The LTP – Dissociation

Waqs – Voax

Blok – Самый Первый Альбом

Meaning Of Life – A Crying Into Desolation

Burning House – Burning House

L.Bridge – An Abstract Tomorrow

V.A. – AFA presents… Es Incurable. Es Navidad.

The Nameless City – Incubo

Pioggia d’Ambra – Exuviae

Waqs – Wruth

ZakALM – Songs About My Doge

Mas&Delayer – Northern Line Dreamin’ EP

Borstal Boy – Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet

Miquel Parera – Quadraphonic Automatische Drohne

gnyonpix – Everyday people

Genclops – Jelly EP

Die Leere im Kern Deiner Hoffnung – Zeit ist eine Illusion

Scarlet Moth – Edge EP

Alozeau and Miquel Parera – Five Structures And A Cold Void

Pioggia d’ambra – Musick for ghosts


Exclamation Point/Tacomaniacx – BLOB

Szubrawy Kot – Sun & Some Funerals

A Day Without Speaking – 6 Sonatine

Cagey House – Stations Alive

Snowfeeder – Not Until The Last One’s Gone

Pioggia d’ambra – Il triste inverno animico

gnyonpix – Nostalholic

guillotine hairshaver – Triangular cry

guillotine hairshaver – The Lost Days


isteronproject – gashes

Miquel Parera Jaques – nx011-2013_01

Brajan BB – Floor Elevation (Dave M.Sanchez Remix)

Brajan BB – Floor Elevation (Jordi Tek Remix)

Brajan BB – Floor Elevation

Bipolar – Studio 2

Noise Site

Vla DSound feat Esther Lazaro – Gravity of Love

Tom Tronic – Sleepless Night

Pirlo Conti – Pocoyo

AxBx – Soho

fiocz – Dyssomnias

VA – dast pure mixed and compiled by Substak

noine – Giron’s short story

various artists – Sayonara Nuclear Power

Marow – Inter