Outsider Leisure – Hate Is A Verb

dustmotes – What We Left Behind

BAKRA – Olives & Capres


Sebastien Marchal – Goldfish

floating mind – deepness and symmetry

Zirone – Zirone (LP)

Moderator – The World Within

Mauro Sambo – Senufo

Jimmy Ghaphery & Daniel Barbiero – The Convergence of Parallel Lines

DeepDubing – My Atmosphere Of The Forest

Ultratech – EPileptic

TRiALS – Midnight on the Wheel

AC/SC – Bugs

K.smith – Prélude Électronique

Lluvia Acida – Zonas de Silencio

Bleak Fiction – In Every Passing Day (EP)

pho – PHO collective live at Liquid Sound Club

caroline park – less than human

omara – brs

Madoka Ogitani – Take a Walk

Alex Twin – Styro

Coppice Halifax – Imperial Grey

Christopher Rave – Peak

Wings of an Angel – Excluded From The Ark

Marcello Magliocchi – All in One & Duo recital