Black Square Cloudcast – End of Days

Horror House – Carlitos EP

MISC – Asesinos

Bleak Fiction – Translucent Ghost

omara – the art of nothingness

Sasha Yeller – The Land With No Defects EP

Yosoyunotrotu – Premonition

PK Jazz Collective – Just Unsorted

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – This is not my bed

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – This is not my bed


Roberto Figus – Perception EP

Alexander Chereshnev – Rural Parks

NP – Blue Surface

The Crossfaders – Fooly Cooly

The New Ego – Leben ist Licht EP

Bestream – Infinity EP

Vironica – Intelligence Feedback EP

Funke7 – Hithunt EP

Etiket Zerø – Apokalypse Mentale

Jérôme Poirier – The Seventh Tenant

Aortha – Recurrence

Empirical Evidence – Ether Voyage + (evp transmission)

Blue Purple Bees – Daily Home Reflections EP

Echoculture – Diaphanous

Simiram – The Lost, The Last

The Clown – Rituals

sound collision alliance – 53:38

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – Impossible Roncea Ep

Hellscion – Burning Bridges

Good Natured Threat – Beacons Remixed

Cryxuss – Ethereal Creature

Suzhanna Reizen – Reflection in the Earth

Brickman – Last Summer


Passive Defence – Regnlxprss

Kritchev vs. Ban meet The Egg And We – Modernists Attack!

Substak – Subtools Ep

Les Enfants à Points – Volume 1

PLASMAN – Plastico

Ruptur3 – Kursk Ep

Longman – Split Personality

V.A. – Dark Matter

V.A. – Dark Matter

Starpilot – Nomad Planet [Single]

Workshops und Line-up beim STFU Festival Dresden

Steve Moyes – Gardening

Uma Totoro – Aparatos que Median Entre la Realidad y el Hombre

Sebastian Love – What we are made for

Xesús Valle – Gently Annoying

Subterrestrial – Noble

VA – dast pure mixed and compiled by Substak

Mr.Dee – Communications