va – (hyp007) trckpck



“(hyp007) trckpck”

– Title: hypnosetrckpck
– Cat-Nr: hyp007
– Format(s):MP3

Orgasm – (hyp008) – Orgasm – like it



“(hyp008) – Orgasm – like it”

Artist: Orgasm
Title: Like That!!!
Cat-No: (hyp 008)
Format: mp3
Release Date: Januar 10, 2014

Crennwiick – First Reflexion EP



“First Reflexion EP”

Crennwiick is back on Digital Diamonds with two fresh Electrotech tracks. “First Reflexion” is available in two interesting versions, one for the mind, one for the club while “Other Eyes” got a remix by his sideproject “Code Therapy” with Floating Machine. Anyway this EP is modern polished oldschool electro sound.

V.A. – bad comfort – netaudio mix (February 2014)


“bad comfort – netaudio mix (February 2014)”

Thanks to all the artists and netlabels for sharing music freely!
  1. Jari Pitkänen – Hello
  2. Umoja – Fiya!
  3. Konsumprodukt – Cachafeiro Cacique
  4. Opak – Tomed
  5. Sonambient – Reiterate
  6. Bubbaloop – HURTS 1
  7. matteo gomez – moto
  8. Simon Gag – Spacebetweenus
  9. Massimo Ruberti – Sabotage
  10. Syndrôm & Kendall WA – Another One
  11. Zomblaze – Mind Op
  12. bassrack wobama – i gotz elekted lol
  13. Wintermute & Bastard – Funk Renegade
  14. Karaoke Tundra feat. Bleubird – Hellacopter (Jimmy Pé Remix)
  15. Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros
  16. Intoxicated Piano – Animosity
  17. Brock Berrigan – Welcome to the Family
  18. Dimitris – Ondine

Mr.Dee – Between




Artist name: Mr.Dee
Release name: Between
Catalog#: deepx234
Release date: 06 Apr 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Deep Techno, Minimal

01. Mr.Dee – Between (Original Mix) (6:20)
02. Mr.Dee – Between (Sergey PX Remix) (5:05)
03. Mr.Dee – Between (Olympic Smoker Remix) (5:18)
04. Mr.Dee – Between (Flint LSD25 Jungle Effects Remix) (9:21)
05. Mr.Dee – Between (Fcode Remix) (5:20)
06. Mr.Dee – Between (D-Remix) (7:23)
07. Mr.Dee – Between (Schockierender Remix) (6:30)

V/A – Archive Vol.2



“Archive Vol.2”

1.Asedub – Gladius

2.Cliff Tower – Dense

3.Frictional Transmission – Rotation Idea

4.Ginging – BEF

5.If I Had A Hi Fi – Won´t

6.Kratos – Fysis

7.Kris Dubinsky – A deep and Secret Place

8.OhmikRon – Clod

9.Substak – Matar al Bajo

10.Shimmer – Inertia

Master: Vtr

Cover: Erhtouch

Archive Vol.2 is our new compilation centered in the dub, ambient and deep sounds with an exquisite selection of national and international artists of the current underground scene.

Musical poetry rooted to a concept of contemporary ideas, sweet textures wrapped your brain environment and manage to make you forget the bad times.

A sound is an everlasting memory in your heart.

labellabil – nox remixes



“nox remixes”

nox remixed some tracks for emma kurz and rafi! from labellabil rec.
3 different remixes which show his diversity….
we hope to get a release by the labellabil guys soon!

MrEH – Aere EP



“Aere EP”

Artist name: MrEH
Release name: Aere EP
Catalog#: deepx233
Release date: 03 Apr 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Minimal, Deep House

01. MrEH – Isys (4:36)
02. MrEH – Face-A-Face (5:35)
03. MrEH – Coeurisme (6:01)

Art Electronix – Cold & Rusty


Art Electronix

“Cold & Rusty”

This music is minimalist and rough , but it makes your head swing to the beat, as much as it makes you feel the rhythm whistling in the pipes, gurgling in the tap, dripping like raindrops on the window sill, cats meowing and the fridge purring. All this turns into a rhythmic march of existence, the music of a musical box, or crammed tricky electronic circuits. As if robots were singing an ode to existence.

