iky iky & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Cold Cell

iky iky & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

“Cold Cell”

Laetitia Schteinberg (iky iky) started her first solo recordings in the early 00’s. The resulting soundscapes were based on found noises, processed guitar sounds, lo-fi ambiences and field recordings. Most of her creations were inspired by the anxiety in the past and struggle for the right to live. Later she became heavily involved with sculpting new sounds using modern VST technologies either from scratch or using different sound sources, and creation of “evolving” textures of either electronic or electroacoustic nature.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is a composer of experimental sunburnt soundscapes, the developer of the accidental guitar method, producer, founder, and curator of Friends of Sagittarius Records, he also makes “miniature film clips” to the release of his compositions.

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Thoughts – 600 Seconds


“600 Seconds”

Carefully sculpted sounds, wandering rhythms and experimentations pushing the boundaries of sonic sculpture and textural compositions yet still remaining remarkably accessible.

Thoughts is a collaborative sound project of Laetitia Schteinberg and Roberto Lazzarino.

Laetitia has produced solo work as Ars Sonor and side project iky iky. She is deeply involved in the sculpting of new sounds via modern vst technologies, from scratch or using different sound sources, and creation of “evolving” textures of either electronic or electroacoustic nature.

Roberto Lazzarino started playing a broken guitar in 1973 and lends his particular emotive and eclectic collection of various instrumentations to the evolving soundscapes of Thoughts.

“With each track comes a new state of being. Washes of ambient, neo-classic folk & ethno-funk break the shores of electronica by Thoughts – Laetitia Schteinberg (Ars Sonor) and Roberto Lazzarino. Instrumental organics woven with contemplative atmospheres taut with curiosity and electronic tension.” (Phil Ford)

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Igor Har – Ona Prekrasna


Igor Har

“Ona Prekrasna”

Welcome again to Effluvia with the works of Igor Har. Mostly spoken, this album is quick but chilling. Whether you understand the language or not is irrelevant, Igor Har makes these two tracks very powerful with his voice. The background sound offer a deep, profound state of contemplation for the listener, and then there’s his voice. Laetitia Schteinberg, who introduced me to this eerie musician who I am immediately in love with, mentioned to me that what he is speaking are tales of vulgarity and alarm, so tasty. Lovely abstract stories semi told to give forth a vague numbness and nausea. Musings of a homosexual maniac who kidnaps little boys and performs obscene acts upon them. Something like that, and you can tell in his manner of speaking that he sure knows how to tell a story. I love this work, and hope I hear this voice all over the place. Much love for this piece. It won’t take long, so please listen with the lights off, all alone. I’d appreciate it. Effluvia would appreciate it.

Misdea – Libra




This suite in 6 parts was composed as a musical comment to the collective exhibition held at Castello Aldobrandesco in Arcidosso (GR) during ALTERAZIONI 2011 – Festival of visual and musical arts -. “Contemporaneity looking towards the future goes perfectly with ancient walls, witnesses of a past which is never the same as the present time nor as what lies behind. Heterogeneous artists are confronted with each other, suspended in another dimension which becomes homegeneous all in a sudden. Past becomes future. Opposites realize to be equals.” Therefore, we tried to re-create a path where opposite balances would musically dialogue, so to leave them to the narration illustrated by painter Giada Matteoli.

FREE download (audio / video) at Acustronica website

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Mihide – Watching The Watcher



“Watching The Watcher”


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Morphine Bandit – Imploded Sounds Festival


Morphine Bandit

“Imploded Sounds Festival”

ambient dark drone

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The Darkening Machine – Wonderment


The Darkening Machine


dark ambient drone experimental
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Substak – Vapor y Polvo Mix


“Vapor y Polvo Mix”

This is a mix from Organic Acoustic Netlabel new compilation Vapor & Polvo Vol I
by Substak


1.Sleepland – YRGN
2.B.Lone Engines – Blownivan
3.Syrinx – Visions
4.Indo – 4 At Night
5.MaCu – Red
6.Daniva Danive – Off Places
7.Hidekazy Wakabayashi- Farewells In The Silver Afternoon
8.Daniva Danive – Off There

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Stefan BlackBot – Feels EP


Stefan BlackBot

“Feels EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx171
Format: 4 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 08 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Ambient

01 – Grey Sky (4:28)
02 – Color (6:24)
03 – This Night (4:56)
04 – Flower Soul (7:14)

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Cinema Noir – Children Kill Ants


Cinema Noir

“Children Kill Ants”

After the end of the “Brilliants at Breakfast” project (September 2001), Leonardo Vetrano , Alex Valenti and Giuseppe D’ Angelo decide to “rebirth” with a new musical project joining instrumental classical Post-Rock to the electronic music. The new members involves Marco Manzella (Acting Out / Brilliants at Breakfast) and the drummer Gery Mallia (Sinapsi). In december 2011 the band recorded a selfproduction EP “Children Kill Ants” now released in Nostress Netlabel.
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Ars Sonor & Meklabor – At The Edge of Abyss


