Tigerberry – If I Could (Alt. Version)



“If I Could (Alt. Version)”

And now you really want
To get this pain away so
This time your body’s old
And heart is full of shame cause you

Where’s your angel?
How could you
Lose your angel
Why do you
Lose your angel
Life is shit
There is no magic
Left for you

Listen to me
Cause If I could
Could Come back to you
I would keep you heart safe
Cause if I could
I would make you smile
I would make your life shine

You hide it in the dark
The creatures push the strangers
Does anybody know?
You’re hiding hole in your heart so

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Southern City‘s Lab podcast – Musical Socialism


Southern City‘s Lab podcast

“Musical Socialism”

Представляем вам подкаст, посвященный прошедшему на просторах нашего лейбла музыкального конкурса под яркой вывеской “Музыкальный социализм”. Экспериментальный проект, направленный на то, чтобы познакомить аудиторию одних музыкантов с творчеством других, пришелся многим по вкусу! В подкасте будут представлены по одной песне от каждого участника!

01. – Артек Электроника – Время
02. – Павкашавет Бантут – Разожгли костры
03. – Logic Puzzle – Turbo 80
04. – Pauca Verba – Мы вернемся
05. – Victory Band – Праздничная
06. – Ховбай Хвекмеев & Pk jazz Collective – Плавный в ванной
07. – Фиорд – Марш в тапках
08. – Break The Bans – Gay Bar
09. – Pk jazz Collective – Keep Talking

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Pk jazz Collective & Павкашавет Бантут – Евангелие от Гиперборейского


Pk jazz Collective & Павкашавет Бантут

“Евангелие от Гиперборейского”

Новое авангардное творение от Pk jazz collective & “Павкашавет Бантут”, представлено в стиле любительского немецкого артхауса времён VHS носителей. Материал был снят и оцифрован с плёнки, во время путешествия по Китаю, с аналоговой полупрофессиональной камеры Panasonic NV-GS27.

«Всё отлично, грех жаловаться, надо ещё научиться душевную боль терпеть. Хотя, если совсем заглушать чувства, то и не будет рождаться новых творений.» [Сергей Гиперборейский]

Music: Вячеслав Коротин (Pk jazz Collective)
Lyrics: Сергей Гиперборейский (Павкашавет Бантут)
Оператор и режиссёр: Владимир Боярский
Монтаж: Dreamer

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Simon Waldram – Inside Out


Simon Waldram

“Inside Out”

New 5 song EP from singer-songwriter and sound-maker Simon Waldram, Nottinghamshire, UK.

During his musical journey Simon’s been exploring many different paths: drone, acoustic singer-songwriter, psychedelia, twee pop, electronic etc. Always in a pure lo-Fi key.
On his new EP Simon gives us five new beautiful pop-pearls with its feet standing steady in 60´s psychedelia, punk rock and a brilliant DIY attitude.


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Bright Falls – Self​​-​​Titled


Bright Falls


Bright Falls take their name – surely – from the Xbox game and related live-action web series “Alan Wake.” In essence the main narrative arc concerns a writer who, while spending time in the backwaters of Washington State – i.e., in Bright Falls – finds that his wife has disappeared. Then, to make matters worse, he is unnerved by a snowballing series of events that appear to come from some novel he only vaguely recalls writing. The further he travels into the fir trees and away from city lights, the less control he has over his destiny. Hence, perhaps, the tendency towards surreal reverie both in Bright Falls’ PR materials and the definitions of their music as “gentle shoegaze that’s occasionally prone to meditative psychedelia”.
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Starcardigan – Men EP



“Men EP”

Artist: Starcardigan
Title: Men EP
Genre: Electronic Pop
Country: Vladivostok, Russia

01. Signal
02. Men
03. Raw
04. Taxi

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Crossworlds – Day & Night



“Day & Night”

«The brand-new Crossworlds recording – “Day and Night” – exchanges ethnography for a family setting. Mikryukov informs us that: “The LP was conceived as a present for my daughter. Initially it was to be published on vinyl, with the two sides given over to daytime and nocturnal themes. Everything was recorded over the course of two years, from February 2013 to February 2015. The album contains both our own, original material and some lyrics by Lesya Ukrainka. The result is a fairly strange, yet organic mixture of folk, academic music, downtempo tendencies, and experimental elements.”»
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Sans Nom – Vol​​.​​II – Everything We Know is Wrong


Sans Nom

“Vol​​.​​II – Everything We Know is Wrong”

A collection of songs, diverse in musical style, recorded and performed by some friends.
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intouch – Dead Brother



“Dead Brother”

Dead Brother SP was inspired by novels of the American writer Ayn Rand. Dead Brother represents the potential every human desires to unlock. Unable to do this one becomes trapped in despair and neverending regret. Thus the “Brother” dies leaving a hollow space inside one’s body and condemning one to live a lie.
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Pk jazz Collective & Ховбай Хвекмеев – Добро пожаловать в Москвич

[SCL: Netlabel Day 2015]

Pk jazz Collective & Ховбай Хвекмеев

“Добро пожаловать в Москвич”

Southern City‘s Lab is participating in the first Netlabel Day ever!

