David Inexacte – Flama


David Inexacte


David Inexacte is an experimental project, based on electronic IDM music, raising an aesthetic and conceptual break with the intention of fleeing the typical stereotypes, without departing from the techno feelings. The work he presents in “Flama” selection can be defined as a set of burning basses, breaks, clics and distortion dance pieces, with a mischievous and playful spirit.
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V.A. – 3 Years Prozent Part Two



“3 Years Prozent Part Two”

Artist: V.A.
Title: 3 Years Prozent Part Two
Label: Prozent Music
Catalog#: prozent030
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 16.04.2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House, Tech House


01. Stefan Knoell – Easy Ride (8:31)
02. Martin.von.der.Rolle – Im Scheuen Rehlein In Schweinau (6:59)
03. Franz Kubbillum – Blessin Sax (7:30)
04. Letkolben – The Revolution (7:45)

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Misdea – Libra




This suite in 6 parts was composed as a musical comment to the collective exhibition held at Castello Aldobrandesco in Arcidosso (GR) during ALTERAZIONI 2011 – Festival of visual and musical arts -. “Contemporaneity looking towards the future goes perfectly with ancient walls, witnesses of a past which is never the same as the present time nor as what lies behind. Heterogeneous artists are confronted with each other, suspended in another dimension which becomes homegeneous all in a sudden. Past becomes future. Opposites realize to be equals.” Therefore, we tried to re-create a path where opposite balances would musically dialogue, so to leave them to the narration illustrated by painter Giada Matteoli.

FREE download (audio / video) at Acustronica website

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Mihide – Watching The Watcher



“Watching The Watcher”


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Marta Zapparoli – Codex


Marta Zapparoli


I always draw my inspiration from the narratives and metaphors of a variety of impacts from different locations and situations.

These are often quite unique experiences within a certain period of time, landscape or corner of society.

Last year during several trips, I did many different recordings in East Europa. During my research on land, I found special places with particular energies. For example : unpredictable movements, defective technology, misplaced animals, dis-punctuality, unforeseen natural sound effects or other cataclysms of nature and unforeseen cataclysms in Humans.

The idea of this release is a deep construction, cut up, manipulation and deconstruction on many layer of these recordings, decontextualized from their origin, creating an absurd and surreal landscape in codex.

The technical part is done with field recordings on tape-recorders mixed, converted on digital software for mastering.

Marta Zapparoli aka Penelopex :
sound artist, performer, musician, studied fine arts and the soproano saxophone. In Bologna/Italy being involved in a series of experimental radio shows, multmedia performances,sound installations and various dance companies and aswell experimental multimedia theater events.

She now lives in Berlin where she is part of the Splitter Orchester Berlin, collaborating on sound installations with Martin Kuentz and a duo project with Alessandra Eramo next to her ongoing solo project.

The last decade she creates strong narrative sonic pieces using a open variety of recording techniques and custom analog tools as well as found instruments and objects.

Her sonic explorations bridging together the sensual quality of field recordings and versatile processing of live electronics. Within environmental phenomena, acoustic ecology, noise pollution, focusing on sonic narratives & human emotions through decomposition and real-time tape manipulation, sounds that are considered non-musical or overheard.

She Releasesd several albums on Umbrella Noise records, Idiosyncratics records, Nohmad records and Zeromoon records. She was also extensively featured WDR3 open studio elektronische musik, and a variety of experimental radio broadcasts.

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Monuloku – Molekulare Tanzbewegung



“Molekulare Tanzbewegung”

Tensing, relaxing. Inhale, exhale.
Dive beneath and hover under the surface with the deep house album “Molekulare Tanzbewegung” by MONULOKU.
This is the Promotion-EP with 4 free tracks from the album.
The longplayer with 11 tracks was released on 2012-03-16 on Garganrecords and is available in many DJ-stores ( DJ-Shop, Djtunes, Trackitdown, and many more…)

All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s for the (free) download.
MP3s, Cover and “all inclusive” ZIP-package are available here or on:

Artist: Monuloku
Album: Molekulare Tanzbewegung
Release Date: 2012-04-15
Genre: Deep House / Tech-House
Label: Garganrecords
Catalog#: gargan064
Type: Promo EP


