Modwheel – Over And Over EP



“Over And Over EP”

Modwheel presents his interpretation of modern electronic music. Heavyweight basslines mixed with oldschool rhythmic patterns and instruments. Straightened to the dancefloor.
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Realm – Distance




Time for a complete change of pace on Kahvi this month. Guest artist ‘Realm’ appears to be an ambient master, and his 7 track, 55 minute album of epic tracks are created purely to allow you to drift on a sea made of glass.

Slow moving, evolving ambient passages kicked off by the fitting introduction track ‘Celestial Resonance’ leads into a little more Lackluster-esque styled track ‘Mentat’ with floating arpeggios diving into the abyss.

For this ambient fan, the epic ‘Sentinel’ is a track to switch off and kick back, in all its 10.5 minutes playing time, and ‘Self Loops and Voices’ reminds me of another ambient master at Kahvi – Curious Inversions.

Enjoy this delicate wind down after summer and watch out for another epic release next month!

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Ars Sonor – Cause and Effect


Ars Sonor

“Cause and Effect”

The law of cause and effect sometimes brings certain repercussions into your own life, and you finally start to learn and grow. This song, “Cause and Effect”, became a major turning point for me back in the days, not because it’s one of the first proper songs that I created as Ars Sonor… but mainly because circumstances surrounding creative process for this song have triggered my own spiritual awakening. I’m very grateful.
‪#‎darkwave‬ ‪#‎ambient‬ ‪#‎karma‬ ‪#‎awakening‬

Ars Sonor & Mutate – Forward Thinking


Ars Sonor & Mutate

“Forward Thinking”

This collection brings together the collaborative works of programmer/producer/wunderkind Ars Sonor and processed guitar soundscaper and experimenter, Mutate. Previously scattered over albums and compilations, we finally celebrate the fruits of this collaboration in a single, solid release.

The result is a journey between landscapes of ever malleable sound. Drifting from cavernous soundscapes to minimalist beats / atmospheres, at times the guitar ‘scapes, synths and sounds all bleed into each other. Guitars snake through skittering beats, shimmering as they drift back and forth, in and out of focus. Headphones recommended.

Pk jazz Collective & Павкашавет Бантут – Евангелие от Гиперборейского


Pk jazz Collective & Павкашавет Бантут

“Евангелие от Гиперборейского”

Новое авангардное творение от Pk jazz collective & “Павкашавет Бантут”, представлено в стиле любительского немецкого артхауса времён VHS носителей. Материал был снят и оцифрован с плёнки, во время путешествия по Китаю, с аналоговой полупрофессиональной камеры Panasonic NV-GS27.

«Всё отлично, грех жаловаться, надо ещё научиться душевную боль терпеть. Хотя, если совсем заглушать чувства, то и не будет рождаться новых творений.» [Сергей Гиперборейский]

Music: Вячеслав Коротин (Pk jazz Collective)
Lyrics: Сергей Гиперборейский (Павкашавет Бантут)
Оператор и режиссёр: Владимир Боярский
Монтаж: Dreamer

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Cutside – Invisible Lines



“Invisible Lines”

Tracks list:
Dark Matter
Temple (Part I)
Temple (Part II)
Deep Silence
Chasing Stars (feat. Crymean)
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Chuzausen – Dump Garden



“Dump Garden”

Electronic album by Spanish project Chuzausen. Artwork by Anna Katarina.
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Dadive – Ormai la lira è morta



“Ormai la lira è morta”

2 Wave minimal/trip hop tracks
Free Download on
Tnx for Dadive Big Friend
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sustainer – radiolas




CAT # DRM434
RELEASE 16.10.2015

##This item is a pre-order and digitally delivers on Oct 16 2015##

There is a history of music stemming from time spent recovering from injury. On such example is Brian Eno’s story of creating ambient music, following a prolonged period being couch bound with a broken leg.

Sustainer’s Radiolas, shares a similar tale of horizontal inspirations.

Whilst recovering from a serious health condition, Alex Alarcón aka Sustainer, began working with a very limited palette of equipment at arms reach. This mix of small recorders, pedals and other electronics become a processing chain through which he started to feed shortwave radio recordings.
Having worked with radio recordings previously it didn’t take long for these recordings to take on a very personal and cathartic aesthetic. “Years ago i used to record things with another shortwave receiver at my parents house,” Alex explains, “because it was near the sea and you could catch easily stations from north of Africa. Sometimes I was even able to reach marine stations from boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea. It was an incredibly inspirational feeling tapping into these streams of sound”

On Radiolas, Sustainer creates a metaphoric ocean of harmonic noise. Waves of frequency collide and lap at the edges of one another. The richness of the material, both in terms of texture and harmonics, invites the listener to sink deep beneath the surface and to become drowned in the intricacy of the interlocking layers of distended radiowaves.

