Mas&Delayer – Northern Line Dreamin’ EP



“Northern Line Dreamin’ EP”

Artist: Mas&Delayer
Title: Northern Line Dreamin’ EP
Genre: Electronic, Chillout, Trip-Hop
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]
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V.A. – One Hundred



“One Hundred”

Celebrating 8 Years of Free Music with our 100th Release.
Thanks to more than 150 Artists for contributing their wonderful Music.
Thanks to all Fans and Listeners for the huge Interest over all those years.
Thanks for more than 700.000 Downloads from all over the Globe.
Thanks to all the DJs and Supporters who dropped this shit on the Dancefloors, the Radio and even on TV.
Thanks to Everyone who likes, links, helps and recommends us. Much more to come in the next 8 years …

Zimmer loves You ♥

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Planetaldol – Really Gruesome Pills



“Really Gruesome Pills”

After several years in a psychiatric hospital, Planetaldol got used to all the pills he took, now he’s far away, mixing pills and everything, this album is a sound testimony, he’s strong, he’s among us, enjoy the trip.

Recorded live during The Placard headphones festival “Autoclave aux Tanneries” – Dijon – France. September 21th 2012

Also available on CD, limited edition & numeroted 99 copies !
CoProd : 3Patttes / Earsheltering / Garage L.
Dark ambient noise with Anneliese Michel interference… All design by Alkbazz.

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Tomika – Good People and God Night EP



“Good People and God Night EP”

Tomika is the music Tom Streller from Leipzig. He combines, electronics, indie pop vocals, chamber pop structure, and a flare of the imagination. His debut EP under Tomika is an extremely mature release. You can tell that Tom has complete control over his production techniques and instruments. Pathos Interlude is a short song based around string instruments. Fall In Springtime shares some similarities with Tunng. The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes starts with a field recording of a thunderstorm before building into a somber folktronic piece driven by piano. The EP ends with Roots & Wings, a downtempo, heartfelt ballad for a rainy night.

01) Pathos Interlude
02) Fall In Springtime
03) The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes
04) Roots & Wings

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Ohmniscience – Brainwaves EP



“Brainwaves EP”

A new guest artist for #335 hailing from Vancouver. Ohmniscience likes to describe her music as an art form, appealing to the inner senses within your mind.

A short but sweet EP, Brainwaves, is 5 tracks of blissful textures and glitchy beats, epic pads and subtle sounds. Nicely produced from the ground up, Brainwaves gives you a ride into the more Autechre side of the IDM spectrum – perhaps with a little Arovane mixed in for good measure?

Check out ‘Beta’ for an epic experience – cold, dark and suspenseful.

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Esse – Breez Ep



“Breez Ep”

We finally have a new release for you. Now from Lithuania our friend and great musician, Esse, gives us an album with four songs full of sounds, textures and rhythms. The beats invite us to shake our body and to travel with our minds freely as the air … and the question is: who does not want to feel so free? The only thing I can tell you is download Breez EP and feel the vibes..
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Spéléonaxis is the newest acoustic document by Miguel A. Ruiz and Siegmar Fricke who collaborate since the mid 90s on their project EFFICIENT REFINERIES. Produced again like the former three albums at Pharmakustik’s studio in Germany, the album contains six improvisational studiosession-recordings involving lots of new hardware and plugin-synthesizers. On Spéléonaxis EFFICIENT REFINERIES combines retrocosmic structures similar to the late 60s with innovative glitch-electronics and the newest technical possibilities in sound-processing. In addition very contrary elements are involved, ranging from melodic minimalism to pulsating psychotronics. Spéléonaxis can therefore be characterized as the most accessible and at the same time most experimental E.R. album so far.
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Zion Dirty Sound – Fils d’ Abraham


Zion Dirty Sound

“Fils d’ Abraham”

The story of Djirbil and Faida is like a fairy tale and is just as amazing as their music. Djibril was born in the suburbs of Paris back in 1986 and started making music by playing guitar, bass and drums in punk rock bands in the north of France and Belgium, while later he landed from punk to reggae/dub/jungle through some friends who were operating a sound system. The other half of the band, Faida AKA Sister Raphaelle, was born 1986 in Mamoudzou, Comoros, between Madagascar and Mozambique. She started singing from childhood, influenced by the soul of the African music. 1996 she arrives to France to live in the suburbs of Paris.

