Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh – KoPodcast.19 – Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh


Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh

“KoPodcast.19 – Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh”

1.Mind Over Midi – Closer to the End
2.Brk – Untitled Dub 2
3.Brk – Untitled Dub 5
4.Grit – The Furthest Outpost (Gradient Remix)
5.Grit – Marianas Trench (Quantec’s Nightshade Remix, Live Cut)
6.Neotnas – User Mood
7.cv313 – Seconds To Forever (Original)
8.Pobedia – Symbols
9.Neotnas – Slow & Steady
10.Grit – Neon Aura (Havantepe Remix)
11.Grit – The Furthest Outpost (Octex ‘Radio Interference’ Mix)
12.Ericcst – You will never walk alone in tokyo (Naoyuki Sasanami Redux)

Excellent work by the artist Ki.Mi aka Kashatskikh where moved us to an adventurous journey into the ambient and dubtechno,

from kopoc we thank this artist and hope that you will enjoy a lot with this podcast..