Neuf Meuf – On Titled EP


Neuf Meuf

“On Titled EP”

Neuf Meuf is the solo project of Slovenian musician, Rok Vrbancic. “On Titled” is his third release in his six plus years making making music under his Neuf Meuf alias. This is experimental, lo-fi electrnic music at its best. There are many melodic influences, ambient shoegaze sections, and post rock influence. he title track and “Hise Spijo” were both found on Neuf Meuf’s last album, “What’s Left In Chorus.” “On Titled EP” in many ways acts as a aural continuation. While “Ontitled” and “Hise Spijo” channel noise pop, the rest of the tracks are more infused with ambient and shoegaze. uitars echo, voices whisper, noises build.
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Everywhere Kingdom – 2 (Blue)

[UPL 047]

Everywhere Kingdom

“2 (Blue)”

The second album by Everywhere Kingdom follows the strict rules of the first release: All the sounds here are improvised, with no specific ideas as to style, rhythm, with open mind, letting whatever happens to happen. That said, this offering is quite different from the previous release – the recorded melodies, improvised using synths, guitars and effect pedals, were trimmed from meaningless meanderings and the most lyrical, trancelike repetitions were chosen and then meticulously layered atop one another in order to create bigger, sparkling wholes. However, apart from layering, no further processing was done post-recording.

The result is “2 (Blue)”. Often not sounding improvised at all, due to the melodical motifs developing gradually and being repeated to achieve hypnotic effects. Reverbing walls of guitars, blurry or shapr clear synth melodies flowing and intertwining, bubbling and gurgling effects combine into a pleasant, if often bordering on noisy, hallucinogenic sound trip.

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David J Fonseca – Re Menor



David J Fonseca

“Re Menor”

Once again, we are proud to receive and host the work by David J Fonseca in our digital catalogue. As we have said before many times, we are very happy to be able to maintain with certain artists some sort of regularity on releasing their work. Fonseca is one of those artists, that from time to time work out a set of compositions for us to share.

After his previous instalment on Audiotalaia, [at033] Al Borde del Silencio, Fonseca has been working quietly but thoroughly on this work he is presenting to us: Re Menor (D Minor in english). Re Menor is a work presenting a subjacent issue in artists like Fonseca. This issue – also confronted in the Sara Galán debut [at048] Incidencias – its about the burden that some of this artists carry. This is the burden of classical training as musicians and the eternal struggle to free themselves of conventions, rules, metrics and a predefined language. If Galán explored ways to introduce error and malfunction to the music performance, Fonseca takes a step beyond and just points out his background which is masked under the main structure of the album. As footnotes, Fonseca presents us the guitar as his major companion until the digital silence filed his expectations, for now.

So what we find here is a wink to the burden of the classical training and the quest for free experimentation. Each of the tracks are called after the musical scale we are used to, even each track is tuned accordingly.

Anyway, enjoy the rough edges, the digital silence, and the complex structures of Fonseca.

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Ixpapalotl – Corpse Republic



“Corpse Republic”

Ixpapalotl – Corpse Republic EP 2013

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T.BIRD – tbirdintheelectronicmist




We are very proud to release the second T.Bird album! About one year ago after their first release, the russian band with “tbirdintheelectronicmist” renew and confirm their strenght and their ability to compose “electronic space sounds” or, “krautronic” (as the band says). This new work contains eight masterpiece tracks, some recorded during impro sessions at the T-34 studio in Moscow. To feel the power, on the Net Video page, simply scrolling the playlist, it’s possible to watch one of the T.Bird impro session called “Hoi Bun Road” (May 12, 2012 filmed by Oksana Bychkova), a strong psychedelic journey…not to be missed!
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MAV [0kbps] Records + Deep Lake Records – L’esteta della solitudine


MAV [0kbps] Records + Deep Lake Records

“L’esteta della solitudine”

