Ihy – Light & Shadows EP



“Light & Shadows EP”

Artist: Ihy
Title: Light & Shadows EP
Catalog#: deepx223
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 18 Feb 2013
Style: Minimal Techno

01. Ihy – Dark Illusion (9:30)
02. Ihy – Light & Shadows (6:04)
03. Ihy – Cuando El Grajo Vuela Bajo (6:46)

Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 4



“Dub Techno Mix 4”

01-Matt Thibideau, Jakob Thiesen-animator
02-Mekha-Immersion (Reshape)
03-F.l.o.-Still Missing You (Minimal Boffin Remix)
04-De Fat-Stereobird In Space
05-Overcast Sound Feat. Jenny Mayhem-Settle [OVC Mix]
06-upwellings-digital rain
07-baumfreund feat. valerie in love-sun mind

Dj Mama Purl – Podcast.13 (Duchess Of Dub – Drink Deep Dub)


Dj Mama Purl

“Podcast.13 (Duchess Of Dub – Drink Deep Dub)”

DJ Mama Purl (Canada) brings us this magnificent set where shows his artistic side in the mix, very profound music to give free rein to your imagination.

Great selection of music that will make this time that unforgettable.

echogarden – compilation vol1



“compilation vol1”

echogarden is the place to be for everyone who’s heart beats for dub techno. It’s the place where dub meets deep, where the air is filled with echo and where chords and atmospheric sounds intermingle.

Yet, echogarden is about much more than just the music. It’s about experiencing the adventure of linking sound, people and nature with all your senses. It’s about people coming together to discover and celebrate a new kind of happening.

Be part of it: Join echogarden and make it flourish.

24|08|2013 [2:00 p.m.] – 25|08|2013 [6:00 a.m.]
Austria | Linz | Tabakfabrik
Peter-Behrens-Platz 11, 4020 Linz

The BYC – Sickadelic

Kreislauf 144



The BYC – Sickadelic
(Kreislauf 144)

01 Entropy
02 Scratching The Pink Turntable
03 Freakin Out
04 Honey?
05 Catalytic Oxidizer
06 Panda Bear Madness Minute
07 Astronomical Twilight
08 No Interruption
09 Night Bird Flying
10 Drippin’
11 Infiltration

various artists – 4 years omaramusic compilation


various artists

“4 years omaramusic compilation”

“all i ever wanted was to be heard” – charlotte eriksson (the glass child)

Release: various artists – 4 years omaramusic compilation
Quality: 320 kbps mp3
Lenght: 70min35sec
License: CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0

  • 01. oliver martini – mind reflection
  • 02. [iZ] isolierte zelle – entspannter film (das karma koma mix)
  • 03. omara – summer chill
  • 04. psychosonic – barbie tech (ghetto kitsch mix)
  • 05. omara – restricted darkness
  • 06. oliver martini – awakening
  • 07. quinto – sleepwalking disco queen
  • 08. pasquale massen – selten
  • 09. ulf kramer – luesterner luesterklemmensalza
  • 10. tooltech – floating
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Andrew Clam vs. Finn – Zero EP


Andrew Clam vs. Finn

“Zero EP”

Artist: Andrew Clam vs. Finn
Title: Zero EP
Catalog#: deepx222
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 16 Feb 2013
Style: Deep Techno
01. Finn – Clarity Of Mind (5:24)
02. Andrew Clam – A Small Dose (4:45)
03. Finn – Radio Night (7:55)
04. Andrew Clam – Into Sky (5:05)
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Trilingo – Third Pole EP



“Third Pole EP”

Third Pole EP are the newest soundexplorations by Trilingo. Basicly creamy Progressive Trance but with many lovely techy edges. The EP is completed by a remix from Crennwiick who adds the proper electro bubbles.
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V.A. – One Hundred



“One Hundred”

Celebrating 8 Years of Free Music with our 100th Release.
Thanks to more than 150 Artists for contributing their wonderful Music.
Thanks to all Fans and Listeners for the huge Interest over all those years.
Thanks for more than 700.000 Downloads from all over the Globe.
Thanks to all the DJs and Supporters who dropped this shit on the Dancefloors, the Radio and even on TV.
Thanks to Everyone who likes, links, helps and recommends us. Much more to come in the next 8 years …

Zimmer loves You ♥

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Esse – Breez Ep



“Breez Ep”

