Godsthrone – Godsthrone EP



“Godsthrone EP”

Godsthrone” is an independent music project born in Milan and developed in Rome between 2011 and 2012 aiming at expressing the most wideranging feeling and visions by the sounds of electronic music. The first EP, “Godsthrone EP” is defined by recollections from the Eighties, the massive use of synth and 8-bit sounds, and leads you in a journey into a magical and gloomy atmosphere with sonorities at the same time unambiguous and pied where you can perceive a strong blend of genres. “Godsthrone” is also the pen name of the young 25-year-old producer from Salento.
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Rotten Smile – Bloodshed and skinned EP


Rotten Smile

“Bloodshed and skinned EP”

Experimental music from Chile.
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various international audio artists


Here is the CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION VOL.2! 68 tracks of lo-bit sound vapor created by the members of the Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise on Facebook.
On June 19, 2012 Hal McGee made this announcement in a post in the Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise on Facebook:
here is the CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION! upload a NEW track created for this project – maximum 90 seconds – mp3 maximum 64kbps – to Soundcloud. post the link of your track in a comment below. the compilation will create itself in the replies to this topic. post as many times as you want. listen as the organism unfolds and blooms in hideousness. keywords – super fun incredibly sexy lo-bit lo-fi vaporized noise
CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION vol.1 released by Hal McGee available here:

CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION vol.2 released by MAV [0kbps] Records

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[NKS prod 83]



Industrial Harsh Score Punk Live Beast.
Ядерная индивидуальная полоса.
ノイズ & ヴィジュアル系.
Parasite sonore pour ciné-concerts bruts.


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deafness – Invisible Reflexion



“Invisible Reflexion”

The 50th release by this experimental music producer from west Russia aka Steam flow, Nihilistic Delusion etc. Unlike most of his ambient and noise music albums, this one is performed in IDM key, sometimes dark and sometimes thoughtful and “liquidised” by encoding of 32 kbps. There are also 2 Suicide Commando remixes.
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like Moon

[UPL 044]

Proyect? Moone Jazzers

“Jazzing To The Cat-like Moon”

Proyect? Moone Jazzers, a mysterious musician from Western Europe, returns and this time presents ethereal, soothing melodies. Jazzy melodies are underpinned by a homemade, diy atmosphere, resounding on the background of a car alarm or dogs barking out on the street – which adds an intimate, mysterious dimension to the whole.
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Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms – Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release


Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms

“Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release”

Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release, 6 noise(?) tracks performed by Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms

“Tutto cominciò in un ristorante, mentre passavo delle foto alla mia ragazza via bluetooth. Tra i dispositivi trovati dal mio telefono, risultava una delle quattro zitelle che parlavano da un’ora del loro dolore, dei loro insuccessi, dei loro ex, ecc. L’idea migliore che mi venne, fu quella di andare in bagno per fotografare Mr. Fringuello e inviarglielo.
L’impresa non riuscì, ma la scintilla era scattata: volevo osservare le reazioni della gente alla vista di un fallo arrivato per bluetooth.
Così, scelto il nick ammonitivo di Jean Frusaglia, ho iniziato a tartassare i vari Fabry, Tata89 e CiccioTiAmo che comparivano sul mio telefono.” [Jean Frusaglia]
Chi è Jean Frusaglia? (completo)

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The Idiot Society – Moving Still

[Kreislauf Extra 017]

The Idiot Society

“Moving Still”

The Idiot Society – Moving Still
(Kreislauf Extra 018)

01 Intro (0:19)
02 Letter Written In Winter (3:08)
03 The Man Is The Town And The Town Is Derelict (4:26)
04 Memory Melody (3:03)
05 Mr. Green (4:35)
06 This Night (4:58)
07 When Winter Fades (4:42)
08 Things Got Built Deceived Your Eyes (6:27)
09 Interval (0:59)
10 Cold City Blues (4:23)
11 What It Is To Be Loved (4:17)
12 Coming Up For Air (4:48)
13 Your Heart’s No Longer Hungry (4:32)
14 Sweet Song (6:04)
15 In Motion (4:39)
16 Let It Go (4:00)
17 Outro (1:33)

07. Oktober 2012

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Ike Stirner – Slop till you drop


Ike Stirner

“Slop till you drop”

lo bit acid party recorded by Mr. Mindfuck Ike Stirner, released with a lot glitch and databent gif by MAV [0kbps] Records.
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Consistency Nature + Bash Nova – Cat Chatter


Consistency Nature + Bash Nova

“Cat Chatter”

lo-bit ambient drone by Bash Nova and Consistancy Nature.
32/48 kbps are enough to make a big, surrealistic mess.


