Incentive – RERA




Incentive’s newest release is a selection of improvised recordings done earlier in the year.

Artist: Incentive
Title: RERA
Label: Dystopiaq
Release: dystopiaq033
Date: June 25, 2012
Genres: Improvisation, Post-Industrial, Minimal

01 Poy Seta
02 Ketay
03 Kamuy Kar Put Ya Mosir

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Saito Koji – Sleepy


Saito Koji


As well as last December we complete June 2012 with another Saito Koji-release.

“Sleepy” is a single, one hour long track. His last releases “Guide” and “Again” based on the limited time-frame of three minutes and presented drone and ambient soundscapes in a really focused and condensed version. Listening to a one hour piece is the complete counterpart.
The sounds within this track have the chance to evolve with every listen. Based on a simple looping guitar structure, you find more and more swirling tones and fragments, you didn’t recognize before.

So take a rest and enjoy!

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L Radar EP



“At the T-L Radar EP”

Artist….: TAC.tiC
Title….: At The T-L Radar EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST044
Medium….: 5 x File / EP
Playtime….: 35min 51sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Germany
Released….: 07 Jun 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Techno, Electro
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Luftschmiede – Luftschmiede 1.2 EP



“Luftschmiede 1.2 EP”

Artist….: Luftschmiede
Title….: Luftschmiede 1.2 EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST043
Medium….: 4 x File / EP
Playtime….: 26min 19sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Germany
Released….: 06 Jun 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Tech-House, Minimal
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Vermillion Gaze – Neon Summer


Vermillion Gaze

“Neon Summer”

Warm hazy imagined memories of long warm summers with friends, family and loved ones.
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Art Electronix – Machine


Art Electronix


02-Ride on Loop(5:00)
04-Aux Bell(5:03)
05-High Hat(2:26)
06-Rusty Snail Out Of The Box Says(3:06)
07-We AreThe Way(4:10)
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Broken Spirit – Your Way


Broken Spirit

“Your Way”

// Release Date
June 2012

Broken Spirit’s premiere release for the Electronica 4 God netlabel is a IDM inspired drum and bass track. It is laid back and has an old school sound

Label: Electronica 4 God
Release Number: e4g018

Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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High Voltage Overdrive – With Whiskey On The Road


High Voltage Overdrive

“With Whiskey On The Road”

The story of High Voltage Overdrive, a Hard Rock band from Kurtatsch, started in 2008 when Ivan Tiecher (guitar), Arno Giovanett (vocals/bass) and Vigil Peer (drums) founded The 3 Murphys.

Inspired by bands as AC/DC or Motörhead, in 2009 the young musicians decided to release their very first EP named “Time For Rock’n’Roll” and became the winners of the „Bank4fun-Band-Competition“. Shortly after that, the band hired a fourth member: It was Thomas „Hamster“ Unterhauser’s job to add some richness to the songs with his second guitar. With such remarkably increased rocking powers, in 2010 The 3 Murphy’s made it to the finals of South Tyrol’s biggest band competition: The “Rocknet Live Award”.

In June 2011 Unterhauser left the band and was replaced by Stefano Lucchi. For this reason the young musicians finally decided to rename their band to High Voltage Overdrive and to start 2012 with some fresh energy.

In spring of that same year, the producer Lukas Flarer (Voices of Decay, Ex-Graveworm) banned this highly compelling Rock’n’Roll vibe on the band’s new longplayer “With Whiskey On The Road”. The album is being released on Airbagpromo Records by the end of June of 2012 as completely free and legal download. Just check and grab your copy.

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camada netlabel – VV AA

camada netlabel


we run a little netlabel in Spanish called Camada Netlabel, focused on Tech-House. Melodies and drums, dancefloor anthems -eh, not all- and fresh and mediterranean sound.
We recommend you Lucas Trapaza and Duanel as best examples.

You can write a comment about us to help us to grow up!


The Shape Of Moombhaton – The Shape Of Moombhaton

[CP 19]

The Shape Of Moombhaton

“The Shape Of Moombhaton”



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GRENADE SURROUND Experience – Koshachya Muzyka



“Koshachya Muzyka”

03-So Skorost’yu Mira(5:29)
04-V Vys(4:42)
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Various Artists – La bèl’s friends


Various Artists

“La bèl’s friends”

[LBN015] Various Artists – “La bèl’s friends”

The first La bèl compilation.

12 unreleased tracks.

12 La bèl’s friends.

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Horror House – We are the clowns EP


Horror House

“We are the clowns EP”

Chilean alternative electronic music.
Published by m.i.s.t. records (Chile).
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Bleak Fiction – Lucidness


Bleak Fiction


Argentinian ambient noise.
Published by m.i.s.t. records (Chile).

[wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”3620495833″ size=”grande” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”#CC00CC”]

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Tobetozero – Ornament




Mihail Soldatenkov is a producer based in Riga, Latvia. Working under the moniker Tobetozero, or 2b20, he has been making electronic music since 2005, having released extensively on the netlabel and collaborated with fellow Latvian Gastronom.

Ornament is an EP of angular electronica and his first effort for Planet Terror Records. Incorporating elements of a number of styles, from fierce glitches to funky synthesisers and acid arpeggios, it is a varied and intriguing journey from start to finish.

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Kid Feardive – Blue Hand


Kid Feardive

“Blue Hand”

“These tracks started out as improvisations, and were then edited and re-edited into semi-coherent pieces. The overall tone is melancholic, but there are some comic moments, as well as some pleasant tunes.” – Kid Feardive

01 – Ayla Taken
02 – Test for Brandy Passing
03 – Meanwhile One the Number
04 – 15th Floor Mentaculus (also taken)
05 – Sweaters and Drive
06 – Disty Weather
07 – Ta Ta Tone
08 – Miniature Four
09 – Miniature Two (ibex heart barium)
10 – Radio Data
11 – Violet on Violet

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Fundido – Topic of Cancer



“Topic of Cancer”

Fundido is one of João Ricardo’s (aka ocp) many projects.

Through it, he revisits his death metal past (with cult band Gangrena) and gives it a twist. Here, grinding guitar sounds flow into drones in a doom like atmosphere.

This is the second release for Fundido after the debut “Profundo” for EdP [EdP030]. Experimetal (yes, metal), if you can handle some heaviness…

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Clockwork Keyboard – Clock Soup For Cooked Airports


Clockwork Keyboard

“Clock Soup For Cooked Airports”

This full length album is like its predecessor a chaotic 80 minutes time bending journey. The pieces define a new genre that could be called tick hop: time warping astral space sounds, quirky thrill’n’bass rhythms that were put through a time machine and crisscrossing sounds of ticking clocks and ringing bells.
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A.Z.P. (Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności) – Dżon

[UPL 041]

A.Z.P. (Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności)


Jan Strach returns as “Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności” with a new album of twisted songs collected during 5 years that have passed since the last album. Still present, while staying at a bit higher overall level, are prevailing casio melodies, skewed beats, mixed genres, jumps from one style to another, unpredictable, catchy melodies and semi-conscious lyrics. A.Z.P. invites you to zany fun to kaleidoscopical, often danceable rhythms!
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Apsis Lappet – The Fear of Farewell


Apsis Lappet

“The Fear of Farewell”

“The Fear of Farewell” is Apsis Lappet’s third release and second full length album. These nine songs are nothing less than face melting, tripped out, synth infused, pop music. Apsis Lappet has always been experimental in nature. Fans will be happy to know that “The Fear of Farewell” pushes new boundaries, contains many catchy hooks, and experiments in pop song structure. This album shares some sonic similarities with Apsis Lappet’s debut, “Suite Happy Sweet”. The track “Quickly Slow Me Down” has an infectious chorus, and an excellent keyboard solo outro. “Orgy” is a mellow, distorted fusion of heavy guitars, piano, and far-off vocoded vocals. The title track is builds with a simple chant into an instrumental crescendo. “Rejected” is a remixed version of an unreleased track. The Jenova 7 remix gives the track a heavy does of downtempo breakbeats. The album winds both up and down with “Anaerobic”, a short musical track with a long outro of static, radio hiss, and experimental electronics. “Hidden Track” closes the album with a melancholy piano ballad. “The Fear of Farewell” is Apsis Lappet’s most cohesive and mature batch of songs yet.
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Ivan Čkonjević – Nuš

Ivan Čkonjević


Third album of Serbian composer/guitarist for NoEcho records.
Minimal ambient at its best.


1. EXP Nuš
2. EXP Maša
3. EXP Za granicom

omara – enjoy the deep




“enjoy the deep”

01. omara – crazy little shit [03:50]
02. omara – enjoy the deep [15:04]huge thanks to all listeners and supporters :)
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Syrinx – Can’t see failure without truth



“Can’t see failure without truth”

For this new release, Syrinx seems take us into a surreal and metaphisycal journey trough misty forests in Nothampton UK, their perfect and inspiration place where usually born drone and “harsh ambient” compositions as they use to define their music.
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Don Campau – Jack Hertz