And presents you with a joint single two best artists of the label.

Where in the computer synthesis merged Soviet romanticism and nostalgia for the psychedelic revolution of the ’60s

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Cairo Braga – Thanatos


Cairo Braga


Cairo Braga’s new single ‘Thanatos’ is the first chapter of his first album cycle (prefaced by his previous single ‘Nature Boy’).
the song is a personal reflection upon the death drive and how to live with it, or not live at all. it’s backed with a cover of Girls’s ‘Lust For Life’ as an attempt to bring a less fateful perspective to an ill-fated narrative. but does it really succeed in that intention?

this release is part of Netlabel Day 2015, the worldwide independent free music event on July 14th. know more at http://netlabelday.blogspot.com

produced by Cairo Braga. guitar by leitecruz. ‘Thanatos’ written by Cairo Braga. ‘Lust For Life’ written by Christopher Owens.

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Emerald Park – Go!Go!Go!


Emerald Park


23 Seconds Netlabel proudly presents our sixth release by the Malmö indie pop group, Emerald Park.

In 2015, Emerald Park have taken on a somewhat more divergent musical persona. With much experimentation, their sound has grown beautifully, travelling from acoustic and ukelele-driven tunes to more indie pop and electronic atmospheres, the band having shifted towards the use of electric guitars, Moogs and various synths. The Swedish outfit find strength and resource in this continuous progress, making the new 7-track album “Go!Go!Go!” a very compelling record and listening experience.
Enjoy the music www.23seconds.org

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Marina Carbone – Lucky Bites


Marina Carbone

“Lucky Bites”

First release for italian songwriter Marina Carbone
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TIGERBERRY – Break the Lies (Official Video Clip)



“Break the Lies (Official Video Clip)”

«As an independent band TIGERBERRY decided to handle all the aspects of the video production. They invited Ketto Science to make something completely extraordinary. As Fedor Ferapontov said: “We needed Ketto Science cause he had an amazing experience in dance music production. Dope underground things”. The plot of the video is highly connected with the lyrics of the song. Vladimir Berlizev: “Let’s say that one does something wrong, but there is no one to evidence that. So he/she decides to move on without making it right. That is a way people spoil things I believe. To live a life you’ve got to go back and break it. That is the meaning.” Highly influenced by web punk, “Break the Lies” appears to be a mixture of 3D models, distorted colors and psychedelic effects. Band members were filmed with the help of Xbox Kinect camera to make band members fit the digital universe. “In the video we show things that are not real, things that have changed our life so dramatically that there seems to be no way out. The Internet has destroyed the world we used to live in. Everything is digital.» — Vladimir Berlizev.

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Deadlines – Magical Inertia



“Magical Inertia”

Deadlines´s first album ” Magical inertia” is Javier´s and Jordi´s first attempt to make a more sophisticated music but without losing their identity as a pop-rock act.
The presence of heavier basses and deeper vocals takes them to a darker side but within a melodic corridor.
The result is a set of songs with a restful style but with the mark of their sound, which they have been playing and developing all over the last years with their parallel formation: Daily Khaos delivery (DKd).





01 – Emanuele Fais – 薔薇の葬列
02 – Lorenzo Squilloni – Grainstep
03 – Tommaso Busatto – M’intrometto
04 – r e d n e c k t e r r o r i s t s o ci e t y – untitled
05 – Tommaso Busatto + Trapianto di Fegato – Base Punk + Paddone
06 – Corkscrew N° 4453556 – Nano Tribale Spaziale Incazzato
07 – Trapianto di Fegato – Chill Bill
08 – Tommaso Busatto – Senti che assoli ti sparo con la pedala nuova che ho comperato
09 – Litchee Chinensis & Zabuba Nevresky – Mammt Boah
10 – Tommaso Busatto – I’ve failed
11 – Trapianto di Fegato – Ciao Mare
12 – Cult Of Terrorism – Untitled #1

Ē̎ ̽̔E͋́͠ ̐ͪ͞E̓ͩ̊ͯ̚ ͘E̶̒̉́̌ Ë̒ ͐ͭ̅͛ͫ̓̚Eͤ̆̿ ̈́ͩ͂͛͢E̽ͤ̃ ̒̾͡E̓̌̓͑ͫ ̂ͬ͗͒E̛͋ͨ̌̃̎ ͦ̒̓ͯ͑̇́̕E͗̓̈́ ͋̆̀͛͋ͯ̄E̽ ̍̽ͯE̢ ͥͩ̎̍ͨͯE̶̊͐ ̌̿ͪEͥ͋͂ ̐̎̌Ȅ̡ͭ ̿͌͋ͨ̒̍E͡ ̿͌͢Ȇ̃ͫ̓̇ͯ ̶̈̂̉ͩEͧͫ͒̑̓̚ E͑͂͐̾̚ Eͯ̓̍̍ ̧ͮ͂̎E̡ͩͨ̀̚ ͒̋̃̀Ĕ̅ ̒̿͋̀E̶ͯ ͥͫ̒̿͂͌̊͏

