Variouos – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #01




8kbps mp301 – Beira – Com brok
02 – Tommaso Busatto – La canzone del tickling
03 – 7tn4CC – Rivolta di una città lo-bit
04 – Max Scordamaglia – Run random #07
05 – isteronproject – Brano di paura
06 – Natomorto – Suicidio 00
07 – kano – Morning shitty sounds
08 – fabiorosho – Treadmill

SAMIZDAT is a floppy series dedicated to low bit-rate music and other low-tech wonders.
Each participant is free to release and give out SAMIZDAT’s copies as he wants, using recycled diskettes, giving them to friends or hiding them among the shelves of a shopping center – or more.
A SAMIZDAT floppy disk is a noisy act of love against the music busssinessss.

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Jan Strach – Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę

[UPL 050]

Jan Strach

“Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę”

Inspired by a bout of nostalgia, Jan Strach dove into his archive of a few dozens cassette tapes full of songs recorded between ages of 16-20. After digging through a few hundred tunes, he selected the most interesting to present to you, dear listeners. From regular songs with acoustic guitar in the style of early poj.wlkp, through experiments with two cassette players, casio-created ambient, sampled rock tunes and mandolin instrumentals, Jan Strach shows creations, in perspective maybe sometimes naive, but always honest, authentic and melodically interesting.
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the human grizzly – the steinebach tapes

Rete del disagio – Concerto fantasma


Rete del disagio

“Concerto fantasma”

Rete del Disagio

Concerto fantasma [0kbps029]

01 – overture
02 – cuore di palma
03 – il fantasma di un concerto
04 – disagio e rivolta
05 – ciao gente seria

fabiorosho, stefano balice: electronics
recorded live in rome, 11-04-13
“disagio e rivolta” includes “rivolta di una città”, by 7tn4CC

Rete del disagio (the uneasiness network) is not a band, and has no stable line-up.
Rete del disagio was born when followers and supporters from different web communities as upupachan, vaporized art movement, deep lake records and mav [0kbps] records, start to physically meet to bring the noise from the net to the streets.

MAV [0kbps] Records, April 2013

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pasquale maassen – little organ


pasquale maassen

“little organ”

01. pasquale maassen – little organ
02. pasquale maassen – cherubim
03. pasquale maassen – sand of the whore
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Deftechnixks – At Dusk I Painted Your Lips EP

[UPL 049]


“At Dusk I Painted Your Lips EP”

Just like the last one, this Deftechnixks album was recorded based on Deaf Techniques, this time techniques DT01 (recorded without hearing the recorded track and without looking at the instrument) and to a larger extent DT11 (recorded without hearing the recorded track). This resulted in 12 songs, which, after a long consideration, were reduced to a six-track EP in order to not torture the listener too much. The lyrics were again written based on a stream of consciousness; the title and the look of the cover were selected out of all lyrics by a random number generator, as well as track order. The placement of cover elements were selected by another random generator, a two-year old.
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isteronproject – furniture music#2



“furniture music#2”

SPNet103 – isteronproject – furniture music #2
320kbps – 16 minutes, 15 seconds
File under: Furniture Music/Kraut Punk/Cheapadelic01 – isteronproject – furniture music #09 (2:31)
02 – isteronproject – furniture music #10 (2:41)
03 – isteronproject – furniture music #11 (2:21)
04 – isteronproject – furniture music #12 (1:18)
05 – isteronproject – furniture music #13 – corna prendete aria (2:53)
06 – isteronproject – furniture music #14 – cheap soundtrack for daily accidents (1:42)
07 – isteronproject – furniture music #15 (2:49)

Picking up right where the project last left its listeners, furniture music #2 is a high bitrate sequel to the lobit volume 1 released on the SPubsidiary SPTOtfSP (catalog number 011), consisting of all new material except for furniture music #14 – cheap soundtrack for daily accidents, which originally appeared on Hal McGee’s Cheap and Plastic compilation. isteronproject describes its sound as principally what it calls furniture music, “a low-budget parody of the commercial music, inspired by people as residents, devo and, of course, erik satie,” qualified with the further labels kraut punk and cheapadelic. The reference to the Residents feels particularly accurate, especially on the plodding, playful last piece; listeners familiar with the Residents’ Commercial Album will quickly find themselves anticipating the familiar refrain “I wish I was a picnic boy”. Much like the bands mentioned in the genre description, the structure and execution of the songs on furniture music #2 are simple, odd, and quite catchy, with the jovial quality of songs children sing to themselves. In fact, the melody to the song furniture music #13 – corna prendete aria, was first conceived between isteronproject’s Stefano Balice and his cousin when they were children. The instrumentation is also threadbare, consisting of two small Casio keyboards, a small circuit bent Yamaha keyboard, and two Korg pocket-sized ribbon synths. In its very essence, furniture music #2 exemplifies the lo-fi aesthetic, that stripped of complex songs and fancy recording setups, an artist’s true talent and ingenuity can shine through.