We finally have a new release for you. Now from Lithuania our friend and great musician, Esse, gives us an album with four songs full of sounds, textures and rhythms. The beats invite us to shake our body and to travel with our minds freely as the air … and the question is: who does not want to feel so free? The only thing I can tell you is download Breez EP and feel the vibes..
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Marcio McFly – Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere


Marcio McFly

“Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere”

Vintage avant-garde and prestigious artistic flights, these are the bitter ingredients used by Marcio McFly in his solo project, when pausing from “Cani Giganti”. Inspirations from an analogical parallel world, which is back here again to fascinate machines-addicted by exploring a kind of evolved “futuristic techno-pop”. Artificial flowers are sent to the curious mixture of erudite listeners and new-clubbing figures. “Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere” = “TO PRESERVE THE MACHINES IS A MUST”, follows the path indicated by the previously acclaimed “Farsi le Foto”, constituting an artistic work exploding in a self-created-world where Marcio fishes from street-arts and from his most creative illness. “Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere” is an ambitious release where dancy tracks are formidably intersected with pleasant techno-pop songs. This is a though work for you, 51beaters!

[an extract from the press-review written by Nicola Tenani – www.soundsbehindthecorner.org]

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Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 3



“Dub Techno Mix 3”

01-Air Protection Office-June (Mauro Martinuz dub version)
03-Teemu T-differences
05-Deni Diezer- Where We Do Not
06-Bifold Dub – OhmikRonz ReDreamer remix
07-Cliff Tower – Paradox
08-Alessandro Crimi & Patrick Zig-Out Of The Bedroom
09-Cold Fiction Music-Immersion
10-Triames-Lanthanum (Asedub High Tech Jazz Reconstruction)
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Air Protection Office – June (Alan Backdrop Re-edit)

Air Protection Office - June (Alan Backdrop Re-edit)

Ein Stück Ewigkeit aber auch eine Reise in die Vergangenheit ist dieser Song für mich. Einfach schöner sanft fliegender Techno. Immer und immer wieder …

Releasepage mit Downloadlink:


etc. – bitterfly

Air Protection Office – JUNE


Air Protection Office


produced by EKAR RECORDS label
all tracks are released under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND. -International-

1- June (original)
2- June (Alan Backdrop Re-edit)
3- June (Mauro Martinuz Dub version)

Written,produced and recorded by Air Protection Office
Mixed and Mastered at Transfert studio by : Mauro Martinuz
Cover design by Air Protection Office
Photo artwork all right reserved Fabio Zagolin

JUNE by Air Protection Office is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale – Non opere derivate 3.0 Unported.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at a-p-o.tumblr.com/ekar.

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Ayqix – Awkish (Remixes Edition)



“Awkish (Remixes Edition)”

Ayqix – Awkish (Remixes Edition) Includes remixes by: Maurizio Miceli, Fingers in the Noise, Axs, Markus Masuhr and Orson Throb | Cover design by Neural Visuals | You can download this release on http://www.temiongrecordings.com.ar/
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alec troniq – mind mill

[ 092]

alec troniq

“mind mill”

Summer has arrived, finally. And nothing could prove that better than the new Broque EP from Alec Troniq which seems to anticipate the entire outdoor fun to come in a single EP. The “Mind Mill” EP is loaded with swinging and melodic house tracks and beams with playful ideas, light melodies, a fair share of hands-in-the-air moments and a good deal of pop appeal. Dresden-based Alec Troniq gives us five new tracks seducing us with their sunny temper and light-hearted charm. While “I Don’t Need” is carried by its passionate vocals, the hot-blooded “Like So” and “Soulquake Girl” embrace you with their playful flamenco-like guitar hooks and subtle filter vibes. Last but not least the powerful magic of “Mind Doodles”, featuring the distinctive vocals of Gabriel Vitel, condenses all the magic ingredients of this EP into one strikingly beautiful house track: traditional songwriter skills with a touch of big emotions embedded into enthralling grooves which work their charms on the dancefloor as well as beyond. For the darker side of the night, Broque mate DML contributes his own dub techno take on the “Mind Doodles” theme and concludes an EP which – we are certain – will be a regular encounter during this very summer season.
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Teplai Laski & George Kalentzis – Warm As Ice EP


Teplai Laski & George Kalentzis

“Warm As Ice EP”

Artist: Teplai Laski & George Kalentzis
Title: Warm As Ice EP
Catalog#: deepx218
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 29 Jan 2013
Style: Tech House

01. Teplai Laski & George Kalentzis – Warm As Ice (6:17)
02. Teplai Laski – Deflagration In The Sun (6:02)
03. George Kalentzis – Dicembre (6:41)

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Crennwiick – Untitry EP



“Untitry EP”

Electroattack! Warbling basslines, creamy atmospheres and fizzy melodies. Untitry EP from Crennwiick is a cocktail tasting fresh and prickling madly.

