polizia (Destroyed VIP) 4:08
13 – Signor Orsopulito – Moderno Kalevala Forever 1:50
14 – Jieko – Giant Carnivorous Platypus 3:38
15 – Jieko VS ZakALM – Dragone Delle Tenebre 5:34

flaub – Time Machines Do Exist



“Time Machines Do Exist”

Fernando Laub (aka flaub) is a composer and visual artist native from Buenos Aires Argentina and Austrian origin who designs and builds his own musical instruments.

With the aim of compiling sonic substance and creating new devices from old industrial machines and recycled scrap, he spent several years living into an abandoned factory reconditioned as a sound laboratory.

Among those indoor quests he use to travel around the world documenting sonic and visual material from jungles to urban situations. This way his music not only describes pictures, it will transport you to a sort of surreal scenarios, images that are quite difficult to define.

Music by Fernando Laub

Join us!

2014 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0

Lethal Bronze – Erasure


Lethal Bronze


Mysterious percussive patterns and electronically processed bowed strings drones slightly moving in a sound space.
Artist : Lethal Bronze
Title : Erasure
Catalog # : TXR082
Duration : 37:23
Date of release : May 28, 2014
Genres : dark ambient, drone
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
Free download link :

Johnny Chang and d’incise – 8CYM / For percussions perhaps, Or… (night)

Johnny Chang and d’incise

“8CYM / For percussions perhaps, Or… (night)”

Two minimalist composistions.

1. 8CYM (d’incise, 2013)
2. For percussions perhaps, Or… (night)(James Tenney, 1971)

Johnny Chang: viola, pre-recorded background (also featuring Derek Shirley, double bass)
d’incise: melodica, objects, pre-recorded background

Recorded in Berlin, november 2013

Jan Strach – Jan Strach Piszczy w Narożniku

UPL 059

Jan Strach

“Jan Strach Piszczy w Narożniku”

A selection of tracks recorded between 2006-2012 onto a 8-track recorder. Partially recorded in a bedroom corner, partially in the new place in the “Nad Garażem” studio. Little tunes, vocals or no vocals, in a diy, lofi spirit which Jan Strach remains faithful to. If you like casio melodies, ecclectic approach, and a jittery, blurry atmosphere, you might enjoy this.

Brk – Nttld




New release by Energostatic Records.

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Gekokujo


I.Z. aka IDzeroNo


This audio is part of the collection: Onorezdi -Netlabel (sub of Verezani Records)
It also belongs to collection: Netlabels

Artist/Composer: I.Z. aka IDzeroNo
Language: English
Keywords: TheFeeDunk Star; TheDeepr; The Corner; I.Z. aka IDzeroNo; Ames Nick Solder; The Pee Punk BROTHA; D-Ram; Dj RuffShraker; Melvin Clark; The Informers; 95 & Sailaway; D – Ram; hip-hop; media; remix; hip_hop; flyingteam; nyc; classic;
Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

Max Scordamaglia – Unalog


Max Scordamaglia


Max Scordamaglia

Unalog [0kbps064]

. Unalog – 00
. Unalog – 01 (feat. LiZetta)
. Unalog – 02 – Oh mia Rosina
. Unalog – 03 (feat. LiZetta)
. Unalog – 04 – Wood
. Unalog – 05
. Unalog – 06
. Unalog – 07
. Unalog – 08 (short)
. Unalog – 09
. Unalog – 10
. Unalog – 11
. Unalog – 12

MAV [0kbps] Records, April 2014

Substak – Obscure

Mark Meino – 1408


Mark Meino


Artist name: Mark Meino
Release name: 1408
Catalog#: deepx240
Release date: 08 May 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Minimal Techno

01. Mark Meino – Abstrackt (6:34)
02. Mark Meino – Old Hotel (7:30)
03. Mark Meino – C60 (6:11)
04. Mark Meino – Face In Door (5:06)

intouch – Heaven In Your Mouth



“Heaven In Your Mouth”

Four months have been spent for the recording session. However we have not managed to depict the full energy of our live performance. But you will find some true love, electrified post-punk and fatigue.

Music by Alex Erenkov, Andrew Strigul, Ray Fano
Text by Ray Fano
Artwork by Ray Fano, Olga Noskova

dagshenma – arhat




EPV_158 “arhat” dagshenma

■ bonus item (bandcamp only)
wallpaper for iMac & iPhone5 & Mac Book Pro

all tracks & artwork & mastering by dagshenma

■ dagshenma info

■ special thanks
field recording material by Yuki Ohtsuka a.k.a. Route09

Various Artists – Endless Intermission


Various Artists

“Endless Intermission”

Subterranean Tide’s One year anniversary presents it’s latest release – a gorgeous compilation by various artists from across the globe.

Ivan Black – The Somnambulist


Ivan Black

“The Somnambulist”

Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism or noctambulism, is a sleep disorder belonging to the parasomnia family. Sleepwalkers arise from the slow wave sleep stage in a state of low consciousness and perform activities that are usually performed during a state of full consciousness. These activities can be as benign as sitting up in bed, walking to the bathroom, and cleaning, or as hazardous as cooking, driving, violent gestures, grabbing at hallucinated objects, or even homicide.