Ars Sonor & Meklabor

“At The Edge of Abyss”

What did those poor men and women think when it dawned on them that the labyrinthine passageways they moved through were actually the domicile of the restless Minotaur. What did you think when you looked out that window and in your utopia saw the dark and dreary corridors of this selfsame doomed wandering. What miracle braught this magnificent expression to us. Here on Effluvia, we celebrate the second collaboration between Ars Sonor & Meklabor. These two were meant to collaborate. Both have the strong ability of making incredibly well put together and philosophically teeming work that is entertaining, thoughtful, mystical, and at the same time challenging and bizarre. The two both utilize whatever sounds compliment one another so that the album feels like one focused vision. The strings of this web are quite fine indeed, and free of pesky spiders, oh and replace the flies with the night sky. I won’t even try to express through my feeble words how these tracks can make you feel, so i’ll simply quote a poet I fancy, Jorge Luis Borges: “Now, after so many troubling years of wandering beneath the wavering moon, I ask myself what accident of fortune handed to me this terror of all mirrors”.

various artists – nuance rouge


various artists

“nuance rouge”

Artist: various artists

Title: nuance rouge [kopp.31]

Genre: ambient , experimental

Quality: 320 Kbp’s

Format: mp3

kopp netlabel

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Substak – Multi Tap Records Essentials Mix Part I


“Multi Tap Records Essentials Mix Part I”

Multi-Tap Records is an independent music netlabel,
founded in 2011 by the well known electronic music
artist,producer and photographer Bjorn Rohde.

Multi-Tap will provide Deep Techno, Dub Techno,
Ambient Dub,Electronic & Experimental Dub stuff.


1.multi-tap records – Walking Over The Edge (Rough Mix) – B.Rohde & B.Auberg
2.multi-tap records – Phsnrm (Uncooked Mix)
3.multi-tap records – See Lots Of Things Going On
4.multi-tap records – Aarons Reise (Short Mix)
5.multi-tap records – Elektrolyt
6.multi-tap records – Intentionally Gone
7.multi-tap records – Prelude
8.multi-tap records – Sternenreiter

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Palsekam – Line Fluctuation



“Line Fluctuation”

07-Love you(5:41)
12-Winter sun(7:13)


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Evo Evolver – Dystopian Dream


Evo Evolver

“Dystopian Dream”

On his third EP release on QED Records, Evo Evolver (aka Araknidus aka Philippine dnb musician Myke Madriaga) dishes out melodic two-step and drum&bass replete with expansive atmospheres and cinematic elements.
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Honoré Feraille – au sud,

Honoré Feraille

“au sud,”

Honoré Feraille is another new artist moniker for Geneva, Switzerland based experimental noise artist Laurent Peter. He records under a collection of different aliases and through several different projects including Diatribes, Heu{s-k}ach, Karst and perhaps the more familiar solo production pseudonym D’incise.

The first official excursion for this new project from an already well established artist is Au Sud, presented here on Audio Gourmet.
Here, the work of Honoré Feraille delves through the sorts of deep, dark and dense drone tapestries that have won the artist so much acclaim via the likes of D’Incise and his other collaborative projects.
As you would expect, the detail and sounds that comprise Au Sud, are meticulously constructed and unfurl carefully over the short duration of this two piece EP. Little more is specified as the artist allows the sounds to wander without purpose, free from order, structure and design

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Nebyla – Wet EP



“Wet EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#; deepx170
Format: 5 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 30 Mar 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01 – Salad (2:39)
02 – Darkness (6:53)
03 – Rain (9:23)
04 – Other Toy (7:28)
05 – Red Crescent (6:23)

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v4w.enko & d’incise – 27.08.2011


v4w.enko & d’incise


“27.08.2011” is a live recording done by two great artists v4w.enko & d’incise.
The release consists of two tracks, 20 and 35 minute long, recorded on August 27th, 2011 at Tivoli 16, Geneva. The basis of this work is made with v4w.enko’s algorithmic forms which are confronted to concret gestures by d’incise. The result is a sublime piece of improvisational work, combining deep drones and soundscapes with live treatments of various objects & contact mics.

v4w.enko is a project of Evgeniy Vaschenko, based in Kyiv, Ukraine and started 2007 as live electronics, working with sound and visual streams. Sound and video streams are being realised in real time by manipulation of self programmed algorithms. Parts of algorithms have simple forms and are correlated one with another by simple rules.

d’incise, born in 1983, is member of the Audioactivity music & visual collective founded in 2000 in Geneva (CH). In 2002 he starded to arranges hybrids of electronic music, from dub to electronica, dangerously sliding to the electroacoustic more experimental ways. His world is made with sound fractures, nevralgic crepitations, melancolic atmospheres and a non-dissimulated fascination for rust and faded rhythms.