The two got closer together during one of their gigs as members of the Acoustic Groove Orchestra and their love story has led into marriage. Their new life was accompanied by the creation of a new band, 2 years ago. Since then they are composing and recording their own music in their own home studio under the name of Zion Dirty Sound.

Their music is an amalgamation of different styles and is the result of the different cultures they both represent. The African/Comodian roots blend with the Europrean/French music, all fused nicely with arab/indian/latino culture, influenced by their social life and their travels around the world. Add a touch of dub and you got magic going through your ears!

“Fils d’ Abraham” is a compilation of Zion Dirty Sound’s best music from previous releases and from tracks scattered around the internet, plus we exclusively included four brand new tracks. Load them on your media player, press the play button and embark on an ethnic journey of irieness. Feel the vibes and follow the journey of Djibril and Faida from Africa to Latin America over Europe, on their quest to interact with different cultures and search through music for a higher vision of life.

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Gumbel – Social Parasite

Art Electronix – Ringed Ripples Worm


Art Electronix

“Ringed Ripples Worm”

Art Electronix

Ringed Ripples Worm [0kbps039]

. Ringed Ripples Worm

MAV [0kbps] Records, July 2013

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Marcio McFly – Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere


Marcio McFly

“Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere”

Vintage avant-garde and prestigious artistic flights, these are the bitter ingredients used by Marcio McFly in his solo project, when pausing from “Cani Giganti”. Inspirations from an analogical parallel world, which is back here again to fascinate machines-addicted by exploring a kind of evolved “futuristic techno-pop”. Artificial flowers are sent to the curious mixture of erudite listeners and new-clubbing figures. “Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere” = “TO PRESERVE THE MACHINES IS A MUST”, follows the path indicated by the previously acclaimed “Farsi le Foto”, constituting an artistic work exploding in a self-created-world where Marcio fishes from street-arts and from his most creative illness. “Conservare le Macchine è un Dovere” is an ambitious release where dancy tracks are formidably intersected with pleasant techno-pop songs. This is a though work for you, 51beaters!

[an extract from the press-review written by Nicola Tenani –]

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Various Artists – Retrovision


Various Artists


In our era of information society overwhelmed with modern content there are moments when longing for the ages gone immerges you into delightful nostalgia. Melodies and grooves from the past times help setting the right climate and artists from Mixgalaxy Records would gladly assist. On this compilation you will find retro blended with contemporary forms as well as authentic vintage sound. So uncork the champaign and hide yourself from the rush of days for a little while.
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Candlegravity – A Suicide


Th.e n.d – Annodam 94


Th.e n.d

“Annodam 94”

Electronic album by the hands of German project Th.e n.d. Cover photograph by Mati Faane.
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Knolios – Dub Techno Mix 3



“Dub Techno Mix 3”

01-Air Protection Office-June (Mauro Martinuz dub version)
03-Teemu T-differences
05-Deni Diezer- Where We Do Not
06-Bifold Dub – OhmikRonz ReDreamer remix
07-Cliff Tower – Paradox
08-Alessandro Crimi & Patrick Zig-Out Of The Bedroom
09-Cold Fiction Music-Immersion
10-Triames-Lanthanum (Asedub High Tech Jazz Reconstruction)
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trans alp – Nachtschatten


trans alp

” Nachtschatten”

The shadows show the way of light. The frequencies light zhe path of data to our souls. Also the darkness can provide shadows.

With this EP we document one of Trans Alps concerts of the last years, which is also a take of one of his musical processes, which can be described as developing the tracks from one concert to another.

The EP brings five tracks of a concert, taken place in the now vanished off/space »Krautwaldfabrik«. This former cultural space is documented in the CYNAL 01 magazine (in German language only).

Trans Alp mixes small acoustic sound objects with analogue synths as well as digital work during his concerts. Also you can perceive his graphical art through his music.

