Substak – Need To Dub

Vol. 1

Tom Tronic – And Why Not

Tarmac – Live at Switch Bar

Various Artists – 15th Birthday Compilation

omara – hitschlampe

Natty_Chaos – Abnormal EP

Bipolar – Show Time

Kris Deak – Back To Nature

Kris Deak – Back To Nature

David Cheverton – Synaesthesia Pre Release

Mr.Dee – White Shark

Cubix – Moments

Raw N^D – Untitled

Art Electronix – Loop Constructor

Telegraphy – Spiricom

Various Artists – Concentration Research EP

Nearfield – TEN

Substak – Summer Flow

V.A. – 3 Years Prozent Part III

omara – the art of nothingness

Sasha Yeller – The Land With No Defects EP

Roberto Figus – Perception EP

The New Ego – Leben ist Licht EP

Vironica – Intelligence Feedback EP

Funke7 – Hithunt EP

Hellscion – Burning Bridges

Brickman – Last Summer

Ruptur3 – Kursk Ep

Workshops und Line-up beim STFU Festival Dresden

VA – dast pure mixed and compiled by Substak

Mr.Dee – Communications

High Memory Area – rehi029

Claudiu Valentin – When night begins


Dmitry Markson – Technology EP

V.A. – Breathe 07

L Radar EP

Luftschmiede – Luftschmiede 1.2 EP

Art Electronix – Machine

camada netlabel – VV AA

omara – enjoy the deep

Various Artists Far from Moscow – Away

Sahin Laselle – Solar System EP

Mainmatic – My Life EP

alexis storm – The Storm

Substak – VKRSDJ008

The Serial Numbers – Secuancias Binarias

Todern Malking – Original Molotov EP

Adelhorst – Man Recycling EP

Inverted Anima – Empty EP

ATABEY – la jagua ep