Yallah Fingah – Interferences EP


Yallah Fingah

“Interferences EP”

ARTIST: Yallah Fingah
RELEASE TITLE: Interferences EP
RELEASE DATE: January 20, 2013
FORMAT: Mp3 / 320kbps/ 44.100 MHZ
GENRE: Electronic
SUB-GENRE: Techno / Experimental
SIZE: 96,3 MB


01. Polished Gold (Projekt Gestalten Remix) (06:25)
02. Dee-troyt (Boogboom Remix) (08:19)
03. Dee-troyt (Angelo Krizashi Remix) (06:12)
04. Polished Gold (Holocaos Remix) (07:32)
05. Try My Self (Yallah’s Auto Remix) (06:24)

Leadsquid – White EP



“White EP”

Artist name: Leadsquid
Release name: White EP
Catalog#: deepx232
Release date: 29 Mar 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Neotrance, Tech House

01. Leadsquid – Evenings (9:33)
02. Leadsquid – Unstable Attraction (7:25)
03. Leadsquid – White (7:30)
04. Leadsquid – In 4 Dimensions (9:28)

Retouched – Floating on the Dub (Hello Strange)



“Floating on the Dub (Hello Strange)”

1. Kogyo – Oceanica
2. Fussganger – March
3. Desove – Visual
4. Quantec – Atmospheric Noise
5. Ohrwert – Horologium -Sixth Reduct-
6. Mr. Cloudy – Lumen
7. Federsen – Modular Tension
8. Deni Diezer – Where We Do Not
9. Dominique Jacquinet – Sparklin Eyes
10. Organon – Jupiter Mission
11. Organon – Subconscious
12. Ohrwert – Vibrant -First Reduct-
13. Lo – Gray In May
14. Ohmikron – Interval
15. Gosub – Dritta´s Sea

knolios – Dub Techno Mix 7



“Dub Techno Mix 7”

01-Specta Ciera-Day 5
02-John Ov3rblast-Sharing our Breath
03-Ohrwert-Soft Focus [Ninth Reduct]
04-Shinsuke Matsumoto–Bamboo Forest
05-Docetism-Castle Gate
06-ro noise dubplate-st
07-Narcotic 303-Red Planet-Databoy 78 Signal Hupe Remix
08-Low Orbit Satellite-Sleeper Service
09-Textural Being-Winter
10-Solef-Dub Escape
11-Atabey–Cold Peace
12-Naw-i remember when
13-Lo-Gray In May (Basicnoise Remix)
14-Frictional Transmission-modulation transformation
15-hermético-warm-up! (benavid remix)

Opak – Tomed ep

[Nyb-Ext 004]


“Tomed ep”

Opak – Tomed ep [Noisybeat Extended 004]
4 tracks + 1 rmx – techno/house/electronic
!!Free download Now!!

John Ov3rblast – Stories From The Fog


John Ov3rblast

“Stories From The Fog”

John Ov3rblast brings this emotional release, ¨STORIES FROM THE FOG¨ reflects a whole movie of dense atmospheres able to envelop you in a world of sound visions.The sound creates a pleasant feeling in your ears and in your mind .. may be surprised with different aspects, your heart rate can vary through just a musical note. just need you to check yourself.

The gift from Santa Claus this year comes with 7 wonderful tracks :)

matteo gomez – lapse


matteo gomez


italy’s matteo gomez returns with his third release on unfoundsound — this time keeping it fresh with an eight-track album of deep and heady minimal techno with an abstract charisma. let it glide.

Blastculture – Grab The Mayhem EP



“Grab The Mayhem EP”

Artist name: Blastculture
Release name: Grab The Mayhem EP
Catalog#: deepx231
Release date: 27 Mar 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01. Blastculture – Dimensione Onirica (7:37)
02. Blastculture – Masahiko Vs. Saseko (6:13)
03. Blastculture – A Dangerous Flight Over Manaus (7:25)
04. Blastculture – Crackle Cockhyaena (7:20)
05. Blastculture – Pulser (4:40)

4T Thieves – The Expanse


4T Thieves

“The Expanse”

As part of the Christmas release lineup, I’m extremely proud to introduce my first ever album called ‘The Expanse’. Completed during the last half of this year, there are 12 tracks of completely new material never before released. A few tracks having been lying around my hard disk for a while which I tidied up and included, but the majority were written for this album.