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lefolk – ludmila

lefolk – ludmila

Es ist Sommer …. Hitze …. alles langsam …. endlos …. Hoffnung …

D_smoker – Urban soul ep



“Urban soul ep”

D_Smoker – Urban soul ep

1. Urban soul (Original Mix)
2. Tomorrow (Original Mix)
3. Wormhole (Original Mix)
4. Wormhole (Bist Remix)
5. Wormhole (Outlaw producer remix)

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Corkscrew № 4453556 – Dadacore


Corkscrew № 4453556


Corkscrew № 4453556

Dadacore [0kbps038]

01 – Boogers in Mourning
02 – Fried Fork
03 – Industry of psychedelic faith
04 – Mental Chthonius
05 – Inceste ou passion de famille, à coups trop tirés
06 – A Drunk Bird
07 – Brioches
08 – Yakamoz
09 – Vaporized Diarrea
10 – Cannibal Clit Cacophony
11 – Infecting Figging
12 – Sadistic Garbologist

MAV [0kbps] Records, July 2013

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fabiorosho – latina merda vol.1



“latina merda vol.1”


latina merda vol.1 [0kbps037]

no copyright 2013 – fabiorosho

“questa è il primo di una trilogia di disgustosi concept ep su quanto mi faccia cagare la vita sociale nella mia città, non ha nessuna pretesa se non quella di definire attraverso i suoni e i rumori ciò che penso, o più semplicemente le mie provocazioni”

“this one is the first part of a disgusting concept ep trilogy about how much shitty social life in my town makes me sick, it hasn’t any purpose apart than define with sounds and noises what is my tought, or better saying how i like to mock”

tracks in ordine sparso:

. alec, dal’93
. andiamo al sottofondo
. daje cazzo! sono iooo
. funny games a casa di eleonora b
. il fiorente cantautorato pontino (singolo di lancio)

per maggior info, flame, avances e quant’altro:

MAV [0kbps] Records, July 2013

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Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird

Nick Rivera - The Wasp and the Butcher...and the Bird

Eines morgens traf ich diesen Song. Super emotionaler Song, tolles Cover und verwirrendes Video. Wow – und wieder mal bei

Releasepage bei Bandcamp:



Air Protection Office – June (Alan Backdrop Re-edit)

Air Protection Office - June (Alan Backdrop Re-edit)

Ein Stück Ewigkeit aber auch eine Reise in die Vergangenheit ist dieser Song für mich. Einfach schöner sanft fliegender Techno. Immer und immer wieder …

Releasepage mit Downloadlink:

Asedub/Cliff Tower – Atmosphere Delayed


Asedub/Cliff Tower

“Atmosphere Delayed”

1. Asedub – Recel

2. Cliff Tower – Lost Echoes

3. Asedub – Regel

4. Cliff Tower – Paradox

5. Asedub – Rexel

6. Cliff Tower – Slow Pathway

Our reference number 10 bring us Asedub and Cliff Tower showing 6 cuts where we have as protagonists great atmospheres and very deep environments.

music to dream and enjoy..

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Borstal Boy – Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet


Borstal Boy

“Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet”

Artist: Borstal Boy
Title: Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet
Genre: Dub; Ambient
Format: MP3 [128 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]
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Claudio Nuñez – End of a story


Claudio Nuñez

“End of a story”

“I use the same modus operandi for most of my albums (except the ones that are composed): I lay some free improvised moods (usually on rhythm instruments) that serve as the frame or background for the rest of the piece… I call this process ¨real time compositions¨ as I never have any ideas or plans before the actual recording starts… When I feel that the group or orchestral feelings reflect the mood I stop adding new layers or instruments… On my solo guitar or piano sets & albums I do the same, just once… Sometimes I decide that format for the instrument group that is going to appear on the album (a piano trio, a guitar trio= piano/guitar, bass & percussion), do so that all the pieces are going to feature those elements as in real group or just limit myself to focus on one of my main instruments… Little games that add to the music a little more mystery… or (as in this album) I use any combination randomly…” – Claudio Nuñez

Electric guitar, fretlles bass, percussion & voice by Claudio Nuñez.

Recorded in January 26 & 27 2013 in Caballito, Buenos Aires.

01 – electric dream blues
02 – eternal sorrow dance
03 – he closed his eyes…
04 – end of a story

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Miquel Parera – Quadraphonic Automatische Drohne


Miquel Parera

“Quadraphonic Automatische Drohne”

Cover: nxComposition042 (Miquel Parera)


What you can hear are different iterations of the same function. The function selects, at random, one of the 24 sound generators classes. Finally, mix four variations on a composition.

Software Used:


You can download the code on:
You can download the samples on:

More releases on:

Trivia: The cover and title are a tribute to Schulze Irrlicht. When I was seventeen, one of those special people that come and go in your life gave me the vinyl Schulze. In turn, this year appeared the cd of La Légende d’Eer of Xenakis. Along with reading Silence, Cage, this would form in my young mind a kind of altered sense of perception of the music that survives until now.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

You can listen and download other iteration in the compilation:

I Prefer the Term Artificial Person Myself.

