Ultrasyd – Chipsters EP Remastered

Ultrasyd – Chipsters EP Remastered


“Chipsters EP Remastered”

Chipdancers, you already know this one ♪♫ It’s a re-recorded and remastered version, with proper noise reduction, and 2 bonus tracks added ( not included in the first release).
All tracks composed on Atari STe with maxYMiser (thanks gwEm) ! Recorded from a Falcon 030 for cleaner sound.

*Bleepstreet label is closed* as you might have seen, I haven’t been getting anything, news nor feedback for years. And I really wanna have this EP here with my other Atari stuff, because it includes some technics that I really enjoyed making. It means hours of work and fun, and until now it was like this project was trapped on an abandoned vessel, sailing to nowhere.

It’s pay what you want, so you can just grab it for free if you already bought it !

released March 22, 2020

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