Horror House – Sound of silver


Horror House

“Sound of silver”

A new Horror House album is now available.

Valery & The Greedies – Where’s Satan? (Re-edition 2014)


Valery & The Greedies

“Where’s Satan? (Re-edition 2014)”

О Valery & The Greedies можно рассказать многое. Например то, что группа появилась в 2008 году. Начав играть гаражный панк, быстро сменили курс на, тогда еще только набирающий популярность в России пост панк-ревайвл. Долгое время они были очередными Joy Division, но
стоит отметить, что эпигонство было очень качественное. Ситуацию изменил вышедший в 2011 году первый полноформатный альбом «Where’s Satan?», который был насыщен нервной дрожью и фанком, правда, все портило неудачное продюсирование. В 2012 году вышел второй LP — «Sweet Karjala», ставший апогеем всего творчества коллектива и смешавший в себе афробит, фанк, ска и много чего другого. В 2013 году группа прекратила свое существование. Но все это не могло закончиться просто так. «Where’s Satan?» должен был стать вехой не только для Valery & The Greedies, но и для российской инди-сцены
в целом. Тогда неудачное продюсирование не позволило передать всех задумок, поэтому и возникла острая необходимость полностью переработать, пересвести и ремастеринговать материал, что и было сделано.
«Where’s Satan?» зазвучал новыми красками – стал ярче, громче, плотнее, и главное: стал более психоделичным и танцевальным. Ведь не под это ли, сейчас танцуют бесы на вечеринке у Сатаны? Кстати, а где Сатана?

Bass – Сергей Матюк
Drum – Григорий Анушкин
Electric Guitar – Лев Сибиковский
Vocals, Electric Guitar – Анатолий Никулин

Remastered By – Анатолий Никулин
Корректировка оформления – Alex Fry

Оформление по мотивам рисунков Андрея Горохова


01. – Where’s Satan? (Re-edition 2014)
02. – Cynicism (Re-edition 2014)
03. – Use The Moments Of My Adequacy (Re-edition 2014)
04. – Walking To The Depth (Re-edition 2014)
05. – Dances On The Bones (Re-edition 2014)
06. – Bloody Vomit (Re-edition 2014)
07. – Tears Of Master Of Kung-Fu (Re-edition 2014)
08. – Bashkir Horror (Re-edition 2014)
09. – She-Wolf (Re-edition 2014)

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element orchestra – ALIVE


element orchestra



artwork by ono (element perspective)

■ artist info



Vitola Minks – RocknRolla

Bipolar Sound – Park of the Nations 1


Bipolar Sound

“Park of the Nations 1″


Dream Park – DP


Dream Park


DP is the first long-player by Dream Park, with real name Patrick Bernet. He is a producer from Syracuse / New York who found into electronic music with the «Drum’n’Bass for Papa» LP / EPs by Plug. You can clearly hear a lot of Luke Vibert’s influence in his tracks, as well as Jean-Jacques Perrey, Squarepusher, old school techno and acid.
The album has been released on Patricks label Dream Park Records in June, on Yarn Audio it is now getting a re-release under a Creative Commons license.

Terrorrythmus – Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 2



“Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 2″

Terrorrhythmus’ «Adapion Discorder» seems to be Yarn’s most smashing EP to date, judging by the almost endless amount of remixes. After the release of the uptempo remix-pack back in June, Yarn now presents «Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 2». The second remix-EP keeps up with the high energy, concentrating on a dancefloor-friendly tempo-range.

From Germany’s rough bank capital Frankfurt comes machine-musician Chris Geschwindner. The affiliate of the young label polen.rec woves «40h»’s pads and samples together with a shuffled house groove. His remix develops over eight minutes, leaving smiles everywhere with its airy and sunny atmosphere.

A totally different interpretation of «40h» comes from Llyphon. Terrorrhythmus’ mate from Bremen already released on his imprint Betonblume and DubKraftRecords. With stumbling bassdrums, flirring hi-hats and washed-out samples he transforms Terrorryhthmus’ trap track into a lush and varied piece of contemporary electronic music.

Also from Bremen comes producer and DJ in demand Tobs who just dropped his first vinyl on Drowned Records. His «Leaving Home»-version of «Post Smack» is full of warm pads and synths, unfolding sentimental feelings over a pretty straight house beat.

Uprising Belgian producer Take Away The Noise seems to have hardcore in his blood. His seven minute long adaption of «Post Smack» utilizes the original’s vocals in a stumping techno garment. Breaks and shuffled bassdrums penetrate the rough track which is designed to destroy dancefloors.

Myth Magic – Myth Magic


Myth Magic

“Myth Magic”


Samuel Glaser is back on earsheltering with Rebecca Ramirez with a new amazing project called Myth Magic

Enjoy !

deep house; dark; minimal; techno; tribal; jazz; house; indie; idm; groovy; electronic; elecronic dupstep; deep techno; beats; bakermat; acid; nature; groove; gaiser; weed; wave; wake up; vocals; vocal; uplifting; upbeat; uk garage; trip-hop; trip hop; trip trap; techhouse; tech house; ambient; experimental; electronica; glitch; chill; downtempo; techno; deep house; drone; minimal techno; electro; abstract; breakcore; glitch; hop; Ambient; industrial; Ambient house; Dark ambient; Drone music; Acid techno; Detroit techno; Dub techno; Free tekno; Hardtechno; Minimal techno; Acid trance; Dream trance; Goa; trance; Hard trance; Ibiza trance; Nitzhonot; Psychedelic trance; Dark psytrance; Full on Psybreaks; Suomisaundi; Progressive trance; Tech trance; Uplifting trance; Vocal trance; Chill out; Chill Ethnic; electronica; Psybient; New-age music; weird; dark electro-acoustic found sound abstract; sound design; organic dsp; abstract; field recordings; chaos; instrumental; monster; electricity; vibration; netlabel; waves; vst; software; daw; plugins; synth; synths; effects; Ambient Breakbeat; Downbeat; Electronica; Experimental Electro; Experimental Techno; Funky; Breaks; Gabba; Progressive House; gulch; guilty; guilt; glut; ditch glide; delight; agility; gauche; tight; go to gaiety; tilt dilute; crotchet; curiosity; eccentricity; erraticism; individualism; kink; mannerism; oddity; peculiarity; quiddity; quip; quirk; singularity; TIC; TOC; trick; twist; OUTGROWTH.






artwork by ono (element perspective)
all tracks by Japan Lowrider Association

■ artist info

:: about DATSUN ::





FVLCRVM /ˈfʊlkrəm/ grew up in a church playing jazz and funk guitar, learned to play as many instruments as he could handle, fell in love with synths as a teenager, formed a band with which he plays until now. Started DJing and producing his own tracks with the name borrowed from the coolest jet fighter ever. Pišta Kráľovič aka FVLCRVM is one of the guys for whose using the same pattern twice would never work.

released 09 January 2014

Festival für Clubkultur in Dresden

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