Various Artists – Wordless


Various Artists


Artist: VA
Title: Wordless
Genre: Ambient, IDM, Experimental
Catalog: SCL-TM003
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 16.03.2014
Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA

Посвящается Дмитрию (Sodomus) Пахомову, который трагически погиб, так и не дождавшись выпуска компиляции.

Producer by Hank Hobson
Artwork by Дарья Попова


Dark Component, Spiral Soil, ii2, NIE Appo:




Hank Hobson:

Jahn Mini:

Tony Deus

johannesvanbebber feat. loom – subpen & gruenzeug EP


johannesvanbebber feat. loom

“subpen & gruenzeug EP”

“subpen & gruenzeug EP” [Internet Recordings www021]

1. johannesvanbebber feat. loom – “maulwurfkolonie”
2. johannesvanbebber – “das prinzip sirup oder die utopie des sozialistischen staates”
3. loom feat. johannesvanbebber – “maulwurfkolonie” (loom Remix)

johannesvanbebber and loom (together: aka Manosonique) from Mannheim (Germany) are of the new generation of digital music producers… People who produce tunes and put them online (on Soundcloud or whatever), but then leave it at that; people who are creative with sound and dabble freely in various styles and genres without actively pursuing recording artist careers. This is their first official release.

johannesvanbebber has been playing several traditional instruments since his childhood, occasionally connects with other producers for collaborations here and there and does multimedia-live-performances at theaters and festivals in Frankfurt, Giessen and Berlin together with various people (under monikers like “musica practica,” with a strong focus on theoretical & reflective approaches).

loom has gained a standing as a DJ in the local Techno scene around Mannheim.

Free download:

Floatingn Mind – illo


Floatingn Mind


illogical kit new Italian netlabel

DeepDubing – I Do Not See The Light In The Darkness Look…



“I Do Not See The Light In The Darkness Look…”

Artist name: DeepDubing
Release name: I Do Not See The Light In The Darkness Look…
Catalog#: deepx236
Release date: 13 Apr 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Dub Techno, Tech House

01. DeepDubing – Mystic Forest (8:38)
02. DeepDubing – Singing Black Dying Forest (5:36)
03. DeepDubing – Eclipse Of The Moon (3:07)

Gridline – Gridline




Gridline’s first album from bump side. The main theme of Videogame is perception of reality. “The music is inspired by video games and computers in many ways. This time I decided not to use any audio samples, so it is just synths and drum machines. I’d say, on this album Computer is singing about reality outside of him”.

Das Korrektiv – hyp012 – das korrektiv – realize realize


Das Korrektiv

“hyp012 – das korrektiv – realize realize”

Artist: Das Korrektiv
Title: Realize Realize EP

“Das Korrektiv” from the depths of the Berlin underground his productions
are sounded mighty playful vocals take you to another world.

Deep Paranoya & Pluge – Prague EP


Deep Paranoya & Pluge

“Prague EP”

Artist….: Deep Paranoya & Pluge
Title….: Prague EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST098
Medium….: 4 x File / EP
Playtime….: 24min 39sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1536 kBit/s)
Country….: Czech Republic….: 02 Mar 2014
Mastering…: ALHEK Studio
Artwork….: RtM
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Techno

Egrojj – Gambling EP



“Gambling EP”

Artist….: Egrojj
Further.Artists….: Eduard Colin, Flatch
Remix.Artists….: Strehm, THE WEB, Serious Cut, Flatch, Mortus Inc.
Title….: Gambling EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST097
Medium….: 9 x File / EP
Playtime….: 66min 12sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1536 kBit/s)
Country….: MEX, GER, GB, CHE….: 07 Feb 2014
Artwork….: RtM
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Techno, Minimal Techno, Electro

Todern Malking – It`s Not Normal EP


Todern Malking

“It`s Not Normal EP”

Artist….: Todern Malking
Title….: It`s Not Normal EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST093
Medium….: 3 x File / EP
Playtime….: 18min 04sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Country….: Germany….: 08 Sep 2013
Artwork….: RtM / RtM / M. Kirschenstein*
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Tech-House, Electro

*Release Artwork: Original picture
taken by Matthias Kirschenstein

Shimmer – KoPodcast.17




Now you can enjoy our new podcast, this time for the artist Shimmer brings it.

