Substak – Multi Tap Records Essentials Mix Part I


“Multi Tap Records Essentials Mix Part I”

Multi-Tap Records is an independent music netlabel,
founded in 2011 by the well known electronic music
artist,producer and photographer Bjorn Rohde.

Multi-Tap will provide Deep Techno, Dub Techno,
Ambient Dub,Electronic & Experimental Dub stuff.


1.multi-tap records – Walking Over The Edge (Rough Mix) – B.Rohde & B.Auberg
2.multi-tap records – Phsnrm (Uncooked Mix)
3.multi-tap records – See Lots Of Things Going On
4.multi-tap records – Aarons Reise (Short Mix)
5.multi-tap records – Elektrolyt
6.multi-tap records – Intentionally Gone
7.multi-tap records – Prelude
8.multi-tap records – Sternenreiter

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