(01) Molekulare Tanzbewegung 06:29
(02) Syoss Tec 05:10
(03) Umleitung 05:46
(04) Bridge Of Allan 06:12

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John Whitehorse – Changes EP


John Whitehorse

“Changes EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx173
Format: 4 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 15 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: NeoTrance, Techno

01 – Broken Dreams (8:23)
02 – Magic Night (6:07)
03 – Allure (5:57)
04 – Changes (6:17)

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Trigoney – Liberty




Get free of your day-to-day problems! It´s time to be revived and drift by upcoming spring time. Go out from your cheerlessness flats with help from English producer Trigoney with the track Liberty. Inviting house tempo coloured by lazy sound of the saxophone. Whole release is upgraded with great remixes by Bollo, Atomic ElectroLab and Plutones. This is the right choice!
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Morphine Bandit – Imploded Sounds Festival


Morphine Bandit

“Imploded Sounds Festival”

ambient dark drone

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V.A. – Breathe 06



“Breathe 06”

We are arriving with a new compilation and new site.

Breathe Compilations

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Substak – Tranzmitter Netlabel Series



“Tranzmitter Netlabel Series”

Tranzmitter Netlabel Series

1.Domenique Xander – Underwater Blues [TRANZCD005] VA- Tranzmitter Research (Volume 1)
2.Re-Drum – What Is Real [TRANZCD005] VA- Tranzmitter Research (Volume 1)
3.Rodrigo Soria – Sleeping In The Rain [TRANZCD005] VA- Tranzmitter Research (Volume 1)
4.Lars Leonhard – Falling Leaves [TRANZCD006] VA- Tranzmitter Compilation (Volume 4)
5.Dublicator – Sleeping Clouds [TRANZCD005] VA- Tranzmitter Research (Volume 1)
6.Alexander Saykov – Layers [TRANZCD006] VA- Tranzmitter Compilation (Volume 4)
7.Leseaux – Clandestine [TRANZCD005] VA- Tranzmitter Research (Volume 1)
8.Daniel Lucas – Las Palmas [TRANZCD005] VA- Tranzmitter Research (Volume 1)


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The Darkening Machine – Wonderment


The Darkening Machine


dark ambient drone experimental
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10Konekt – Toystory

[[Siro354] ]



320kbps – April 2012
Circuit Bending / Experimental


01 – Toystory 1
02 – Toystory 2
03 – Toystory 3
04 – Toystory 4
05 – Toystory 5
06 – Toystory 6
07 – Toystory 7
08 – Toystory 8
09 – Toystory 9
10 – Toystory 10
11 – Toystory 11

Total: (43:41)

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Alic – Going Down In A Blaze Of Glory EP



“Going Down In A Blaze Of Glory EP”

This time Alic invites us to a superdeep tour into their well known world of punching and atmospheric layers of sound. Brian Burger’s remix is knocking you down once more whereas Excizen’s remix helps to rise again. Furthermore “Holy Clap” is a smooth groover to compensate the loss of your braincells.
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Due Samoani – Just Guitars

Koolkilla – Bitter Glanz EP



“Bitter Glanz EP”

It is already over a year ago since the last solo work of Koolkilla (Galip Savli). But the wait has been worth it, here is the third release now under the solo project. Koolkilla knows masterly completely different genres into a unique sound experience merge with each other. The friends of “minimalism”, “vintage electro”, “dub” and not least “Hip Hop” will be thrilled with safety.

Artist….: Koolkilla
Title….: Bitter Glanz EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST030
Medium….: 5 x File / EP
Playtime….: 21min 33sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Germany
Released….: 29 Jan 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Electro, Dub

01 Bass Drop 4:20
02 Sins 4:35
03 Monoid 4:33
04 Feel Free 4:19
05 Backtrain 3:30

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Gumbel – A Dying Paradise



“A Dying Paradise”


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Knolios – Stir EP



“Stir EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx172
Format: 3 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 11 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Experimental, Minimal

01 – Sweet (4:20)
02 – Stir (4:54)
03 – Between (5:18)

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Art Electronix – AuxnalSig

12.04.2012 – djummi records launch party



Da hätten wir nach all der Arbeit für unsere erste Veröffentlichung fast vergessen, die Gläser zu heben und auf den Start von djummi-records anzustoßen. Doch manchmal braucht es nur einen kleinen Schubs, um alles in Bewegung zu setzen. So brachte uns das Angebot der Galerie Module, das Atrium ihres derzeitigen Domizils für eine Veranstaltung zu nutzen, auf die Idee, spontan eine kleine Einweihungsfeier zu organisieren.

