Infecticide – Poil de Cœur



“Poil de Cœur”

For Da ! Heard It Records’s 29th release, Infecticide returns to heckle with French chanson with psychoactive brilliance and fervor: “Poil de Coeur” arrives with the new year, like a musical greeting card under a dead Christmas tree. Inside, a journey into deep waters, through treats of neuroleptic wave, punk sweat, and the poetry of evenings that end at 3 pm in the morning… The dominical pleasures proposed by Michel Drucker will never have the same flavor.
As accomplished artists, the nasty three invest any and all means that get between their dirty hands to turn their offspring into a nocturnal weapon with a sadistic character, and the audience finds itself on its knees in front of such mastery in the art of bullshitting.
We are dealing with a precious trouple, in picturesque French scenery. Even if the Parisian trio keeps pounding pies in our faces, like with “Fais-le moi-le”, and even if the flat country that is not theirs suits them perfectly, to reduce it to the elegant EBM would ensure showers of rotten tomatoes, as evidenced by the abrasive “Pistache” which could have dubbed a block party at the time of the Boogie Down, or “Ton Tanga”, between electronic power and the exaltation of intimate undergarments. With “Prehistronic” or “Petit Tricheur”, we once again encounter what made the squadron trademark of the first album: a rock mix of synthetic music, or, as one sees fit, a rock synthesis of synesthesia.
One must also point out the panache behind the lyrics of Infecticide, such as in “Le monopole du coeur”, a phantasmagorical vision of the great dictators of our history; or in “Une petite motte de peur”, of which the hellish slomo dub accents of hell give us a friendly reminder of our condition as humans: “un chimpanzé en pull, un babouin maléfique” (“a chimpanzee in a sweater, a maleficient baboon”).
The heartening illustrations of Junie Briffaz add a final touch to these 13 firebrands. The physical object, touchable with the figures of one’s hand, offers 1 badge, 2 postcards, the lyrics, and a sticker.

“Poil de Cœur”, the 29th release of Da ! Heard It Records is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. The album is available for free listening and downloading at the following address:

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Emanuele Fais – Too Much Blood In My Alcohol


Emanuele Fais

“Too Much Blood In My Alcohol”

Emanuele Fais

Too Much Blood in My Alcohol [0kbps097]

01 – Untitled
02 – Untitled
03 – Untitled
04 – Untitled
05 – Untitled
06 – Untitled

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Rocco Perciante – air chrysalis


Rocco Perciante

“air chrysalis”

Rocco Perciante

air chrysalis [0kbps098]

01 – rpp01
02 – rpp02
03 – we needs your comments (1995 version)

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Zé Trigueiros – Bear With Me


Zé Trigueiros

“Bear With Me”

Drummer of the band dUASsEMICOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS and noise therapist of the A.T.R. collective, Zé Trigueiros shows us for the first time a set of homemade songs, created in recent years between trips and stops… A melancholic instrumental work, which has the collaboration of the musician and luthier Domenikos de Visser on the bass and tzouras, “Bear With Me” was recorded in 2014/15 at his home in Amsterdam.
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Mendiak – About Summits


“About Summits”

Im proud to share this EP ive been working on lately.
Feedback is appreciated.

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.zigo – rumiterio




rec in kumara in seven full moons.
san marcos sierras. argentina.2015
by zigo. electronica recombinante and
field recordings in bali & nepal.
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Lil’ Stewy – Break Free feat. Tha Real U & The Essence


Lil’ Stewy

“Break Free feat. Tha Real U & The Essence”

‘Break Free’ is a cross-regional collaboration between three regions of the South African Western Cape province.

The song features both West Coast and South Coast rappers, namely Tha Real U and Lil Stewy, accompanied by an Overberg artist known as The Essence.
It is the first Shaloma Muzik release by Lil Stewy, after joining the label in November 2014. The song anticipates the #ShalomaFuture series, proposed by the label for the year 2015. Upon release, ‘Break Free’ reached the Soundcloud Download Limit of 100 downloads after 3 hours and 38 minutes, making it the most rapidly downloaded Shaloma Muzik release to date.

It reflects the life of the three artist and their outlook at possible stardom. Knowing that they would need to increase their artistic reputation and build their careers in music, they each reflect on what it means to break free from everyday life through their passion for music and how this passion is interlinked with their reverence for God.

