Summons of Shining Ruins – On The Beach

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Summons of Shining Ruins

“On The Beach”

Resting Bell starts 2012 with a new release by Summons of Shining Ruins. Most of you know this project by Shinobu Nemoto. He released his work on labels like Install, Experimedia, Dead Pilot Records, Analogpath, Against It Records or on his own imprint Moufu – Rokuon.

With “On The Beach” Shinobu gives us five abyssal tracks, each over 10 minutes long. You can hear deep growling guitar melodies, nearly pushed into the background. And there is a constant hiss and noise layer which gives you the feeling of a windy shoreline. With a look at the artwork you can imagine that the acoustic diorama of “On The Beach” is a real elemental and gloomy feeling.

It is like walking on the seaside on a windy and rainy day in fall. Packed in warm jackets, scarves and bobble hats. Your face gets frosty and cold. But with coming back inside everything gets warm and antsy. And after a short while you are feeling tired and very relaxed.

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