MAV [0kbps] Records and Deep Lake Records collaborated to create this compilation, designed as christmas gift for E.F. (M. Anne Quinn, Pioggia d’Ambra).01 – Kano – Merry feismas
02 – Attila 777 – Welcome to Feisland
03 – Tommaso Busatto – 2am I Can’t Sleep
04 – Isteronproject – Le Abrasioni di Natale
05 – Beira – Felicità a Partire da 199 Euro
06 – Fabiorosho – Number3
07 – Stirner – When Life’s Got Ya by the Balls (Just Fuck It)
08 – PL433 – Signor Lumachetto
09 – Tommaso Busatto – What About to Discover Some Unburied Carrions?
10 – z601 – Undergo
11 – Psycoton – Nniuq Enna M
12 – Stirner – Hail Hail Vaporization
13 – Beira – Una Traccia Troppo Allegra per il Fine Ultimo
14 – Isteronproject – Jingle Bells and Sick Bass
15 – Stirner – Lofi Dildozer Assfuck
16 – Fabiorosho – Oldskoolcrap#1
17 – Attila 777 – The Mistery of Peenemünde
18 – Fabiorosho – Psy
19 – Stirner – Doggy Style (Life’s a Bitch so Hit It From the Back)
20 – PL433 – Tante Angurie
21 – Tommaso Busatto – A Totalitarian Aryan Girl for E.F.
22 – Fabiorosho – Stand Still and Drown in the Basses
23 – Beira – Outro
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Illusion Of Presence – Everyone Belongs To Everyone Else


Illusion Of Presence

“Everyone Belongs To Everyone Else”

[FNet044] Illusion Of Presence – Everyone Belongs To Everyone Else.
All tracks written and produced by Peter C 2012/2013.Release date: 27-Jan-2013
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omara – untitled




01. omara – why are you lying to me
02. omara – untitled (tantra chill)
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Jude Cowan Montague – Winter Hill Sings


Jude Cowan Montague

“Winter Hill Sings”

For the first release of 2013, Linear Obsessional is delighted to present a radical new EP by Jude Cowan Montague.

“Winter Hill Sings” is a collection of short multi-tracked vocal works informed by folk singing and hill walking. The accompanying PDF booklet includes new texts, poetry and artwork by Jude.

Recorded by Brian O’Shaughnessy at Bark Studios, Walthamstow in 2012.
Jude Cowan Montague: Voice and instruments
(double bass, phono-fiddle, percussion)
All songs by Jude Cowan Montague & Trad.

A limited edition CDR version of this mini-album will be released on January 26th 2013- frosted clamshell case with working compass, sugar paper insert with map drawn by Jude Cowan Montague and a hand coloured map. For details please visit the Linear Obsessional Homepage

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The 17 Sons of Abraxas – Smoke Poems


The 17 Sons of Abraxas

“Smoke Poems”

Artist : The 17 Sons Of Abraxas
Title : Smoke Poems
Catalog # : TXR033
Duration : 23:30
Date of release : January 23, 2013
Genres : ambient, drone, atmospheric
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
Free download link : drones that are an ode to everything that can be smoked. Maybe less experimental than previous releases with frequencies variations that give a unique melodic feature. As usual everything seems to be extracted from the depths of the human soul.

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Paolino Canzoneri – Parabola Discendente


Paolino Canzoneri

“Parabola Discendente”

“Parabola Discendente” is a musical project by Paolino Canzoneri. This first batenim netlabel release was created with a specific mode of composition that uses computer generative programs music wich have been created projects and logical constructs that start musical paths in a mainly automatic way. This EP is constitued by a long track of experimental ambient music from dark and intense atmospheres and obesessive and long oniric journeys without a clear and accurate perception of where the music is going to
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Brajan BB – Aguanile


Brajan BB


YPQN032 Brajan BB – Aguanile

TRACK NAME: Aguanile
GENRE: House
LENGTH: 06:25
BPM: 127 BPM’S

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Ramon Argudo – Vexed


Ramon Argudo


YPQN031 Ramón Argudo – Vexed
DOWNLOAD: Ramón Argudo
GENRE: Tech House
LENGTH: 06:41
BPM: 128 BPM’S
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Yrrow – Maximalist




02-Pellabo Monk(2:49)
03-Long Long Long(1:25)
06-Bat Song For Men(5:32)
07-Terrible Joke(3:00)
08-Rachat Bybych (feat. King Imagine)(4:00)
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Wings Of An Angel & Ionizer – Atramentous Resonance



Wings Of An Angel & Ionizer

“Atramentous Resonance”

Brooding, subterranean, bass heavy poison!
A twisted experimental dark drone ambient affair…
Enjoy this black as ink collaboration album!Excursions & Exorcisms in the depths of your own mind…

The journey continues… But how to find your way back?

