Curious Inversions – Standard Deviations


Curious Inversions

“Standard Deviations”

Curious Inversions returns to Kahvi with a new six track ep called ‘Standard Deviations’. Back with his usual swirling arpeggios and Tangerine-Dream-meets-Lackluster feel, this is the ideal release to while away a long rainy autumn afternoon.

Unlike his previous release Schoolyard Crows, Curious Inversions shows us a bit of diversification with a couple of tracks that aren’t unlike Boards of Canada or Arovane.

Very detailed, descriptive but with a sentimental edge. Acceptance Criteria and Interlope are good examples of this, with the former progressively building into an epic track that will have you re-listening.

Definitely favourite track is the very addictive Acceptance Criteria with Interlope coming a close second with it’s Mellotron inspired flutes :) Enjoy!
Cover artwork by Mario Smit

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ocp – Polis II


“Polis II”

Analogue Solutions Red Square used as sound source, sequenced by Arturia Beatstep and looped by tc electronic Ditto and Boss DD-3.
All processed by Line 6 Pod 2.0.
Recorded and released on the same day!
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ocp – Polis I


“Polis I”

Analogue Solutions Red Square used as sound source, sequenced by Arturia Beatstep and looped by tc electronic Ditto and Boss DD-3.
All processed by Line 6 Pod 2.0.
Recorded and released on the same day!
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Vincent Fugère (Muhr) – Fashion Week


Vincent Fugère (Muhr)

“Fashion Week”

This is the first release from Vincent Fugère’s new multimedia project Boucane. You might remember him from his earlier netlabel Camomille (trembl, ronin collective ) or by his work as Muhr on labels such as Kahvi, Miasmah, Monotonik, 12rec, Laverna and much more. This time, he’s releasing music that’s dark and navigates through hip-hop, electronica, ambient, noise and post-rock.
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Zmorro – Lij Wuyte



“Lij Wuyte”

This release is a life recording during Yuriy Zmorovych’s performance on experimental music festival 16+ (Kiev, 2015).
Yuriy Zmorovych (Zmorro) was born in Kiev. He was graduated from The Kiev State Art Institute (architectural and art criticism faculties) and Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema. Worked in The State Museum of Folk Architecture and Mode of Life of Ukraine, scenario writer and film director on Kiev Studio of Scientific Movies and Central Studio of Scientific Movies, The central TV studio (Moscow). The founder of Kiev Theatre AAA.
The verses of Zmorovych were published in magazines “Chernovik” (“Draft Copy” New York),” “Collegium” and “Samvatas” (Kiev), in the Anthology of Russian Vers Libre, almanac “Graffiti” (Kiev).
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C/VVV – Todo no es todo



“Todo no es todo”

#electronica #lowfi #analogmachines #ControlVoltage #CV #MIDI #SYNC

Free download and streaming at

Ver el ritmo, el pattern, el pattern, uno, dos, tres, cuatro, ver el beat. Beatelver. Ritmo y reberberación. Reberberación y rito estático-dinámico. Ver como antes de ver con el ordenador, ver con la máquina pre-piensa-diferente. Sonar con la máquina antes de sonar I/O, sonar con la máquina pre-sets. Sobre la marcha iremos viendo, improvisando, descubriendo, (ir)radiando. Control/Descontrol, Control/Voltaje, C/VVV.

El proyecto C/VVV, esta formado por Pablo Flores (Namm, Aysén, nnnaaammm), Fernando Mora (Augias Amena) y Mika Martini (Frank Benkho, Pueblo Nuevo) formandose el año 2011, han tocado en el festival AIMAAKO Noche Blanca (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, 2012), en la Bienal de Nuevos Medios (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 2013), Centro Cultural de España (2014) y han sido invitados a presentarse streaming en canales como Satta TV y tienda Needle.

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Wings of an Angel – Emek Refaim (The Valley of Spirits)

[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel

“Emek Refaim (The Valley of Spirits)”

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Pablo Suarez – Keller


Pablo Suarez


New release of Pablo Suarez. Argentinian artist.
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Lee Rosevere – Remixes

Lee Rosevere


A collection of songs built around samples by other artists, including Gurdonark, Chris Zabriskie, Marc Weidenbaum, and Heather Feather ASMR.
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SoundChaser – Inside The World Machine



“Inside The World Machine”

The title of this release is not a direct reference to any one thing. Instead it comes from the ideas and portrayals of dystopian societies in movies like Brazil, and Metropolis. The idea that we are becoming slaves to the machine seems more prescient given the rise of technology in our lives: cell phones, computers, tablets, smart TV’s…

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