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isteronproject – smells like teen pussy



“smells like teen pussy”

isteronproject – smells like teen pussy [DLR027]

01 – un mollusco tentativo
02 – isteronproject’s top summer hits

BENT: tape recorder, casio sa65, barbie bontempi keyboard, yamaha pss6, casio sk1, toy farm
NOT BENT: sw radio, monotron, metronome

Deep Lake Records

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Pioggia d’ambra – Il triste inverno animico


Pioggia d’ambra

“Il triste inverno animico”

Italy’s Pioggia d’ambra describes its new mini-album Il triste inverno animico as “depressive ambient,” and it is such a fitting description. Each track has an atmosphere that brings to mind the ambient sections of DSBM bands like Russia’s All The Cold and Epitimia and the depressive jam band Deep-Pression. Hollow guitar phrases occasionally ring out amongst a hazy, dark atmosphere of lush washes of sound, odd mechanical sighing, and processed industrial clanking, like a lost astronaut adrift in the swirling galaxy, or perhaps a death industrial Sigur Rós. Il triste inverno animico is an amazing exercise in the power of subtlety.
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aAirial – Emotions are desert islands



“Emotions are desert islands”

Aairial has featured in a couple of various artist compilations so far on Kahvi, and has appeared in fan videos on youtube.

His minimal tracks, with subtle beats and sounds that convey moods and atmospheres in perfect clarity and without fuss. This time around, an entire album of minimalistic delights from aairial in the form of ‘Emotions are desert islands’.

14 tracks to set the scene for the end of winter and approach of spring. Enjoy!

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Proyect? Moone Jazzers – Cold Strike

[UPL 048]

Proyect? Moone Jazzers

“Cold Strike”

Proyect? Moone Jazzers comes back with another album, stylistically diverse and well thought-out. The arrangements, deceivingly simple at first, develop and blossom in meditative improvisations, raging from jazz through blues to classical music, bringing to mind creations of the impressionist composers. Everything is as always served in an intimate diy atmosphere, creating the unique atmosphere present on all recordings by Proyect? Moone Jazzers.
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Violeta Päivänkakkara – Pimeässä


Violeta Päivänkakkara


Here’s the second EP of Violeta Päivänkakkara
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MAV [0kbps] Records + Deep Lake Records – L’esteta della solitudine


MAV [0kbps] Records + Deep Lake Records

“L’esteta della solitudine”

MAV [0kbps] Records and Deep Lake Records collaborated to create this compilation, designed as christmas gift for E.F. (M. Anne Quinn, Pioggia d’Ambra).01 – Kano – Merry feismas
02 – Attila 777 – Welcome to Feisland
03 – Tommaso Busatto – 2am I Can’t Sleep
04 – Isteronproject – Le Abrasioni di Natale
05 – Beira – Felicità a Partire da 199 Euro
06 – Fabiorosho – Number3
07 – Stirner – When Life’s Got Ya by the Balls (Just Fuck It)
08 – PL433 – Signor Lumachetto
09 – Tommaso Busatto – What About to Discover Some Unburied Carrions?
10 – z601 – Undergo
11 – Psycoton – Nniuq Enna M
12 – Stirner – Hail Hail Vaporization
13 – Beira – Una Traccia Troppo Allegra per il Fine Ultimo
14 – Isteronproject – Jingle Bells and Sick Bass
15 – Stirner – Lofi Dildozer Assfuck
16 – Fabiorosho – Oldskoolcrap#1
17 – Attila 777 – The Mistery of Peenemünde
18 – Fabiorosho – Psy
19 – Stirner – Doggy Style (Life’s a Bitch so Hit It From the Back)
20 – PL433 – Tante Angurie
21 – Tommaso Busatto – A Totalitarian Aryan Girl for E.F.
22 – Fabiorosho – Stand Still and Drown in the Basses
23 – Beira – Outro
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agnès pe. – Rob Herwig


agnès pe.

“Rob Herwig”

Rob Herwig [0kbps018]

01 – rhipsalidopsis
02 – Rob Herwig
03 – pachyveria
04 – euphorbia milii
05 – phoenix
06 – sedum
07 – adiantum
08 – ananas
09 – solo come moscas

MAV [0kbps] Records, January 2013

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omara – hitschlampe remixed



“hitschlampe remixed”

01. omara – hitschlampe (quinto remix)
02. omara – hitschlampe (ulf kramer remix)
03. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v1)
04. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v2)
05. omara – hitschlampe (pasquale maassen remix v3)
06. omara – hitschlampe (oliver martini remix)
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Godsthrone – Godsthrone EP



“Godsthrone EP”

Godsthrone” is an independent music project born in Milan and developed in Rome between 2011 and 2012 aiming at expressing the most wideranging feeling and visions by the sounds of electronic music. The first EP, “Godsthrone EP” is defined by recollections from the Eighties, the massive use of synth and 8-bit sounds, and leads you in a journey into a magical and gloomy atmosphere with sonorities at the same time unambiguous and pied where you can perceive a strong blend of genres. “Godsthrone” is also the pen name of the young 25-year-old producer from Salento.
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Rotten Smile – Bloodshed and skinned EP