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VA – Sound Interpretations — Dedication To Samuel Beckett



“Sound Interpretations — Dedication To Samuel Beckett”

The long blue days, for his head, for his side, and the little paths for his feet, and all the brightness to touch and gather. Through the grass the little mosspaths, bony with old roots, and the trees sticking up, and the flowers sticking up, and the fruit hanging down, and the white exhausted butterflies, and the birds never the same darting all day long into hiding. And all the sounds, meaning nothing.
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Jorge Marredo – Uéyiga


Jorge Marredo


“Uéyiga”, in the local language of Extremadura (bast territory at the Spanish western border with Portugal) means trace, footprint or marks on the ground, left there from past activities. This is what is all about on the fourth album by Jorge Marredo – this time signing in as himself – and leaving apart the “Satisfaccion Lab” nickname, with he has been releasing for the past years.The four left traces found on this album are a rabbit hole in which Marredo enters, starting up with a clear image, a simple idea, a barely audible soundscape that early is being transformed until no recognition through signal processing with various synthesisers. By the half of the first track we are already in a multilayered scenario of analogue signals processed in various ways. So, the soundscape that started up the album as a clear statement, just fans out, and dissolves into a bast array of textures, rhythms and environments.

Traces are left of various abstract soundscapes present through the album, scenarios in which Marredo, through analogue signal processing devotes himself to the craft of synthesised sound, still even that we hear echoes of the psychodelic and kosmische music he loves to perform an explore (for instance with the duo project Marredo & Montag) this is pretty much a textural, and soundscapist-point-of-view album, even that those electric signals place us in the uncanny territory of machine sound we cannot forget about what started it all, the soundscape, or field recordings. It’s all there, as a trace, a footprint, something that doesn’t needs to be there because Marredo is very capable of listening through soundscapes and present them under his own umbrella, rearranged, transformed and created from nothing but electric signals.

Truly a pleasure to have him in our catalogue, specially when we are very focused on releasing works by our local artists, working neighbourly a few blocks away of the Audiotalaia Headquarters, just like Avelino Saavedra, Jean Montag and a few more.

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Tongue Bundle – Salty Language


Tongue Bundle

“Salty Language”

This work is a tribute to the italian mercury mine of Abbadia San Salvatore. It’s an occasion to shape – both visually and musically – this “epic” element of the collective imagery and milestone of the common history of the community.

This set of paintings seeks, therefore, to harness the aura of the surreal structures, immersed in nature and witnesses the technological past rooted in the mechanics and in the flesh of workers as well.

The music goes inside the structures of the paintings and inside the feelings of the miners, creating a synaesthetic interpretation of the two artistic languages. This soundtrack has been performed live on December 4th 2011 during the vernissage of the exhibition “Acetilene – Sounds And Visions From The Belly Of The Mountain” that took place in the Museo Minerario of Abbadia San Salvatore.

An album to watch and listen.

* Acetylene gas lamp is a simple lamp that produces and burns acetylene which is created by the reaction of calcium carbide with water. It was used by the workers in the mines during the 20th century.

Emiliano Baiocchi is a Berlin based Italian artist who has been working for the last 10 years on developing an expressive visual language mostly through painting. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in various parts of Italy, Germany, France. His works are in private collections in USA, London, Paris, Monaco, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, and many Italian cities.
He uses his imagination only to design images that explore painting as a means of pure expression leading to a series of inner landscapes that showcase a singular materiality of accumulated layers of acrylic paint. In his dreamlike images, there is no pre defined intention to figurate a given narration, for he is rather interested in constructing a contrasted space where casualty and accidents are to be balanced with controlled detailed areas in order for a sense of spiritual movement to emerge. He lives and works in Berlin.