There are a few different styles – drum and bass with an IDM ambient edge, my tribute to the Commodore 64 and a couple of classic 90s techno sounding tracks (similar to orbital or underworld).

Mr.Dee – Zoo Remix Session 2

Zoo Remix Session 2


“Zoo Remix Session 2”

01-Mr.Dee – Zoo(Monsieur Lunatique Remix)(8:05)
02-Mr.Dee – Zoo(DJ Estio Remix)(7:56)
03-Mr.Dee – Zoo(Stylus Remix)(9:43)

AA/VV – Ephebeat Vol 3



“Ephebeat Vol 3”

Noisybeat+Ephedrina =
AAVV – Ephebeat Vol 3 [EPH074+NYB051]
AAVV -Noisydrina Vol 4 [EPH075+NYB052]


Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 6



“Dub Techno Mix 6”

01-Noname & Paprastai-Wheels Of Time
04-Havantepe-Dissapearing In The Fog
05-Dolby-Round 2
06-Sun-Inside-The Soul Of The Sun
07-matt & mark thibideau-modular 1(demas remix)
09-Atabey-Ceiba [Matias Bagato Remix]
12-Goran Geto-Diving to Deep(Zoltan Solomon Vapour Mix)
13-Bite-Room 4
14-Alexander Saykov-Cold Front II

Retouched – Podcast.15




Retouched brings us this very well-worked set, surround sound to give shape to an hour and a half excellent and pure dubtechno.

Listen and enjoy..

Adduce – ADD+




With the first bars the journey begins and the discreet sound approaches the razor’s edge. The cut is surgical and manages to draw a clean line in the epidermis. From there the strikes go bouncing from one hemisphere to another.

Adduce are not two disassociated brains, but four functioning as a trio. The equilateral triangle between three hard drives with faces, eyes and beards. I have seen them live several times and always consider the difficulty of achieving this level of performance, so absorbed, not by the act of entering the required tempo or playing a certain note, but rather by the unfolding developments that create this conversation that you don’t ever want to end, and which in reality doesn’t ever end, because this inconclusive construction always remains ringing in eternal evolution.

Here is the path that gives meaning to the journey, not the destination, which in the case of Adduce may be many.

The form opens itself and shows us the tracks of a geometric and organic puzzle, sometimes disturbing and other times suggestive, but always an invitation to stroll along the ledge of the highest tower, from where only silhouettes distinguish themselves on the horizon, but which allows the widest panoramas.

ADD+ has no era nor time nor place: it floats in the weightless space of two brains, which I insist seem like four!

ADD+ is a gem that can help us to daydream or to imagine a new kind of retrofuturistic science fiction. The imagination of power!

Miguel Conejeros
Barcelona, november 2013.

eM – Live Act



“Live Act”

Artist name: eM
Release name: Live Act
Catalog#: deepx230M
Release date: 25 Mar 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Tech House, Minimal
Credits: Mixed By, Producer, Written-By – eM
Notes: Total duration: 29:25 min.
01. eM – Untitled
02. eM – Midnight Freekparad
03. eM – Boxer
04. eM – Untitled
05. eM – Untitled
06. eM – aMorf

TkY – Vacation




We think techno is back on Gargan Records with this release. On his last few releases “Tky” produced mostly the deeper sounds. Now on the latest release “Vacation” he goes in towards to the stable gait. Dominant rhythms, soft synthesizer pads and numerous changes of mood create the perfect mix of techno beats and extravagant sound-collages.

eM – Midnight Freekparad



“Midnight Freekparad”

Artist name: eM
Release name: Midnight Freekparad
Catalog#: deepx230
Release date: 20 Mar 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01. eM – Midnight Freekparad (4:56)
02. eM – Boxer (5:48)
03. eM – Can’t Escape (5:42)

Octavio Tshelebi – +-=


Octavio Tshelebi


Artist name: Octavio Tshelebi
Release name: +-=
Catalog#: deepx229
Release date: 16 Mar 2013
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01. Octavio Tshelebi – Parrallel (Short) (7:30)
02. Octavio Tshelebi – Rythmo (Edit & Extended) (6:37)
03. Octavio Tshelebi – Parrallel (X) (9:30)
04. Octavio Tshelebi – Tshelebiworld (6:37)
05. Octavio Tshelebi – Tshelebiconfusion (5:33)
06. Octavio Tshelebi – Risperdal (6:48)


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