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Telegraphy – Alter Rd.



“Alter Rd. “

Dark Detroit techno with very heavy dubed soundscapes gives this album a place in the underground music scene. Telegraphy once again, delivers yet another minimal dubed techno sound that is a far cry from his signature sound.
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Mark Meino – The Techno EP


Mark Meino

“The Techno EP”

Artist….: Mark Meino
Title….: The Techno
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST080
Medium….: 6 x File / EP
Playtime….: 35min 09sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Rel.artwork….: RtM / M. Kirschenstein
Country….: Russia
Release.date….: 27 Apr 2013
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Techno


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Mudar Mahayni – What Left Behind EP


Mudar Mahayni

“What Left Behind EP”

Artist: Mudar Mahayni
Title: What Left Behind EP
Catalog#: deepx217
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 25 Jan 2013
Style: Tech House, Minimal

01. Mudar Mahayni – LILAC (7:33)
02. Mudar Mahayni – What Left Behind (6:41)
03. Mudar Mahayni – UP! (7:04)
04. Mudar Mahayni – WYTM (6:03)
05. Mudar Mahayni – Beyond 2012 (6:48)

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TVinki & Echo 15 – Under Universe EP


TVinki & Echo 15

“Under Universe EP”

Artist: TVinki & Echo 15
Title: Under Universe EP
Catalog#: deepx216
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 21 Jan 2013
Style: Minimal Techno

01. TVinki & Echo 15 – Inception (5:56)
02. TVinki & Echo 15 – Horror (5:36)
03. TVinki & Echo 15 – Under Universe (4:58)

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Switchmaster – Aural Glitch



“Aural Glitch”

Switchmaster (Filippo Torre Switch) is a valuable friend and contributor of Strato Dischi
Notlabel. His artistic, technical and emotional support has always helped and stimulated
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Scarlet Moth – Edge EP


Scarlet Moth

“Edge EP”

artist: Scarlet Moth
album: Egde EP
lenght: 15:79
genre: ambient/trip-hoptrack list:
1-Dawn (4:53)
2-Three chords (3:43)
3-Edge (3:53)
4-Romance (4:30)
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jankenpopp – zombie media



“zombie media”

Zombie Media is a 4 titles EP that speaks of Google, LOL cats and of up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-BA. Compositions on LSDJ (the famous Game Boy tracker), nuts breakcore that are actually melodies worthy to the best video games of the early 90’s (japanese trend). Jakenpopp gives us an EP super dancefloor and exclusively of great hits.

This guy remains true to himself and these four titles are the perfect example of a pop culture that shows us that in the year 2013 the geeks are cool, that can be really fun, handsome and that you can also make your performance in bathing suit.

Mixed and mastered by Jean-Christophe Andréoni at Micro Studio. Cover by Jankenpopp.

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Mr.Dee – Remix Two



“Remix Two”

Artist: Mr.Dee
Title: Remix Two
Catalog#: deepx215
Format: File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Released: 15 Jan 2013
Style: Tech House, Minimal Techno, Drum n Bass, Experimental
01. Mr.Dee – Zoo (Nebyla Remix) (5:58)
02. Mr.Dee – Winter (Return To Eden – Hugoboy Remix) (6:28)
03. Mr.Dee & Fcode – Arabica (Aleksey Kraft Remix) (7:45)
04. eM / Mr.Dee – Hate / White Shark (eM Mash Up Mix) (7:00)
05. Mr.Dee & Ms.Dee -Rain (Innmind Remix) (4:39)
06. Mr.Dee & Slava Miles – Ocean (Denis Prime Remix) (5:39)
07. Mr.Dee -Winter (Sinoptik Remix) (5:58)
08. Mr.Dee – Between (RuiD Remix) (9:48)
09. Mr.Dee – Mikki (Brain Shock Aka Rombik Remix) (5:38)
10. Mr.Dee – Untertaucht (Flint LSD25 Korallenriff Remix) (6:39)
11. Mr.Dee – Zoo (Iner Remix) (6:33)
12. Mr.Dee – Live (Flint LSD25 Remix) (8:03)
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