Mastering: Stephan Mathieu @ Schwebung
Cover Photo + Video editing: Alex Alarcón
Design: Lawrence English


смерть в летнюю полночь – где же твои крылья, Чайка


смерть в летнюю полночь

“где же твои крылья, Чайка”

Заржавевшие под осенними дождями ритмы фанка, туманные мелодии, переходящие в гул ночных улиц и скитание заблудшей души, которая обращается к некой Чайке. Такой же одинокой, как она. Но они никогда не пересекутся больше. Упав в темноту, их пути разошлись
Альбом существует в версиях оригинального мастеринга и кассетного.
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Cinema Noir – Fernweh


Cinema Noir


After an EP (2012), a track (alternative take) in the anniversary compilation (2013), and a CD (2014); the band CINEMA NOIR from Palermo returns with “Fernweh”, a new album of electro post-rock sound with a maturity and a strong inclination towards a precise experimentation magically expressed with songs marked by the major presence of electronic than previous works and without any intention to retrace styles and paths already undertaken over the years. The need to explore new sound spaces and new methods of confrontation are apparent in a collaboration with the band VEIVECURA knowed during their concerts in the summer of 2014, in a track played each other and in the very successful reinterpretation of the song “Alice” from the first EP “Children kill ants” (2012) now electrified and transformed into “Parrots And Palms”; architects of a need for renewal and sudden upgrade of themselves and with few but effective words presenting their album:

Fernweh is nostalgia of places never visited, it’s the uncontrollable desire to leave, travel, explore. This album explores unusual musical lands and at the same time familiar, featuring collaborations and musical exchanges. The album is characterized by post-rock in symbiosis with electronic wisely dosed, trademark of the band that this time he meets a formula not yet experienced by the band: the collaboration with other musicians. The indie-pop VEIVECURA, creates a strange and fascinating musical mix for a two-way comparison (Fernweh and Persepolis)

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konofumin – dissolve





■ bonus item
wallpaper (iPhone6, iMac, Macbook pro)

all tracks by konofumin
artwork by ono & konofumin & his family
mastering by Yu Miyashita at Studio UNDERARROW

[artist info]
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Ishtar – Starseeds




In this short album, genuinely ambient soundscapes melt with touches of acoustic piano, giving birth to ethereal atmospheres and emotional melodies. And above the music, a distant and delicate voice leads the way of this journey, singing mysterious -yet deeply resonating- lyrics. ‘Starseeds’ is a conceptual EP portraying the fascination for distant planets, the ancestral longing for outer worlds, along with a sincere love for Earth.
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Mike Cooper – Forbidden Delta Planet Blues

[LOR 066]

Mike Cooper

“Forbidden Delta Planet Blues”

Linear Obsessional is delighted to present this album of two recent pieces by the legendary British folk/blues/world/avant garde guitarist Mike Cooper.
“Forbidden Delta Planet Blues” is a long form work built from over lapping loops and featuring some beautiful Hawaiian style slide guitar.
“The Pain Was Bad, But The Tuna Good” is a spellbinding live solo performance recorded at London’s 100 Years Gallery. A solo for a steel resonator guitar (and some voice) which explores all the nuances of the instrument’s considerable cultural baggage, with breathtaking extended technique (bowing, electric fan) and a fascinating stream of invention- it lives up to Cooper’s science fiction/trad interface admirably.
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the volume settings folder – the Berlin rehearsal


the volume settings folder

“the Berlin rehearsal”

“the volume settings folder” is italian guitarist M. Beckmann’s latest project, consisting in ambient, drone, post-rock music with a bit of field recordings and Noise.He developed a sort of dark ambient/drone style, playing mostly with guitar and analog-effects, than mixing this lo-fi music with field recordings: record, cut, loop, slow down, hide high frequencies.The process takes place in a rush, exploring the most natural ideas and spontaneous inspiration of the artist, taking this work in the field of improvisation music.
This album (live recorded during the rehearsal for the Ekar Records Sunday event in Berlin),bring us back in the almost-foggy countryside of north-east Italy where he is based
and from where the aesthetic,the musical tastes and the philosophy of Ekar records are born.
An essential part of the experiences that were shared are finally present on this sharing-platform.
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MegaHast3r – Click!




Formato: Lp digital
País / Ciudad: España / Barcelona
Fecha Publicación: Octubre 2015
Genero: Electrónica
Estilo: Techno, Industrial, Dark Ambient
Portada: René Navarrot

1. Landscape
2. Game
3. Short dream
4. Blue wayfarer
5. Look
6. Eclectic state of mind part 1
7. Eclectic state of mind part 2
8. Down
9. Otra más!
10. Suave suave (Sakura)

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Simon Waldram – Inside Out


Simon Waldram

“Inside Out”

New 5 song EP from singer-songwriter and sound-maker Simon Waldram, Nottinghamshire, UK.

