QUEIXAS – Eye of newt

QUEIXAS – Eye of newt


“Eye of newt”

Abdul Moimême: two prepared guitars, objects Cyril Bondi: bass drum, objects d’incise:laptops, objects The helvetico-portugese trio, formely known as “diatribes & abdul moimême”, founded in 2009, abandons the ego in favor of a tight, homogeneous, construction, where human gestures and mechanical interchanged without distinction nor reasons. His music is dense and horizontal, more rustling than noisy, it is not an imaginary landscape but a materialized presence. The rubbed/breath, metallic rattles, resonances, meditative feedback, electrical crackling , micropulsation and repetitions, all this amalgams to form the Quexias song between post-industrial “saudade” , electroacoustic and reductionism.
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