Artificial Heart – Possibilities


Artificial Heart


Mystical black noise with episodic ambient excerpts.
Artist : Artificial Heart
Title : Possibilities
Catalog # : TXR081
Duration : 45:08
Date of release : May 21, 2014
Genres : noise, dark ambient
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)

Dust Layer – Obsolete Industry 2

Obsolete Industry 2

Dust Layer

“Obsolete Industry 2”


Obsolete Industry 2 is out, free download on bandcamp…

3 tracks, dancefloor and broken techno.

Wings of an Angel – In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart


Wings of an Angel

“In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart”

01 At Death’s Playground (Apparently, This Is The Afterlife On Its Graveyard Shift; Therefore Intimacy Is Intangible And Ambiguously Unwanted) 19:13

02 Purity Sacrifice: Kaddish For The Allegedly Innocent Art Criminal (Taboo Yourself And Join Me On This Long Awaited Reunion Under The Somber Pre-Dawn Canopy Of Dying Stars…) 08:41

03 Sixty Nine Perversions That Will Help You Reject The World (The Imaginary Confessions And Other Invisible Nighttime Adventures Of The Eccentric Child) 06:52

04 The Nostalgic Melody Of Nature’s Wolrd-Weary Degeneration Into Suicide (To Me… You Were Never Beautiful. Therefore I’m Still Running From Myself, Like I Ran Once Upon A Time… From You) 20:15

Lennert Hal – Light Comes From A Dark Place EP


Lennert Hal

“Light Comes From A Dark Place EP”

Artist name: Lennert Hal
Release name: Light Comes From A Dark Place EP
Catalog#: deepx239
Release date: 04 May 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01. Lennert Hal – Cyanide (7:21)
02. Lennert Hal – Light Comes From A Dark Place (9:09)
03. Lennert Hal – Bananajack (7:42)
04. Lennert Hal – Equalise (5:46)

Sans Nom – Unhappy Thoughts


Sans Nom

“Unhappy Thoughts”

Sans Nom finished a new song, if you like the 80’s you may enjoy it.

Written by Simon Peacock
Vocals by Shelby Davidson and Alex Guidry

Egg Nebula – We Are Humanity .​.​.​And We Are Lost In The Cosmic Infinity


Egg Nebula

“We Are Humanity .​.​.​And We Are Lost In The Cosmic Infinity”

“Start your trip in the deep jungle & discover some beautiful hidden scapes, then take a rest near the giant tree of the magical forest. Oh, don’t be afraid by the Atlantis Curse & you will know the truth (maybe) about the Dark Matter. Cosmos is so gigantic! …but you’re not alone. We’re all here, we are Humanity …and we are lost in the cosmic infinity.”

Rmine – Panopticon




01-John The Revelato(Son House chillout remix)(3:16)
03-Crimea River(4:27)

hibernate – hibernate sampler volume 7

hibernate sampler volume 7


“hibernate sampler volume 7”

Hibernate sampler volume 7 compiles a track from each release from May 2013 to May 2014. Sampler 7 is available for free as a thank you for your support. For those wishing to pay for this album you can.

Martin Rach – Mongrel Drone Set


Martin Rach

“Mongrel Drone Set”

A compelling and beautiful collection of acoustic drones made using a zither and electric melodica. Mesmerizing overtones!

Love Through Cannibalism – Serial Experiments Tangela 2


Love Through Cannibalism

“Serial Experiments Tangela 2”

Following the similarly titled release of 2010, TWG are very proud to be presenting the second ‘Serial Experiments…’ album by Spain’s best glitch, Love Through Cannibalism.

Musically, the release traverses more ground than possibly any TWG before it: chipbreak dripped in dissonance, serene and glitched out melodic passages, mind-bending sample work, downtempo lurching, pure unaccommodating noise, to name but a few. Walking the tightrope between pure genius and unlistenable garbage, Love Through Cannibalism has made a name for himself by being unrestrictive, distinct and with incredible talent, and here, on ‘Serial Experiments Tangela 2’, we find him reaching his apex, further forwarding TWG’s propagandic push towards experimental chiptune. A release that needs to be listened to rather than glanced at to be appreciated, take some time out, draw the curtains and become infused in the pure esotericism of it all. Or he’s trolling us all. You never know with LxTxC…

The Glittering Hand – Rising


The Glittering Hand


Some arrangements of noises, glitches and distorted drones.
Artist : The Glittering Hand
Title : Rising
Catalog # : TXR080
Duration : 34:24
Date of release : May 14, 2014
Genres : drone, noise, dark ambient
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)

rosalind hall and alice hui-sheng chang – embossed tales of throats


rosalind hall and alice hui-sheng chang

“embossed tales of throats”

attending to breathing spaces and mouth details, alice hui-sheng chang and rosalind hall experiment with abstractions of the voice and saxophone. challenging their instruments to produce extreme timbres and intimate textures, they use improvisation as their inspiration for performance and composition. in the six years of their collaboration, the pair has performed locally and internationally, released a cross-continent album and exhibited sound work for video art and multi channel installations.

on embossed tales of throats the duo continues to develop a strong improvised language that pushes and pulls at sound playing in and outside of each other, at the acoustic resonances of their instruments and bodies, at their shared performance histories and at creating electrified playing experiences. the duo also investigates the use of both tape and digital recording technologies and various microphones to create changing impressions of their sounds and inspiration for new gestures.

Foundation Quartet – Chronicles


Foundation Quartet




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