Rotten Smile

“Bloodshed and skinned EP”

Experimental music from Chile.
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various international audio artists


Here is the CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION VOL.2! 68 tracks of lo-bit sound vapor created by the members of the Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise on Facebook.
On June 19, 2012 Hal McGee made this announcement in a post in the Contact Group of Homemade Experimental Electronic Music & Noise on Facebook:
here is the CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION! upload a NEW track created for this project – maximum 90 seconds – mp3 maximum 64kbps – to Soundcloud. post the link of your track in a comment below. the compilation will create itself in the replies to this topic. post as many times as you want. listen as the organism unfolds and blooms in hideousness. keywords – super fun incredibly sexy lo-bit lo-fi vaporized noise
CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION vol.1 released by Hal McGee available here:

CONTACT GROUP LO-BIT THREAD COMPILATION vol.2 released by MAV [0kbps] Records

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[NKS prod 83]



Industrial Harsh Score Punk Live Beast.
Ядерная индивидуальная полоса.
ノイズ & ヴィジュアル系.
Parasite sonore pour ciné-concerts bruts.


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deafness – Invisible Reflexion



“Invisible Reflexion”

The 50th release by this experimental music producer from west Russia aka Steam flow, Nihilistic Delusion etc. Unlike most of his ambient and noise music albums, this one is performed in IDM key, sometimes dark and sometimes thoughtful and “liquidised” by encoding of 32 kbps. There are also 2 Suicide Commando remixes.
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like Moon

[UPL 044]

Proyect? Moone Jazzers

“Jazzing To The Cat-like Moon”

Proyect? Moone Jazzers, a mysterious musician from Western Europe, returns and this time presents ethereal, soothing melodies. Jazzy melodies are underpinned by a homemade, diy atmosphere, resounding on the background of a car alarm or dogs barking out on the street – which adds an intimate, mysterious dimension to the whole.
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Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms – Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release


Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms

“Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release”

Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release, 6 noise(?) tracks performed by Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms

“Tutto cominciò in un ristorante, mentre passavo delle foto alla mia ragazza via bluetooth. Tra i dispositivi trovati dal mio telefono, risultava una delle quattro zitelle che parlavano da un’ora del loro dolore, dei loro insuccessi, dei loro ex, ecc. L’idea migliore che mi venne, fu quella di andare in bagno per fotografare Mr. Fringuello e inviarglielo.
L’impresa non riuscì, ma la scintilla era scattata: volevo osservare le reazioni della gente alla vista di un fallo arrivato per bluetooth.
Così, scelto il nick ammonitivo di Jean Frusaglia, ho iniziato a tartassare i vari Fabry, Tata89 e CiccioTiAmo che comparivano sul mio telefono.” [Jean Frusaglia]
Chi è Jean Frusaglia? (completo)

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The Idiot Society – Moving Still

[Kreislauf Extra 017]

The Idiot Society

“Moving Still”

The Idiot Society – Moving Still
(Kreislauf Extra 018)

01 Intro (0:19)
02 Letter Written In Winter (3:08)
03 The Man Is The Town And The Town Is Derelict (4:26)
04 Memory Melody (3:03)
05 Mr. Green (4:35)
06 This Night (4:58)
07 When Winter Fades (4:42)
08 Things Got Built Deceived Your Eyes (6:27)
09 Interval (0:59)
10 Cold City Blues (4:23)
11 What It Is To Be Loved (4:17)
12 Coming Up For Air (4:48)
13 Your Heart’s No Longer Hungry (4:32)
14 Sweet Song (6:04)
15 In Motion (4:39)
16 Let It Go (4:00)
17 Outro (1:33)

07. Oktober 2012

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Ike Stirner – Slop till you drop


Ike Stirner

“Slop till you drop”

lo bit acid party recorded by Mr. Mindfuck Ike Stirner, released with a lot glitch and databent gif by MAV [0kbps] Records.
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Consistency Nature + Bash Nova – Cat Chatter


Consistency Nature + Bash Nova

“Cat Chatter”

lo-bit ambient drone by Bash Nova and Consistancy Nature.
32/48 kbps are enough to make a big, surrealistic mess.


01 – Consistency Nature – The Macabre Comes To Mind
02 – Bash Nova – Bitten Bug
03 – Consistency Nature – What’s Up?
04 – Bash Nova – Polar Type Fire

released by MAV [0kbps] Records

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Beira – Pixelinx




Pixelinx is the latest glitchy creature generated by Beira (Italy). Insane beats for a noisy listening.
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Max Scordamaglia – This is NOT a tape


Max Scordamaglia

“This is NOT a tape”

communication failure & noisy silences by Max Scordamaglia
includes the manifesto “Suono, Non-Suono”
MAV [0kbps] Records, September 2012
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