Tension Co – “El Olvido”

Tension Co

“El Olvido”

El Olvido, the fourth work of Tension Co. was recorded and mastered in the Laboratory
Intr: Muros. (Seville) in June 2012, and the first without the presence of Miriam Blanch, who earlier this year left the group temporarily for work purposes. It is his darkest work and personal, and a certain melancholy aftertaste to date. It is a product of a sono-emotional time in recent past that perhaps there were more shadows than lights, although the latter shone with sufficient strength to move forward and make this work.
Enter field recordings, a cello made ​​Isabel Garcia ‘Drunkenstrings’ and others in the Doñana National Park with Miriam and Juan Carlos Blanch White in the piece’s title track and ‘Duna’.
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