Text by Aurelie Moigno


Music composed by Misdea except “Digging In The Dark” and “Heavy Drops” by Misdea and Melinda Ligeti
Cover and paintings by Emiliano Baiocchi –”

Norman Sétamùr Baiocchi: effected classical guitar
Mike Marchionni: synth, programming
Melinda Ligeti: synth, programming
Stefano Pintus: siren sample

Recorded and mixed on November 2011 at Setaroom Studio, Abbadia San Salvatore (Si), by Stefano Pintus and Carlo Fabbrini
Mastered by Stefano Pintus
Edited by Melinda Ligeti

Dedicated to all the Mount Amiata’s miners, especially to Fernando Baiocchi
Special thanks to Melinda Ligeti

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Buben vs.Nasta Labada – Live at Improvisation Music Festival AGA


Buben vs.Nasta Labada

“Live at Improvisation Music Festival AGA”

Live at Improvisation Music Festival AGA
Azgur Memorial Museum
April 27th 2013
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Alex Duko – Empty Spaces


Alex Duko

“Empty Spaces”

01-Empty Spaces(6:53)
02-Because We Are(5:25)
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Martin Rach And The Wasteland Orchestra – The Great Grey Beast


Martin Rach And The Wasteland Orchestra

“The Great Grey Beast”

This could very well be the soundtrack for an apocalyptic sci-fi movie. Lots of suspense and tension moments with enough elements to keep your ears and mind busy.

Graphic design by Shutupandance.

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Wings Of An Angel – Transcendence

[Self Release]

Wings Of An Angel


Someone enters the silence and leaves me.
Now loneliness is not alone.
You speak like the night.
You announce your presence like thirst.
[Alejandra Pizarnik]
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Roots Echo – Hidden Structures EP


Roots Echo

“Hidden Structures EP”

VKRS Radio and Netlabel are pleased to present from the Netherlands the Arist “ Roots Echo ” with his first release on the VKRS Netlabel.
Roots Echo loves to blend sounds and styles as he sees fit with influences ranging from novel sounds online to the harmony and drive of classic and contemporary modern styles. Roots Echo Hidden Structures EP release on the VKRS Netlabel is a slight slap on the wrist for the popularity od dubstep and trap indeed as Roots Echo states “ The less tasty sounds become, the more people devour it … ”
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Pollux – Medusa




01 – Medusa #1
02 – Medusa #2

10 minutes. Mp3 / Flac. Self-Released on Bandcamp.

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ivliss – The Cure is the Springsound



“The Cure is the Springsound”

Eleventh release of Sincro Netlabel.
ivliss’s second album released on our platform.

Doses of dub, soundscapes and distortion as structure of his work.
Asolaar’s collaboration and production on the track Borejam as well.

His current residence, and the Southern Hemisphere winter inspired
Iván Lissandrello who shows us a dark trip into dub and industrial.

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Nava Spatiala and Secrets Of The 45 – NSSOT45

[UPL 051]

Nava Spatiala and Secrets Of The 45


This is a joint project by polish Secrets Of the 45 and romanian noise/ambient unit Nava Spatiala. Each project received three tracks of the other project and remixed them, using primarily only the track itself as basis for the remix. The resulting album is an exhilarating trip through glitchy landscapes, blurry drones, rumbling basslines, electronic chirps and whistles, enveloping the listener with alternating waves of noise and melodic hums, echoing in space, at the same time digital and organic.

Nava Spatiala enjoyed a lot playing around with SOT45 tracks and, at first, sampled what they liked. Then they took the parts and ran them through lots of delays, reverbs and various synthethic manipulaton techniques. Every track was performed and recorded live at the studio and compressed through some nice tubes.

Secrets of the 45 decided to take a melody-oriented approach, immersing himself in the noisy world of Nava Spatiala and then through careful filtering picking out hints of melodies, then layering them into humming and whistling soundscapes, as well as reshaping them live via granulator software.

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Pollux – Zero Landscape

Daniel Barbiero – Allusions to Fogs & Liquids


Daniel Barbiero

“Allusions to Fogs & Liquids”

Live improvisations for solo double bass and for prepared double bass were recorded and then manipulated to create slowly moving sonic environments which remain fundamentally rooted in the nature of the instrument.”

Allusions to Fogs & Liquids represents a type of music concerned with sound as something in itself, a material externality. But it can’t help but carry associations. Here the listener takes over from the composer/performer.

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Cheon kim – Cheon kim


Cheon kim

“Cheon kim”

Cheon kim

Cheon kim [0kbps036]

01 – gloria
02 – trust
03 – treat
04 – human
05 – apple and grape
06 – LsS
07 – like pigs

MAV [0kbps] Records, July 2013

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Negritage – Guetto roots of dub (Vol. 1)



“Guetto roots of dub (Vol. 1)”

It all started a few years ago in Argentina in the “Lavadero Records Dub Temple” when some childhood friends were sharing their passion for “di roots & kulcha music” and exploring the dub sounds and the Jamaican tradition. Past, present and future are represented in their sounds. Analogue vibes meets the new waves of dub vibrations of the 21century. After some time they moved to another place called “Cuca Roots” where they recorded some dubplates included in this album (Dubophonic head special, More dub, Another dub in the guetto) and now they are building a new studio called “El fuerte dub foundation”.

