Jukipic – Jukipic

Wings of an Angel – The Pathetic Greatness Of The Masqueraded Face Book

KIRCHHEIM vs. N​(​S​)​N vs. POEMBEAT vs. EMERGE – same

10Konekt – 100Chaises

Wings of an Angel – What Is So Counterintuitive About Forcing An Average Guy To Be A Philosopher?

Awkward Geisha – Shadows of the Shepherds: A Brief Retrospective of 2017 Works

Wings of an Angel – Sacrifice Your Suicidal Idealism

MODELBAU – augsburg, germany, 02​.​12​.​2017


Tsataan, Coffee Faith, Giga Destroyer – Independence Three Way Split (2017)

Wings of an Angel – Cannot Create A Toxin Out Of Mortality

AD~E – Nahrungsknappheit

10Konekt – Boeuf

Eigenidyll – Bambi, das Schweinchen, das Kind und sein Vater (und wie es nach Hause ging)

Martin Rach – Dream Fog Light

LE SYNDICAT MMX – Chaos Superior

ono – Do It Again

David Ramos & Arín Dodó – Críptico

Various Artists – Eastern Block Guitars Compilation

HUH – live in Augsburg

Haase+Santis – Dos Trazos

Achnn – words blink

Martin Rach – Min Hytte

Martin Hoogeboom – A Sacred Place (Live)

Thuoom – Live Enhanced

LORENZO ABATTOIR – line on sacred wall

PHONOGRAPHIA – live @ lab​.​30

Magliocchi / Northover / Thompson / Okamoto – Music from dreaming skaters

Onde Poussi̬re РVague Seconde

fezayafirar – nfo

Gusev/Hoogeboom/Mimlitsch – Trapped!

dadala – Blues For Richard

Keller/Stadlmeier – transient behavior

10Konekt Vs MIXoLive – 10KoLive 3

Marrach / Bad Poet / Chtin Mara – Rain Out That Pours

Wings of an Angel – Soliciting Imposter Artists

Alejandro Albornoz & Mika Martini – Two Chilean Blokes in the Soundhouse

Martin Rach – nursing room sessions

Wings of an Angel – Playing Standards Very Differently (Original Avant​-​Garde Solo Piano Improvisations)

Mr. & Oso – Se dice Misterioso [pn123]

GRENADE SURROUND Experience – Свободнее Птиц

Giacomo Salis/Paolo Sanna Percussion duo – Live at Cavallerizza Irreale

Martin Rach – washing room sessions

Wings of an Angel – Backdoor Poison Gives Licentious Convincers An Access To Risky Salvation Invocations

Alen Grassi Рdhekap̬nte

Luis Marte / Poltamento – MOVIL/INMOVIL

Alejandro Rojas-Marcos, David Area & Tomás Gris – Trails

La Bella Violencia & Mika Martini. – La Mirada del Sonido

WENIG DUO – Studies on event​-​density

Gusev K.P. – Pap’s O

Sadhana – Sadhana