Delicate dubtechno set to enjoy tonight..

All vinyl mix!

Ayqix – Yuqa




01 – Ayqix – Yuqa (Original Version) | 10:24
02 – Ayqix – Yuqa (Amazonia Version) | 11:07
03 – Ayqix – Yuqa (Poleo Version) | 10:03
04 – Ayqix – Yuqa (Altern Version) | 07:06


Temiong Recordings – 2014
info AT

Jd Obob – (hyp011) – peace on earth


Jd Obob

“(hyp011) – peace on earth”

Artist: JD Obob
Title: Peace on Earth
Cat-No: (hyp 011)
Format: flac

Orgasm – in the sky



“in the sky”

Artist: Orgasm
Title: Orgasm in the Sky
Cat-No: (hyp 010)
Format: mp3
Release Date: Feb 25, 2014

Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 8



“Dub Techno Mix 8”

01-The Reverberated Note-Nadiya
03-Glander-Vacuum (Live Version)
05-V- A deep & Secret Place
06-Teemu T-Wavescape
07-Axs-Artificial Obscurity
10-Sraunus-Die Roten Moebel
11- Shogun Spy-Echo Of The Night
12-Matthias Springer-Beat the Clock

va – (hyp007) trckpck



“(hyp007) trckpck”

– Title: hypnosetrckpck
– Cat-Nr: hyp007
– Format(s):MP3

Orgasm – (hyp008) – Orgasm – like it



“(hyp008) – Orgasm – like it”

Artist: Orgasm
Title: Like That!!!
Cat-No: (hyp 008)
Format: mp3
Release Date: Januar 10, 2014

Crennwiick – First Reflexion EP



“First Reflexion EP”

Crennwiick is back on Digital Diamonds with two fresh Electrotech tracks. “First Reflexion” is available in two interesting versions, one for the mind, one for the club while “Other Eyes” got a remix by his sideproject “Code Therapy” with Floating Machine. Anyway this EP is modern polished oldschool electro sound.

V.A. – bad comfort – netaudio mix (February 2014)


“bad comfort – netaudio mix (February 2014)”

Thanks to all the artists and netlabels for sharing music freely!
  1. Jari Pitkänen – Hello
  2. Umoja – Fiya!
  3. Konsumprodukt – Cachafeiro Cacique
  4. Opak – Tomed
  5. Sonambient – Reiterate
  6. Bubbaloop – HURTS 1
  7. matteo gomez – moto
  8. Simon Gag – Spacebetweenus
  9. Massimo Ruberti – Sabotage
  10. Syndrôm & Kendall WA – Another One
  11. Zomblaze – Mind Op
  12. bassrack wobama – i gotz elekted lol
  13. Wintermute & Bastard – Funk Renegade
  14. Karaoke Tundra feat. Bleubird – Hellacopter (Jimmy Pé Remix)
  15. Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros
  16. Intoxicated Piano – Animosity
  17. Brock Berrigan – Welcome to the Family
  18. Dimitris – Ondine

Mr.Dee – Between




Artist name: Mr.Dee
Release name: Between
Catalog#: deepx234
Release date: 06 Apr 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Deep Techno, Minimal

01. Mr.Dee – Between (Original Mix) (6:20)
02. Mr.Dee – Between (Sergey PX Remix) (5:05)
03. Mr.Dee – Between (Olympic Smoker Remix) (5:18)
04. Mr.Dee – Between (Flint LSD25 Jungle Effects Remix) (9:21)
05. Mr.Dee – Between (Fcode Remix) (5:20)
06. Mr.Dee – Between (D-Remix) (7:23)
07. Mr.Dee – Between (Schockierender Remix) (6:30)

V/A – Archive Vol.2



“Archive Vol.2”

1.Asedub – Gladius

2.Cliff Tower – Dense

3.Frictional Transmission – Rotation Idea

4.Ginging – BEF

5.If I Had A Hi Fi – Won´t

6.Kratos – Fysis

7.Kris Dubinsky – A deep and Secret Place

8.OhmikRon – Clod

9.Substak – Matar al Bajo

10.Shimmer – Inertia

Master: Vtr

Cover: Erhtouch

Archive Vol.2 is our new compilation centered in the dub, ambient and deep sounds with an exquisite selection of national and international artists of the current underground scene.