The Headlands is the result of a collaboration between Don Campau and Jack Hertz created for the Time Drone radio show artists drones project. The music was originally broadcast as two live shows with Hawk Hill played on August 17, 2011 and and second show following in October , 2011. These tracks pay homage to the Marin Headlands. A vast geographic region just beyond San Francisco, Ca. that are home to a maze of dark and foreboding mountains and beaches. Being residents of the Northern California Coast, The Headlands pays homage to the vast region just outside San Francisco where the Pacific Ocean encounters the land in a plethora of ways that journey between environments that are welcoming and foreboding. Epic beauty belies dark and dangerous places.
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?alos – ricordi indelebili



“ricordi indelebili”

?alos is musician/experimental performer stefania pedretti’s solo project that began in 2003. her performances blur the lines between performance art, experimental music, improvisation, video art and force the audience to actively participate. the feminine figure and its role in history and contemporary society is at the heart of her performances.

on her first album for pan y rosas, ?alos explores personality, mutilated beauty, psychological themes and emotions using beats, guitar, piano, violin and cello. the sound is: violin drones and breaths. incantations. break-beat guitar crunch. chant. now wave skree/chime. synthetic toy noise. sirens. bass sing song. electro rumble. string scratch. descension piano.

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Various Artists – Sectioned v3.0


Various Artists

“Sectioned v3.0”

01 Ventolyn & Becotyde – The VHS Kids
02 Cyclea – Mutator
03 Dissolved – Ferromagnetic Fawn
04 Caulkhead – Vulpes Equation
05 Aramburu – Ilungabandon
06 Archos – Asynchronous Compatibility Lifecell
07 Adviruz – Blood and Candy
08 Night Owl Committee – Spoiled Magic
09 Shadow Priest – No Introduct
10 Deltason & Konuvvi – Night Terrors
11 Dolphin Omega – Gamter
12 Masochistic\Values – In Another Life (For Lillian)
13 Vektroid – Mango / Fuji
14 Johnny Jitters – Spektral Analycxst
15 Apydiagirls – InterRing Rust
16 Nonima – Lockheed
17 Sun-Inside – Spiral
18 Swin Deorin – Glowing Cloudspace
19 Floating Spirits – Ode To My Bretheren
20 Nick R 61 – Rostov-on-Don
21 Mitoma – Satellite Hive
22 Herre Jorna – Systematic Neurosis
23 Christoph Schindling – Midnight Express
24 Bouwakanja – Steampunk
25 Bagpipe Whiskey – Utterly Kiss And The Motivated Vagina
26 Swirl – Blaze
27 Jimmy Penguin – Phase 3
28 Pinklogik – Gelid
29 junior85 – I Put Broken Glass Into Both Of My Shoes
30 Syndr̫m РSolar Evening
31 Altered:Carbon – Vine
32 THKAD – Э-l-l-зd
33 Dunaewsky69 – Two Two
34 Moohn – dgtlwtr -zendata

[Part Two – Guests]

01 YoMyEx – Blue Shift ft. Giovanni Angel
02 Valance Drakes – Defiers of Fate
03 XZICD – Bschi
04 ADJ – Garden of Eden
05 Lenistwo – Redruth307
06 Dr Nol – Slunk
07 Galaxian – Joint Swarming
08 Noumen – Stray Currents
09 Sturqen – Vega
10 Allison Chanic – Codex (This Is Not Love)
11 Tencor – They Are Here
12 Binary Zero – This Is The Story
13 Chansuke – Reflection
14 Austin Cassell – re-boot
15 The Electroscopes – Leave My House
16 Nina Kardec – Odyssey
17 Illocanblo – Res Star
18 R.roo – Strange.Today.Again
19 D-Scape – Falling Free
20 KChristie – We’ve Come So Far
21 Illl – Bomin Cack
22 Catnip and Claws – Digital Hug
23 Michael Valentine West – It’s A Girl
24 Inicolabug – Zombie Radical Chic Eaters
25 James Rosen – Metallic Bonds
26 Semyon – The Fly
27 Struct Seven – 1=1
28 Lap0fvw – At Least At Last
29 Eigenheimer – Quitting Is Not An Option
30 Symmetry – Time Study
31 Huron – Where Children Have a Plac
32 Synchronon – Aleph 0
33 Tiruset – A137 [Alkaloid Beat]
34 Phylum Sinter – Wisercracker

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Various Artists Far from Moscow – Away

[FFM 021]

Various Artists Far from Moscow


“Far from Moscow” is a project designed to aggregate and foster music over a very wide area. We have now decided – at the start of 2012 – to release regular compilations, dedicated to *varied* genres and digital material that might otherwise go unnoticed.

These albums should help to slow the rate at which young and impressive performers move across the horizon. The same collections should also help to nurture new audiences, both at home and… far from Moscow.

The tracks on display – this time! – come from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, and Kazakhstan. All were published in the first weeks of 2012. Within each file you’ll find photographic, geographic, and archival information concerning each artist or band.

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