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Fierceness – Primizie Elettronica Vol.1



“Primizie Elettronica Vol.1”

Artist : Fierceness

Genre : Minimal Techno

Lenght : 29.51

1. 1st Melody

2. Explosion

3. Fierceness

4. Sciallo Track

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pato cós – parede que me toca


pato cós

“parede que me toca”

“parede que me toca” reunites three works:
“mirrita”: From the sound of the machine, other sounds are perceived as organic. They are not, but the machine is built by man. The silence interrupts the machine. The animal deflagrates. It challenges it but it is not freed from it. The machine is there. So is the human;
“comoção”: It begins with a blow that turns into a wave of noise. Another comes. The noise reveals itself human and makes us feel something;
“cauterização”: Reflection on the voracity of human relationships.
Music and photography by pato cós.01 – ignaro (i)
02 – ignaro (ii)
03 – sem título
04 – ousa
05 – comoção (i)
06 – comoção (ii)
07 – cauterização (i)
08 – cauterização (ii)
09 – cauterização (iii)
10 – cauterização (iv)
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Various – Pick n Mix Vol.5



“Pick n Mix Vol.5”

[FNet043] Various – Pick n Mix Vol.5 compiled and mixed by Incentive (Dystopiaq netlabel). If your looking for loud soulless music this is not the album for you.
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Kitanoff – Asian Nights



“Asian Nights”

Over this great number, we are especially pleased! the talented young musician “Kitanoff” real name Denis Kotlyar. Was born in times of the Soviet Union in 1988 on the Far East of Russia, in a region called Yakutia, in a very little and a very cold town „Neryungry„. Started his way in music at about 15 with a hardcore group and at the same time was really interested in different kinds of electronic music. His own music started writing in 2010. Melomane. But ended up in creating techno music and experimenting with minimalistic sounding.

Artist….: Kitanoff
Title….: Asian Nights
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST065
Medium….: 3 x File / EP
Playtime….: 22min 37sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Rel.artwork….: Anastasya Melnikova
Country….: Russia
Released….: 21 Jan 2013
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Tech-House, Minimal

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G.U.A. – Guateke




Artist….: G.U.A.
Rmx.artist….: Egrojj
Title….: Guateke EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST064
Medium….: 7 x File / EP
Playtime….: min sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Mexico
Released….: 21 Jan 2013
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Progressive House, Minimal
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Claudio Nunez – December last poems


Claudio Nunez

“December last poems”

“…the music loosely evokes the feeling of some of my favorite jazz piano trios (the udu replacing a regular drum set): Paul Bley, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett… a little more toward free improvisation since there are not tunes or structures previous to the playing itself…”
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Air Protection Office – Techno kryptA EP


Air Protection Office

“Techno kryptA EP”

Techno Krypta it’s an Experimental deep techno ep
Free dowload available from 11/01/2013 on ekar records bandcamp
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Mong Blong – 12er EP

Mong Blong

“12er EP”

This is german hip-hop. Fresh styles by Mong Blong featured by Tiny Dawson and Marie Antoinette Lührs.
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Hospital – The Trees Were Higher



“The Trees Were Higher”

Genre: Indie Rock | Brit Pop | Indie Pop
Location: Moscow (Russia)
Label: Mimonot Music (Digital)
Licenses: by-nc-nd (Creative Commons)
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Necko – Aquatic EP



“Aquatic EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx206
Format 4 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 02 Dec 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, MinimalTracklist:
01 – Calvin Klein (4:33)
02 – Aquatic (5:42)
03 – Touch Me (5:00)
04 – Studoby (4:33)
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The Inner Shore – Mental Landscapes

ambient, experimental,


The Inner Shore

“Mental Landscapes”

Artist : The Inner Shore
Title : Mental Landscapes
Catalog # : TXR032
Duration : 39:39
Date of release : January 16, 2013
Genres : dark ambient, drone
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
Free download link : all previous releases, the Inner Shore music is a mix of random composition, trippy sounds and dissolution of all these sounds into disturbing spaces.
The goal is to express the man’s concern regarding his inner.

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Old Splendifolia – Utterly Heartbreaking



Old Splendifolia

“Utterly Heartbreaking”

A new La bèl release.
All songs by Jana Plewa and Frank Schültge Blumm.”The Song Poems seek their fortune through poetic views of the world, leap to the Earth’s perishable inhabitants’ defense, for whom the consistent rational explanations for a world so compelling in its richness, in its confusion, in its complexities impregnable from comprehension give little satisfaction….”
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