Honoré Feraille – au sud,

Honoré Feraille  – au sud,

Honoré Feraille

“au sud,”

Honoré Feraille is another new artist moniker for Geneva, Switzerland based experimental noise artist Laurent Peter. He records under a collection of different aliases and through several different projects including Diatribes, Heu{s-k}ach, Karst and perhaps the more familiar solo production pseudonym D’incise.

The first official excursion for this new project from an already well established artist is Au Sud, presented here on Audio Gourmet.
Here, the work of Honoré Feraille delves through the sorts of deep, dark and dense drone tapestries that have won the artist so much acclaim via the likes of D’Incise and his other collaborative projects.
As you would expect, the detail and sounds that comprise Au Sud, are meticulously constructed and unfurl carefully over the short duration of this two piece EP. Little more is specified as the artist allows the sounds to wander without purpose, free from order, structure and design

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