Outsider Leisure – Hate Is A Verb


Outsider Leisure

“Hate Is A Verb”

01-Fucking Lunch In Fucking Tube(2:10)
02-Hate Is A Verb(1:48)
03-Per Aspera Ad Astra(3:18)
04-Высокий Штиль(2:04)
05-Душа И Кипарисы(2:04)
07-Куда Мы Спрячем Твое Тело(2:56)
08-На Обломках Холодных Ног(3:42)
10-Сплин И Идеал(4:28)

dustmotes – What We Left Behind



“What We Left Behind”

Tracks list:

Glass Harp
What We Left Behind
Spaces Between
Old Photos
A Visit
Sea Sparkle (Bonus)

BAKRA – Olives & Capres



“Olives & Capres”

Cixxx J & Dj Bist ci presentano il loro progetto BAKRA,
che serve a loro per travestirsi da supereroi anni ’90
scendere in pista con vinili e vecchi mixer per far girare Mr Jack nei i loro party “House”


Ad accompagnarli nelle piste di Boloklyn
ci sono i compagni di viaggio
che remixano il pezzo Olives & Capres nel loro stile fidgettone e rotatorio!!!!

che il DIO del dancefloor sia con voi!!!

Mastered @ Gamma Audio Studios, London





“Cold Wave”

В поисках новых форм, группа открывает следующую главу в сотрудничестве с электронными проектами: на “Cold Wave” представлены совместные работы и ремиксы с участием Haunt и Gnothi Seauton. В течении шести месяцев восемь песен и ремиксов превратились в единое целое, что и стало альбомом “Cold Wave”: скитания по холодным пустошам в попытках заново найти себя.

Sebastien Marchal – Goldfish


Sebastien Marchal


It’s been a while since our next artist graced the Kahvi shores – but after a gap of some three years Sebastien Marchal (aka. Workbench) is back with a fantastic ten track album!

Similar to his previous release ‘Synesthesia’, Goldfish is a work of electronic and ambient fiction, describing dreams in all the colours of a rainbow. As Colours was purely based on colours themselves, Goldfish paints a vivid picture just from the name of the track, followed by Marchals amazing audiio descriptions. Purely designed and constructed to paint a picture of sound, the tracks allow you to drift from reality to a much more pleasant place for a while.

Enjoy the first release of 2015 from Sebastien Marchal and see you next time for more fantastic audio works!

floating mind – deepness and symmetry


floating mind

“deepness and symmetry”

geneva’s floating mind is a highly notable electronic music producer, and he releases only free music — sidestepping the profiteering music business outlets. so that said, unfoundsound is honored to offer you this free 8-track album from floating mind — entitled deepness and symmetry. here you get a mind-blurring array of deep, abstract minimal techno and leftfield ambient. call it avant-garde. call it experimental. call it whatever you want. in the end, it’s solidarity. it’s deepness and symmetry.

Zirone – Zirone (LP)



“Zirone (LP)”

Tracks list:

Time Passing
It’s Gone
But We
Short Walk
The Connection
Times Change
Children of The Night

Moderator – The World Within


“The World Within”

We wanted to share with you our latest release by Greek Producer Moderator, the release features Witness, Jeanette Robertson and Nieve. It’s a mix between Instrumental Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Jazz and Rap. Free Download too.

Mauro Sambo – Senufo


Mauro Sambo


We are very happy to be given the opportunity to present a second release by Mauro Sambo on our label. Especially since this release, titled “Senufo”, comprises recordings made in 1986.

Jimmy Ghaphery & Daniel Barbiero – The Convergence of Parallel Lines


Jimmy Ghaphery & Daniel Barbiero

“The Convergence of Parallel Lines”

The Convergence of Parallel Lines, the second collaborative release from Jimmy Ghaphery and Daniel Barbiero, contains three improvisations and one composition for winds and double bass, and one live improvisation for winds, double bass, percussion and three dancers.

The graphical score for Exchanges II for alto saxophone & double bass by Daniel Barbiero is included as a supplemental file as part of this release.

Track Listing

1. The Convergence of Parallel Lines (1)
2. Silver under Grey on Black
3. The Convergence of Parallel Lines (2)
4. Exchanges II for alto saxophone & double bass
5. Approaching/Contact (for Jose) for three instrumentalists and three dancers

Jimmy Ghaphery: alto saxophone, clarinet, flutes.
Daniel Barbiero: double bass & prepared double bass.
On Approaching/Contact: Jimmy Ghaphery, winds; Daniel Barbiero, double bass; Sam Byrd, percussion and objects; Page Ghaphery, Ken Manheimer and Jose Dominguez, dancers.

Tracks 1-4 recorded January 2013 at Last Resort Studio in Silver Spring Maryland USA.
Track 5 recorded live 5 July 2014 at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring Maryland USA.
All tracks mastered by Mark Beazley.
Cover Photography by Billy Fox.

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