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Travel Network 6



“Sun-Inside-Mix-Travel Network 6”

01-Christ-One Sunny Cloudy Day[Benbecula Records]
02-Brothomstates-Mdrmx[Warp Records]
03-Susumu Yokota-Kodomotachi[Skintone]
04-theAudiologist-ell DN2[Section 27]
05-The Fear Ratio-Guv Three[Blueprint]
06-Moderat-Slow Match[BPitch Control]
08-Logical Disorder-Magazine[Crazy Language]
10-Roel Funcken-Skinetic Culpture[Eat Concrete]
11-Sul.a-A Rather Jazzy Ending[Archipel]
13-Qebrus-ArgQ[Bedroom Research]
14-FMcontrol-ToVizo[Crazy Language]
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Klangboot Radio – Spring


Klangboot Radio


Höher, schneller, wärmer… mit Melodica, Tunguska Grooves, Doporto, Rawmatroid, Escalared.

Playlist (Artist – Track – Label – Year):

1. David Granha – Home- http://www.rawmatroid.net – 2010
2. Suero – Some Force Within – http://escalared.com – 2011
3. Graham Dunning – Tape Ghosts – http://auditionrecords.com – 2011
4. Harry Jen – BMSFX – http://www.laridae.at – 2012
5. Plasmat – Offline – http://www.nostressnetlabel.net – 12
6. Inner – Tripline (Original Mix) – http://melodica-netlabel.com – 2012
7. .at/on – River – http://tonatom.net – 2011
8. Mizati – Hamburg – http://tonatom.net – 2011
9. WMRI – The Dream of Spheres – http://tunguskagrooves.com – 2012
10. D Minoza and Magnetic Wind – Tabula Rasa – http://doporto.pt.to – 2012
11. Bing Satellites – Caterpillar Dance – http://www.laverna.net – 2011

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Yrrow – 820




01-Yeah, Like An Illness(2:00)
03-Stalk Me(2:46)
04-Would Be Pure Misery(1:28)
06-Hit The Seat(0:55)
07-Afx Tribe(1:29)
08-Ins Version 0.1(2:40)
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Mtu – Memòries Del Diable



“Memòries Del Diable”

“Memòries Del Diable” is the first record of Mtu, a collection sketches created from virtual manipulated sounds. It’s an album that will never sounds at a wedding or birthday party. A work not suitable for sunny days. William S. Burroughs appears on “Duat (The Wild Boys)” extracted from Ubuweb.com.
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Substak – Organic Acoustic & 001 Netlabel Mix



“Organic Acoustic & 001 Netlabel Mix”

this is reupload to archive.orgOrganic Acoustic , Netlabel Chileno Ambient |experimental | drone |noise | space

1.Atrio Serenade – Vientos Eternos(Version Extendida) Organic Devocion Indomita
2.Atrio Seranade – Nueva Vida Organic V.A – Tierra Desnuda
3.Reflejo – Fiebre Polar 001 Records 02 – Reflejo
4.Usted No! – VinculO 2 001 Records 01 – Canguro Cosmico


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Subterrestrial – Waveform




“Waveform” features seven experimental ambient and progressive electronic concept pieces from Subterrestrial. Spring is on it’s way, why not take this one last opportunity to immerse yourself in a chilly, unearthly soundscape?
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Fires Were Shot – Maritime


Fires Were Shot


Fires Were Shot are an amazing instrumental duo from Texas, United States. Their sound can be categorized as textural, guitar driven ambient music. No-Source Netlabel is excited to debut Fires Were Shot’s long-form single, “Maritime” to the world. Fans of Cheer, talkingmakesnosense, or Brian McBride (of Stars of the Lid) will instantly fall in love with the sound of Fires Were Shot. Maritime, at over twenty eight minutes, takes you on a journey out to sea and back. Field recordings of the ocean are quickly engulfed by layer upon layer of guitar drones, delay and plucking. While out in the waters surrounded by the deep, you find yourself at last. This is melodic acoustic drone that should be held up right next to the very best.
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various artists – Sayonara Nuclear Power


various artists

“Sayonara Nuclear Power”

Sayonara Nuclear Power is a memorial masterpieces for antinuclear.
Its music consists of 14 musicians from Japan and from overseas.
These abstract sounds are made from their own thoughts and feelings to the Nuclear power. We will be pleased if listeners find some kind of an inspiration from the music.This compilation had been released on March 12, a year after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

# tracks
1.noine – nuke reset set
2.Yuki Matatsumura – __i_
3.In Vitro – Free Energy Safe Energy
4.guillotine hairshaver – Little Boy
5.thaneco – Oceanic birds above nuclear factories
6.Paskal. – Rubber theme
7.ememe – Invasion Of Justice
8.whizz kid – summer bubbles
9.twomilliondays – Fukushima
10.sanmi – あの日、それから、そして
11.steradd – Radioactive Dancers
12.Le Passage du Nord-Ouest – Fukushima
13.gnyonpix – reikyakusui
14.Nagumo – 手引き月

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Hanetration – Tenth Oar EP


“Tenth Oar EP”

“the best glitchy drone music we’ve heard this year” – homelessminds

“field recordings, manipulated glitches and subterranean ambience” – igloomag

“compellingly different, sonically inventive throughout and one of the most promising debuts out there in the ambient/experimental field at the moment” – savaranmusic


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