During his musical journey Simon’s been exploring many different paths: drone, acoustic singer-songwriter, psychedelia, twee pop, electronic etc. Always in a pure lo-Fi key.
On his new EP Simon gives us five new beautiful pop-pearls with its feet standing steady in 60´s psychedelia, punk rock and a brilliant DIY attitude.


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VV.AA. – Di algo… Pueblo Nuevo 10° Aniversario



“Di algo… Pueblo Nuevo 10° Aniversario”

Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel se complace en presentar su disco conmemorativo “Di algo… Pueblo Nuevo 10° Aniversario“, un compilado realizado con 100 mensajes llegados de distintas partes del mundo, a través de una convocatoria abierta que invitaba a enviar grabaciones de máximo 100 segundos de duración. ¡Muchas gracias a todos los participantes!

Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel is pleased to introduce its commemorative album “Di algo… Pueblo Nuevo 10° Aniversario” (Say something … Pueblo Nuevo 10th Anniversary), a compilation made with 100 messages arrived from around the world, through an open call that invited to submit recordings of max 100 seconds long. Many thanks to all the contributors.

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La Borracha y Los Clichés Sociales – Santandereana Tirana

La Borracha y Los Clichés Sociales

“Santandereana Tirana”

La Borracha & Los Clichés Sociales
Grabado en Dildo Audio – Bogotá 2008

Ars Sonor – Sjöarna


Ars Sonor


“Sjöarna”… According to the researchers of Högskolan i Gävle, people in Sweden turn to nature instead of religion when going through a major life crisis. “Naturen har blivit det heligaste vi har”, nature has become the holiest that we have… This album, inspired by Swedish nature, was created during the darkest times when it comes to the personal life crisis, and I’m glad that something good came out of it creative-wise as well.
‪#‎ambient‬ ‪#‎drone‬ ‪#‎postrock‬
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Martin Rach – Double Winds

Martin Rach

“Double Winds”

Music for organ and accordion
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Javier Piñango – i.r.real 7


Javier Piñango

“i.r.real 7”

javier pinango and his “i.r.real 7”
on Plus Timbre
listen,enjoy and download for free !!!
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Orson Throb – Hidden Processes


Orson Throb

“Hidden Processes”

An album that was recorded in late 2014, was originally focused on released on another label, but after a personal maturity he found space to express it here. Sounds derived from nature that have processed by current technology to get an impression of what is happening under our feet, earth movements.
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Chtin Mara – Clandestine Identities

Chtin Mara

“Clandestine Identities”

Album by Lithuanian project Chtin Mara. Counting on vocal contributions by Bad Poet and saxophone musings from Marrach to deliver a sould crushing ambience on Clandestine Identities.
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Bright Falls – Self​​-​​Titled


Bright Falls


Bright Falls take their name – surely – from the Xbox game and related live-action web series “Alan Wake.” In essence the main narrative arc concerns a writer who, while spending time in the backwaters of Washington State – i.e., in Bright Falls – finds that his wife has disappeared. Then, to make matters worse, he is unnerved by a snowballing series of events that appear to come from some novel he only vaguely recalls writing. The further he travels into the fir trees and away from city lights, the less control he has over his destiny. Hence, perhaps, the tendency towards surreal reverie both in Bright Falls’ PR materials and the definitions of their music as “gentle shoegaze that’s occasionally prone to meditative psychedelia”.
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Maxim Kornyshev – Green World


Maxim Kornyshev

“Green World”

The first release of the label went on EP from composer Maxim Kornyshev. Six beautiful tracks, uplifting. This is music for the soul.
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TwichGarden – [KPL032] TwichGarden – “Rising Dark EP”



” [KPL032] TwichGarden – “Rising Dark EP””

[KPL032] TwichGarden – “Rising Dark EP”

1. Terra-Selena

2. Podkayne

3. Troublemaker

4. Unleashed

5. Your Beauty Will Never Fade

6. Rising Dark (As Outro)

Bio: TwichGarden (Toxic water in her chest – her body in the garden) is the one-man music project by Andrew Panfutov, working in cross-genres – ambient & idm. Leading idea of music is the mixture of mythology and sci-fi atmosphere.

About EP: Rising Dark EP is the inner conversation of different noises and voices, recorded and trapped in the tracks. It’s about endless nights, megamachine of city, and human beings within it. And it’s full of meditative female voices, which leads the listener through the dark, lo-fi corridors of pads and basslines.

W&P by Andrew Panfutov

Mastered by Vtr
Cover by Raúl G.

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