Doedelzak – Carillon

Phil Tea – Sentimental Value

When We Live – When We Live

Metalogue – Gradient Descent

Sinage – Sinwave

december nightskies with nobodisoundz – spring

Seek Six Sick – Anti-Macho Rockstar (Sunmantra Remix)

CM aka Creative Hop For Scholars XE

V.A. – Solo Duo Trio #01 : Failure Circle / Godjira / Ugut

Split Phase – Compendium

Jonas Reif – Rand Corp

Jonas Reif – Rand Corp

I,Eternal РLes Variations, une ̩tude en 9 cas

Carya Amara – Another Chance to See

Dako Loop Orchestra & Lezet – Noise Band in My Garden

Listening Satellites – Everything is a Glitch

EP Man – Short Horror Stories

MRTN-CSTR – ((–SEKU -_- EKU–))

experiMENTALien – Nine Triads (Sub​-​Evolution)

Onde Poussi̬re РImperceptible

Парта Камяти – Ущь.Ущь.Вахахай

Rootspace – Multiverse

Tha Baaz – Reb0ound

eww – I Follow

NoisesculptoR – Untitled World


6KLOP – Naskigo

Art Electronix – Inside The Box

V.A. – Digital Family Vol. 7

Various Artists – The Feel of DEFIL 3

Vide flott̩ raide РVide flott̩ raide

Wings of an Angel – Tell Your New Date Something Truly Romantic And Original, Tell Her How Her Eyes Are Like The Fathomless Sea After A Storm Of The Black Plague

CandyTrip – A Journey Without Hatred

Occluded Plateaux – Control Families_Data Funk

Ycr0 – sect

MalaGioia – MalaGioia EP

Ciuta / Kwi / Simpson / Whitehead – An Attempt For Balance

Tony Whitehead – Shoreline

Dallas Simpson – Railway Footbridge Improvisation For One Adult and Two Children

Slavek Kwi – Uchat C

Darius Ciuta – grt_p

Anxiety & Sarah – Nyctophilia

Warrego Valles – Botox

Captive Portal – What Is?

Federico Dal Pozzo – Untitled_SaMeK

Jam’s – Le Temps d’un Rêve