Im Gespräch stellte sich heraus, daß wir ähnliche Konzepte verfolgen, Künstlern Raum zur Verfügung zu stellen, um auf deren Arbeiten aufmerksam zu machen – sei es nun virtuell oder real. Der Galerie gelingt es erfolgreich, für bildende Künstler immer wieder spannende temporär verfügbare Ausstellungsräume zu erschließen.

Laßt uns also gemeinsam am Donnerstag, den 12.04. im Modul 4 die Djummi-Rakete zünden! DJain Rogo wird uns die Flöhe in die Schuhe jagen und die fabelhaften Naked Hands lassen die Fetzen fliegen.

Ort: Galerie Module, Königsbrücker Straße 96, (EG Hochhaus Zeitenströmung)
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr


Mehr unter: http://www.djummi-records.de/2012-04/here-we-go_d/

Nadejda Goes To Stardom – Hoffnung EP


Nadejda Goes To Stardom

“Hoffnung EP”

Fact is that the just nineteen-year-old female artist from russian St. Petersburg “Nadejda Goes To Stardom” (Nadejda Orlowa) develops rapidly to a seriously increasing female electronic music producer, one could already recognise by her preceding publications clearly. With theirs very inteligent and freshly sounding Release, she shows us once more that her musical development and her talent, still long ago aren’t in the limit. We are already very much tensely which wonderful surprises will still follow. Till then we take pleasure in her great “Надежда / Hoffnung EP”

Artist….: Nadejda Goes To Stardom
Title….: Надежда / Hoffnung EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST028
Medium….: 4 x File / EP
Playtime….: 23min 33sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Russia
Released….: 17 Jan 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Tech-House, Deep-House, Minimal

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c4 – Journey To The Centre Of Your Mind



“Journey To The Centre Of Your Mind”

c4 has been dubbed as “the lone Raver”,
(a parady of the Lone Ranger)
playing live-sets with no-one other
than himself, at various abandoned
warehouses in the dangerous districts
of Toledo, late into the night. armed with
only coffee and his Korg EMX-1,
it is rumored these sets have
converted a few back to
believing in old-school acid techno
once again.
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Substak – Vapor y Polvo Mix


“Vapor y Polvo Mix”

This is a mix from Organic Acoustic Netlabel new compilation Vapor & Polvo Vol I
by Substak


1.Sleepland – YRGN
2.B.Lone Engines – Blownivan
3.Syrinx – Visions
4.Indo – 4 At Night
5.MaCu – Red
6.Daniva Danive – Off Places
7.Hidekazy Wakabayashi- Farewells In The Silver Afternoon
8.Daniva Danive – Off There

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Chairs – Buzzing Surgeons Air Drill



“Buzzing Surgeons Air Drill”

“An assortment of songs recorded anywhere from 2007 to 2012. Thanks for your ear”.
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Stefan BlackBot – Feels EP


Stefan BlackBot

“Feels EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx171
Format: 4 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 08 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Ambient

01 – Grey Sky (4:28)
02 – Color (6:24)
03 – This Night (4:56)
04 – Flower Soul (7:14)

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Porc O’Pine – Boozed Navals


Porc O’Pine

“Boozed Navals”

Lobit experimental/folk.


01. Intro
02. Old Captain over Dirty River of His Childhood
03. Holiday Parade of Navy Veterans
04. Young Lieutenant after 24hrs on Duty Goes Home
05. Admiral Meets Russians
06. Extro

Cinema Noir – Children Kill Ants


Cinema Noir

“Children Kill Ants”

After the end of the “Brilliants at Breakfast” project (September 2001), Leonardo Vetrano , Alex Valenti and Giuseppe D’ Angelo decide to “rebirth” with a new musical project joining instrumental classical Post-Rock to the electronic music. The new members involves Marco Manzella (Acting Out / Brilliants at Breakfast) and the drummer Gery Mallia (Sinapsi). In december 2011 the band recorded a selfproduction EP “Children Kill Ants” now released in Nostress Netlabel.
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