The song could be linked to a previous Shaloma Muzik release in 2012 known as ‘Long Nights’. This was the first Shaloma Muzik breakthrough release into the West Coast Hip-Hop community. Similarly, ‘Break Free’ became Shaloma’s breakthrough into various other communities – and audiences. It is the first release by the label after it’s redevelopment.

The first verse sees Lil Stewy introducing his ambitions with reference to his faith in the Lord and the promise he finds thereof.

The song continues with Tha Real U analyzing what his life feels like on a regular basis, and touches on what he aspires to withhold or reach. It also tickles the current state of Hip-Hop as Real U critiques and expresses his remorse thereof.

The concluding verse by The Essence provides a summary of both the previous two verses through the perspective of the rapper’s life.

Essence mentions that music is his release and expresses that although fame and stardom might not be reached, music is still a tool for expression.
He then adds that with God everything is possible to those who believe, motivating the listeners to put their faith in a Higher-being and striving to achieve their dreams.

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I Neurologici, Ras Moray, Jobba – 440 Hz Riddim


I Neurologici, Ras Moray, Jobba

“440 Hz Riddim”

It’s quite a bit of time that Strato Dischi Notlabel host I Neurologici in its studies. In recent years we have accumulated a lot of material, enriched by the collaboration to the collective of singers and musicians. It has come to the idea, announced by a video ( I Neurologici – Riddim To Riddim), to publish a track per month, in different interpretations went out along the way. So Riddim To Riddim was born, which debuts in this month, January 2016, with the track that best relates to the style of the collective before the more electronic experiences. 440 Hz is in fact the opening track of the 1999 album, selfproduced and pressed on vinyl, which has already seen a newly remastered release on our netlabel.
The riddim was subjected to new production. Opening version starring once again, as seventeen years ago, Alexander Mazziotti’s flute and his quotation of a popular tune. It follows the version sung by Ras Moray, Kenyan-born singer, with his warm and powerful voice. The third version is the interpretation of our friend Jobba (Roberto Addo), italian reggae scene new promis, born from that resource of artists that is Campania.
Enjoy … to the next month with Riddim To Riddim second release
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Duppy – Canções de uma Roma Negra



“Canções de uma Roma Negra”

n mid 2012 in Salvador-Bahia/Brazil, was founded Duppy. The musical proposal of the band is mainly exploring the blend of reggae / ragga to the metal, with the theme of the letters mysticism and African culture!

This is their first album titled “Canções de uma Roma Negra”, which represent the living culture that exists in Bahia state where they live, establishing religious and musical values.

The Duppy is seeking space in the world, to show that in music there are no limits but a science that one can take a risk and build the originality!


A metà del 2012 a Salvador, Bahia / Brasile, è stata fondata Duppy. La proposta musicale della band sta esplorando principalmente la miscela del reggae / ragga al metallo, con il tema della mistica lettere e cultura africana!

Questo è il loro primo album dal titolo “Canções de uma Roma Negra”, che rappresenta la cultura che esiste nello stato di Bahia in cui vivono, esplorando i valori religiosi e musicali.

La Duppy è alla ricerca di spazio nel mondo, per dimostrare che nella musica non ci sono limiti, ma solo una creazione che ricerca il rischio e costruisce l’originalità!


No meado de 2012 em Salvador-Bahia/Brasil, foi fundada a Duppy. A proposta musical da banda é principalmente explorar a mistura do reggae/ragga ao metal, tendo como temática das letras o misticismo e a cultura africana!

Este è o primeiro disco intitulado como “Canções de uma Roma Negra”, onde representam a cultura viva que existe na Bahia, estado onde vivem, firmando valores religiosos e musicais.

A Duppy vem buscando espaço pelo mundo, para mostrar que na música não há limites e sim uma ciência de que se pode arriscar e construir a originalidade!

Camille – La bella teoria



“La bella teoria”

Exciting, intelligent, surprising rock straight from Saragossa/Spain!

CAMILLE – “La bella teoria” (2015)

01 – O fanatico ombre bala
02 – El mudo, el mago y la princesa
03 – Stardust
04 – Güella negra – Huella negra
05 – Tender la ropa
06 – The wild brunch
07 – Turbulentziak haiku
08 – Äsa

Total Time: 34:54

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