etc. – abide

Variouos – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #01

Jan Strach – Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę

the human grizzly – the steinebach tapes

Rete del disagio – Concerto fantasma

pasquale maassen – little organ

Deftechnixks – At Dusk I Painted Your Lips EP

isteronproject – furniture music#2

isteronproject – smells like teen pussy

Pioggia d’ambra – Il triste inverno animico

aAirial – Emotions are desert islands

Proyect? Moone Jazzers – Cold Strike

Violeta Päivänkakkara – Pimeässä

MAV [0kbps] Records + Deep Lake Records – L’esteta della solitudine

agnès pe. – Rob Herwig

omara – hitschlampe remixed

Godsthrone – Godsthrone EP

Rotten Smile – Bloodshed and skinned EP



deafness – Invisible Reflexion

like Moon

Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms – Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release

The Idiot Society – Moving Still

Ike Stirner – Slop till you drop

Consistency Nature + Bash Nova – Cat Chatter

Beira – Pixelinx

Max Scordamaglia – This is NOT a tape

Konsumprodukt – Collage Airlines

poj.wlkp – Most

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – Impossible Roncea Ep

Workshops und Line-up beim STFU Festival Dresden

Automassage – Saxophone EP

V.A. – Another Day, Another Way

Tardiss – Mold and Moisture

Tardiss – Mold and Moisture


mnttaB – Rocky 4,2 and 3 EP

June Lauren Prescott – whenever we might and will not (to karen carpenter)

Momolot – Momolot 2

Pilesar – Pilesar’s Ugly Children

Proyect? Moone Jazzers – The Corridor

Rinus Van Alebeek – Return

Cherly KaCherly – Misadventure of a Meaty Machine

whizz kid – falling out of trees,falling down

whizz kid – falling out of trees,falling down

Kanukanakina – Speed Selector

florida = death – tape made of tapes

laura mura & the Seven Dwarves – My bootleg

Mark Ge – Your Blues Are Rough

various artists – la boucle

Don & Rich Lewis – You Are My Baby

Rainbowdragoneyes – The Primordial Booze