Claudio Nuñez – End of a story

Claudio Nuñez – End of a story

Claudio Nuñez

“End of a story”

“I use the same modus operandi for most of my albums (except the ones that are composed): I lay some free improvised moods (usually on rhythm instruments) that serve as the frame or background for the rest of the piece… I call this process ¨real time compositions¨ as I never have any ideas or plans before the actual recording starts… When I feel that the group or orchestral feelings reflect the mood I stop adding new layers or instruments… On my solo guitar or piano sets & albums I do the same, just once… Sometimes I decide that format for the instrument group that is going to appear on the album (a piano trio, a guitar trio= piano/guitar, bass & percussion), do so that all the pieces are going to feature those elements as in real group or just limit myself to focus on one of my main instruments… Little games that add to the music a little more mystery… or (as in this album) I use any combination randomly…” – Claudio Nuñez

Electric guitar, fretlles bass, percussion & voice by Claudio Nuñez.

Recorded in January 26 & 27 2013 in Caballito, Buenos Aires.

01 – electric dream blues
02 – eternal sorrow dance
03 – he closed his eyes…
04 – end of a story

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