All members of Negritage, William, Nacho, Leo, Pato and Herno have played together since childhood and are still play together almost every weekend, continuing their musical journey, helping each other to record the instruments for the tracks. It’s all kind of random: sometimes William plays the drums or the keys, Nacho plays bass & guitars like Leo. Pato plays percussion and drums like Herno … at the end, they all let the sound speak for himself!

Negritage’s gear is whatever is available, some time analogs other times digitals, mixer consoles for the overdubbers, a turntable for the vocal samples, sometimes a Kawai drum machine from the eighties.

“Don’t forget we are children of di third world so the gear its a few years delayed or its to expensive but this is not a problem to continue with the positve vibes mi amigo the creator allways provide!”

“Give thanks & praises to all di artist who collab whit Negritage and inspired to create dis soundz. They are: JamYork original roots defender activist, Sennid di migthy voice of thunder of Jah. the great Sammy Gold, the Dub dillers dub foundation of di third world. Spesahl greetings to all dub-o-phonic family for di support! Heartikal salute to all di dubbers all ouvah di world and for all di people who promote the roots & kulcha message!”

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Ancient Lasers – You In The Future


Ancient Lasers

“You In The Future”

Ancient Lasers is comprised of Daniel Anderson (Idiot Pilot/Glowbug/Hyro Da Hero) and Daniel Finfer (Post Human Era and also in Glowbug). Ancient Lasers is music for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Aphex Twin, M83, The Faint, and Bright Eyes. Vocally, it shifts between a muscular Ben Gibbard and grunts worth of Trent Reznor’s macho swagger. From these juxtaposed elements, Ancient Lasers frontman, Daniel Finfer, finds a cohesive lyrical blend of futurist/transhuman/post human paranoia and optimism.

Ancient Lasers is comprised of Daniel Anderson (Idiot Pilot/Glowbug/Hyro Da Hero) and Daniel Finfer (Post Human Era and also in Glowbug). Sonically the music sits comfortably somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and the Postal Service. If you’re at all familiar with Daniel’s project ‘Post Human Era’ then you’ll recognize updated versions of “Ancestors” “When Are We?” and “Decendants” from the 2007 release on Testtube If you’d like to own a flac or wav version of this album, it is available to purchase as pay-what-you-want from the Ancient Lasers Bandcamp page. All Bandcamp proceeds will go to organizations that are striving to help humanity live longer, develop artificial intelligence, cure diseases, and ensure our survival as a species.

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etc. – bitterfly

Frame – Nice to meet you EP



“Nice to meet you EP”

For 334 another guest artist is featured on the label, this time Frame from Portugal with a four track ep entitled ‘Nice to meet you ep’.

Firmly in the easy listening genre, Nice to meet you ep is full of subtle touches and nice grooves to get you involved in the tracks. Listening carefully, you’d be forgiven in thinking that Lalo Schifrin had dropped by and chosen a few well placed notes, especially the electric piano in Irony of fate. A nice mix of 70s cool with 21st century technology!

Of course, not every track is the same with Solar Station being in a similar ‘feel good groove’ like Kenny Beltrey from previous releases.

Tracks of choice for this listener: Summer Rain with that familiar vibe that seems to be so familiar but you can’t quite put your finger on it and Wave my soul for an epic chillout track perfect for a few beers on the balcony. Chill!

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Lorf, Aledelu – #Tessuto

V.A. – Exhala




Second of our Fifth Anniversary compilations is here, no further words are needed to hear the music of this volume. All our love and passion for music is embodied here, join Sound Sculpture Project, Eckul, DDO, gip, Esoteric Sob, Vela, Triangular, Dimitris, djozr, Lingua Lustra, Substak and aAirial.
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Telegraphy – Rain’en On My Feet


“Rain’en On My Feet”

A present to you from Ionosonde Recordings. A single by Telegraphy
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element orchestra – Mush


element orchestra


■ EPV_137

:: warning ::
An excessive expression is included in the work.
Please enjoy yourself with suitable volume.

■ bonus item
photo by fkhr & ono

all tracks by element orchestra
photo by fkhr (
design by ono(elementperspective)

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