Mers – Click Pussy

Stefan Schmidt – Chaldragh

10Konekt – 10PLAY

Achnn – Improvisation 22-02-2015

Mauro Sambo – Senufo

Jimmy Ghaphery & Daniel Barbiero – The Convergence of Parallel Lines

Lluvia Acida – Zonas de Silencio

Coppice Halifax – Imperial Grey

Wings of an Angel – Excluded From The Ark

Marcello Magliocchi – All in One & Duo recital

Struktur – Harshmallow

Pk Jazz Collective – Southern City‘s Lab podcast №006: Pk Jazz Collective — Mix

OLEO – Orquestra Livre Experimental Organica – Asthma sufferer

VA – From Ritual to Romance

VA – The Golden Bough

Darius Ciuta & Chris Silver T – c​/​d

Wings of an Angel – In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart

Wings of an Angel – In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart

Paolo Sanna OKRA Percussion Project – Green Laya Conference

10Konekt – Optik

Wings of an Angel – The Unearthly Demagogue And His Amber Of Sorrows

Paulo Chagas – Live Solo

Klaus Marten – Honey


NOE’ (Nostra Orchestra Estemporanea) & OLEO (Orquestra Livre Experimental Orgânica) – NOE’ con OLEO

Mauro Sambo – Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve​.​.​.

Dead Frank – Under The Basеboard

C. Reider – Not Subliminal

Klaus Marten – Sometimes EP

Wings of an Angel – Your Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives

Sphere Of Io – Winter Works

VA – Sound Interpretation: Reykjavík

Ethernet Orchestra – Diaspora

Wings of an Angel – The Magic Realism Of The End Of Art

Pink Hex – Live @ The Old Brick Theater (Scranton, PA) November 23, 2014 JEAN-LUC GUIONNET – D’INCISE – At Cave12

Wings of an Angel – The Empty Bible Of The Psychonaughty Psychonaught

Dario Nitti & Claudio Nitti – Colonna sonora di un giorno solo

King Imagine & Pankifared – Episodes (Concerto For Two Pianos & String Quartet)

Wings of an Angel – Mombasa And The Beheaded Trajectory

Akane Hosaka – Loop Music

303 – Brownian Motion

Orquestra Livre Experimental Organica – Sunyata

Whitely – सन लाइफ मौत

Andre Darius; Paul Mimlitsch; Martin Pozdrowicz – Outsiders

sarah rasines – every single girl deserves a song

Boiar – Sete Bóias A Boiar Ao Sábado

Marrach – Chambers of Resistance


Iris Garrelfs – Bedroom Symphonies

Miquel Parera – nxAM / Iteration#1

Stephen Briggs – Nebbie Mattutine