01 – Consistency Nature – The Macabre Comes To Mind
02 – Bash Nova – Bitten Bug
03 – Consistency Nature – What’s Up?
04 – Bash Nova – Polar Type Fire

released by MAV [0kbps] Records

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Beira – Pixelinx




Pixelinx is the latest glitchy creature generated by Beira (Italy). Insane beats for a noisy listening.
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Max Scordamaglia – This is NOT a tape


Max Scordamaglia

“This is NOT a tape”

communication failure & noisy silences by Max Scordamaglia
includes the manifesto “Suono, Non-Suono”
MAV [0kbps] Records, September 2012
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Konsumprodukt – Collage Airlines



“Collage Airlines”

Konsumprodukt strikes again with “Collage Airlines” on Sirona Records. 14 tracks of low-fi electronica and contemporary weirdness.
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poj.wlkp – Most

[UPL 042]



While preparing material for the new album, it appeared that between the previous album “Gdybym Umiał Mówić” and the present enough nice songs were created to be issued on a separate record. What sticks out on “Most” are three versions of the title songs, in very different arrangements. As always poj.wlkp tries to avoid obvious solutions and reaches for surprising stylistic and rhythmic measures, keeping in touch with the lyrical melodicism and intimate, somewhat dark atmosphere.
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Nicolas Joseph Roncea – Impossible Roncea Ep


Nicolas Joseph Roncea

“Impossible Roncea Ep”

Impossible Roncea is one of the side projects of Nicolas J. Roncea, a musician who plays also with Fuh and Io monade stanca. Because of a problem with his left hand, in the beginning of 2010, he was forced to stop his musical activity for some months and he decided to make some experiments with home recording, voices, loops and guitar open tunings. So this is “Impossible roncea”, the first 5 tracks ep, out in free download on Yo! netlabel.
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Workshops und Line-up beim STFU Festival Dresden

STFU DRESDEN 13 – 15 JULI 2012


STFU Dresden 2012 Gorilla Concert from STFU Dresden 2012 on Vimeo.

Details: www.stfumusic.org/dresden2012

Automassage – Saxophone EP



“Saxophone EP”

Automassage: The preference for poorly controlled distortions, mumbled vocals, stomach turning basses, crackling noisy ambience and lo-fi in general. That might sound all very funny, loose and airy, but the massagists simply just can’t change the overly sophisticated way they are, and after painful serious processes of composing, deconstructing and evaluating, they puzzle out complex musical structures.
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V.A. – Another Day, Another Way



“Another Day, Another Way”

To celebrate fifty releases on No-Source Netlabel, we’ve compiled a new compilation consisting on No-Source artists, exclusive tracks, and upcoming bands from the net scene. “Another Day, Another Way” really shows off the sound that is No-Source, with quieter, acoustic driven music, and a good dose of electronics.


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Tardiss – Mold and Moisture



“Mold and Moisture”

Mold and Moisture, the fourth release by Tardiss on No-Source Netlabel is a trip back in time. These nine tracks make up a collection of early works recorded between 2002 and 2004. What we see here is the beginnings of a sound that Tardiss has gone on to shape into their definitive style. It is a decidedly more electronic and experimental album than the previous Tardiss records. There are still those nostalgia tendencies that peak from time to time. The album kicks off with “The Sandbox”. Samples of waves wash into IDM beats and sparse melodies. “Mid Lake Left”, recalls the track title Left Side Drive by Boards of Canada. Mid Lake Left was recorded a year or two before the Boards of Canada track and delivers more of an early Squarepusher vibe. “Harmonic Mist Figure” is a beautiful two minutes of haunting, beat-less ambient music. “Smoothie’s Loop”, though a bit more spastic, uses some modern Tardiss compositional techniques. “Pneumonia, I Own Ya” has a more of a lounge vibe, recalling Irresistible Force (one of Mix Master Morris’ aliases). The album closes with “Come Get It”, a twelve minute electronic, lounge rock freakout. This description makes sense when you get to the epic synth solo at six minutes in. Over the years, these early works have held up. The lo-fi attitude just makes them feel even more like a musty photograph collecting mold and moisture.
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There are a lot of forthcoming releases on Retral’s SoundCloud page. The man is on a roll and we, the labels, are just trying to catch up. We need to hurry, because Retral can’t wait to share his free music with the world. We understand why when we look at the comments he gets:

Your tunes are sick! GREAT :D LOVE IT!! This tune is awesome, proper future jazzy vibeswicked! Nice drums man. Good track all round. Big up. Big stuff man. Interesting sounds man! Loving This! I love this. Deep and dark, the way i like ittttttt. Huge tune, really like it (: This is incredible………… HUGE DROP. Big tune, this is happy. WoooooooooooooooooW. Ahhh mate, this is amazing. Great work. This is a sick tune mate. Love the synth work. You da maaaaan!!! This is so good mate :D. Spicy drum work! Oo yee! Wow this is quality mate! Simply incredible! Lovely mate. Love the way it kicks back in! So smooooth. This is so dope bro massive respect! Powerful, aerian track. Wonderful. Them chordz, they’re like a gift man! HUGE sound!!! Those chained pads!! :) Stellar track mate. Great take on the auden poem, love the atmos, massive mesmerizing melancholic vibe! I love the colors this tune paints in my head. Gorgeous sound, friend!

It’s all true. Need we say more?

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mnttaB – Rocky 4,2 and 3 EP



“Rocky 4,2 and 3 EP”

Heres a preview of the mnttaB EP out this week.

Its a loud-Noisey synthpunk/Oi sort of hybrid from Melbourne, home of Total Control,
Chromedome and My Disco.

Gigs in Euro/US this summer. So Look Out.

June Lauren Prescott – whenever we might and will not (to karen carpenter)

Ein berührender Song braucht keine gute Bitrate; Große Themen in kleinen Datein; beklemmend; Sehenswert sind auch die Videoarbeiten auf der Release-Seite; Endlich mal ein 20kbps Release was mich bewegt; Danke!

Momolot – Momolot 2

[UPL 039]


“Momolot 2”

The material, recorded not long after the first album, represents a different face of Momo and Jan Strach: This time the band presents more song-orientedforms, awkwardly yet charmingly juggling styles and feelings. More or less rocking songs struggle between folk, disco, southern rythms and even punk. Momo on vocals in songs 1 and 6.


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Pilesar – Pilesar’s Ugly Children



“Pilesar’s Ugly Children”

Pilesar’s second zeromoon release is a dense and heady concoction of psychedelic drones, frenetic rhythms, otherworldly tribal chanting and turn-on-a-dime composition.

For fans of Aphex Twin, Black Dice, cEvin Key, Kraftwerk, Takako Minekawa, Mobeius & Plank and Otomo Yoshihide.

Released 17 October 2011

Pilesar- keyboards, samples, devices, electronic and acoustic percussion, loops, effects, composition, lamb chops, muscadine wine

w/ additional material provided by the DC Sonic Circuits Community via the District of Noise Vol 3 100 locked grooves LP (track 1); Zach Mason (track 3); Daniel Euphrat (track 8); Seth Schowalter (tracks 9 and 11); Gary Rouzer (track 10); Sean K Preston, Sammy Ponzar and Keith Sinzinger (track 11).

Cover painting by Joel B Floyd

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Proyect? Moone Jazzers – The Corridor

[UPL 038]

Proyect? Moone Jazzers

“The Corridor”

A sinister vision of the future, described in apocalyptic poetry with menacing instrumentals as the background. A show of non-compromising authenticity, a mysterious musician with a unique vision, with a will to experiment and shock the listener on every curve.
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Rinus Van Alebeek – Return


Rinus Van Alebeek


Though I had images of a portual town as Graham Greene visited on his travels, I doubted very much if ‘Port Saïd’ would have been the right title.
I also thought of ‘Cargo.’ I am surprised by the calmness of the piece, and a feeling of warm summer days. At some points it feels like walking through narrow winding streets.

Some of the tapes I used in this radio performance contained snippets of conversations, meetings, evenings with friends, all bringing back memories that lay dormant on one of the shelves of my subconsciousness. It was a pleasure to go there again.

‘Return’ was first played 18. january 2012 on the radio show ‘A Maïzing Session With…’ hosted by Anton Mobin in his apartment in Paris.

I used various cassette players and dictaphones, an effect pedal and a small box full of tapes.

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Cherly KaCherly – Misadventure of a Meaty Machine


Cherly KaCherly

“Misadventure of a Meaty Machine”

Misadventure of a Meaty Machine is Cherly Kacherly’s third release following “Drop a 4 Note Soundtrack” and the self titled debut EP.
like its predecessors it was also recorded at home, using a reluctant microphone and a text to speech software that was put in charge of the vocal parts.
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