Musical poetry rooted to a concept of contemporary ideas, sweet textures wrapped your brain environment and manage to make you forget the bad times.

A sound is an everlasting memory in your heart.

labellabil – nox remixes



“nox remixes”

nox remixed some tracks for emma kurz and rafi! from labellabil rec.
3 different remixes which show his diversity….
we hope to get a release by the labellabil guys soon!

MrEH – Aere EP



“Aere EP”

Artist name: MrEH
Release name: Aere EP
Catalog#: deepx233
Release date: 03 Apr 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Minimal, Deep House

01. MrEH – Isys (4:36)
02. MrEH – Face-A-Face (5:35)
03. MrEH – Coeurisme (6:01)

Art Electronix – Cold & Rusty


Art Electronix

“Cold & Rusty”

This music is minimalist and rough , but it makes your head swing to the beat, as much as it makes you feel the rhythm whistling in the pipes, gurgling in the tap, dripping like raindrops on the window sill, cats meowing and the fridge purring. All this turns into a rhythmic march of existence, the music of a musical box, or crammed tricky electronic circuits. As if robots were singing an ode to existence.

Yallah Fingah – Interferences EP


Yallah Fingah

“Interferences EP”

ARTIST: Yallah Fingah
RELEASE TITLE: Interferences EP
RELEASE DATE: January 20, 2013
FORMAT: Mp3 / 320kbps/ 44.100 MHZ
GENRE: Electronic
SUB-GENRE: Techno / Experimental
SIZE: 96,3 MB


01. Polished Gold (Projekt Gestalten Remix) (06:25)
02. Dee-troyt (Boogboom Remix) (08:19)
03. Dee-troyt (Angelo Krizashi Remix) (06:12)
04. Polished Gold (Holocaos Remix) (07:32)
05. Try My Self (Yallah’s Auto Remix) (06:24)

Leadsquid – White EP



“White EP”

Artist name: Leadsquid
Release name: White EP
Catalog#: deepx232
Release date: 29 Mar 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Neotrance, Tech House

01. Leadsquid – Evenings (9:33)
02. Leadsquid – Unstable Attraction (7:25)
03. Leadsquid – White (7:30)
04. Leadsquid – In 4 Dimensions (9:28)

Retouched – Floating on the Dub (Hello Strange)



“Floating on the Dub (Hello Strange)”

1. Kogyo – Oceanica
2. Fussganger – March
3. Desove – Visual
4. Quantec – Atmospheric Noise
5. Ohrwert – Horologium -Sixth Reduct-
6. Mr. Cloudy – Lumen
7. Federsen – Modular Tension
8. Deni Diezer – Where We Do Not
9. Dominique Jacquinet – Sparklin Eyes
10. Organon – Jupiter Mission
11. Organon – Subconscious
12. Ohrwert – Vibrant -First Reduct-
13. Lo – Gray In May
14. Ohmikron – Interval
15. Gosub – Dritta´s Sea

knolios – Dub Techno Mix 7



“Dub Techno Mix 7”

01-Specta Ciera-Day 5
02-John Ov3rblast-Sharing our Breath
03-Ohrwert-Soft Focus [Ninth Reduct]
04-Shinsuke Matsumoto–Bamboo Forest
05-Docetism-Castle Gate
06-ro noise dubplate-st
07-Narcotic 303-Red Planet-Databoy 78 Signal Hupe Remix
08-Low Orbit Satellite-Sleeper Service
09-Textural Being-Winter
10-Solef-Dub Escape
11-Atabey–Cold Peace
12-Naw-i remember when
13-Lo-Gray In May (Basicnoise Remix)
14-Frictional Transmission-modulation transformation
15-hermético-warm-up! (benavid remix)


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