N3rgul – Dr. Seussicide

guillotine hairshaver – luster

Cairo Braga – Sadness is a Blessing

pivotone – lainy day

Lee Rosevere – Music For Podcasts 2

Die Leere im Kern Deiner Hoffnung – Freiheit Aushalten

Cairo Braga – Thanatos

Taker 51 – Lorem Ipsum

clongclongmoo guest @ Music Manumit podcast

Gurdonark – Constellation Blackbird

Reverdy Carrasco – Explosion

adcBicycle – Malignant Cove

V.A. – Conspiratio

Cairo Braga – Trilha Original do Documentário: Prelado

Miquel Parera – nxVacuity004 – Inversion

pivotone – Soshu-Yakyoku

JM DROWZEE – D E M O W A V E.​.​.​.​. V O L 1

GrΣγci†γ – SØmε †Δlεs In GrεγscΔlεs…

Unicorn Hole – The Return Of The Revenge Of Unicorn Hole (The Sequel)

Frontcore – One Of Us

In Vitro – La Danza de los Solitarios

In Vitro – La Danza de los Solitarios

I.Z. aka IDZeroNo – Waving

Miquel Parera – nxAM / Iteration#1

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Radio

z601 – Essential Mix

V.A. – Biellacore

Bug – Major Mindglitch

(kelp) – Early Nove

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – OVO EP

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – October’s Very Own and City Nights

Kid Swam – Drake X IDzeroNo DBFD

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Final Four

Mister Nobody – We Are Going To Die…

Miquel Parera – Two Iterations of NXA005PD

In Vitro – Axolotl

Netorare – EP

Scarlet Moth – Scarlet Moth: 2011-2013

Not The Elephant – Broken Sky

Random Toast Generator – Sunhacore

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Asteroid

8 6 S A N D A L S – E U N O T O

Data Snow – Decyphering

Borstal Boy – Reflections From A Digital Heaven

Laskfar Vortok – Scombussolato

Beyond Reclaim – Hopes They Die

Blank Sphere – Darkness EP

Blastculture – Up For A Bit With…

Various Artists – Jesus Was An Olm

Waqs – Xephium

Indievision – Indievision EP

I Killed Techno! – Whataburger Deathburger