Second edition of the compilation organized by the network ‘Un altro trapiantato musicale’ made possible by the collaborations between different musicians from different realities working together in a net-collective.
MAV [0kbps] Records, March 2015

adcBicycle – Malignant Cove



“Malignant Cove”

Malignant Cove is adcBicycle’s 3rd album. All tracks are about a rocky ocean cove in Nova Scotia, Canada. The album was constructed to be catchy, dark, background music. The music engages the listener with gritty analog sounds, loosely played instruments and driving beats, yet at the same time sits peacefully in the background with distant vocals, slow building drama and a consistent dark pop mood.

the dissonant – songs about water


the dissonant

“songs about water”

dissonant kraut grunge

Райт – Сжатие и Увеличение



“Сжатие и Увеличение”

А вот в первый день весны вы заметили как оттаяли джинсы и на стенках появились тёплые оттенки? Если нет, то быстрее включайте новый мини-альбом от группы Райт. И тогда дыхание весны, хотя бы на три песни, станет ближе.
Записанный на сей раз, без всяких там студий и чаёв с сигаретами — прямо так.




“Cold Wave”

В поисках новых форм, группа открывает следующую главу в сотрудничестве с электронными проектами: на “Cold Wave” представлены совместные работы и ремиксы с участием Haunt и Gnothi Seauton. В течении шести месяцев восемь песен и ремиксов превратились в единое целое, что и стало альбомом “Cold Wave”: скитания по холодным пустошам в попытках заново найти себя.

K.smith – Prélude Électronique



“Prélude Électronique”

Album réalisé @Studio Kid A entre l’été indien, une naissance, des souvenirs et un monde qui devient fou.

Pk jazz Collective – The Farewell


Pk jazz Collective

“The Farewell”

«The Farewell» LP by Pk jazz Collective is the compilation of songs about love and its faces. Different types of feeling that makes our world alive arrayed in musical form. From old blues standards through the classical song of The Doors to modern pop songs of famous young singer Austin Mahone, covered by jazz-rock musicians from the distant Astrakhan.

All lyrics by Pk jazz Collective expt.
Kindhearted Woman, Love In Vain by Robert Johnson
Maggie M’Gill by Robby Krieger
What About Love by Austin Mahone
Artwork by Vyacheslav Korotin
Booklet by Maksim Parasjukov

Join Us!

Buy CD via DIY label Run On Recordings

JoyDee&Tosh – No Artist



“No Artist”

JoyDee&Tosh – No Artist (2015)

JoyDee is a music producer since 2011, Tosh is self-learning guitarist. Common project was found in 2013. JoyDee says: “We combine an electronic music with sounds of a guitar. The only one inspiration is unconsiousness”. One thing is sure. She is very tallented sound-magician and Tosh complements her visions perfectly with his psychedelic guitar. Very “cinematic” tracks. “Last Glance” is the most spectacular. It can’t get out of your head. Could be used as a movie or TV-series theme. Fryvolic Netlabel’s recommendation!


01. JoyDee – Intro – 1:32
02. JoyDee&Tosh – Last Glance – 3:17
03. JoyDee&Tosh – Stones – 5:02
04. JoyDee – Animus – 4:37
05. JoyDee&Tosh – Unfold Perspective – 1:52
06. JoyDee – Weary – 3:34
07. JoyDee&Tosh – Soothing Indifference – 4:16
08. JoyDee&Tosh – Elapsed Time – 3:21
09. JoyDee&Tosh – Time Tonight – 3:28
10. JoyDee – Time Tonight (Remix) – 3:49

Total time – 34:48

Pk Jazz Collective – Southern City‘s Lab podcast №006: Pk Jazz Collective — Mix


Pk Jazz Collective

“Southern City‘s Lab podcast №006: Pk Jazz Collective — Mix”

Southern City‘s Lab podcast №006: Pk Jazz Collective — Mix

К выходу нового альбома, Pk jazz Collective подготовил шестой выпуск «Southern City‘s Lab podcast», в котором вы услышите целеустремленных покорителей космоса, призраков джаза и психоделических демонов.

Альбом “The Farewell” выйдет в конце января – начале февраля на Run On Recordings в CD формате и в цифровой версии на Southern City‘s Lab.

Bedroom – Lunar Program
Bedroom – Landing
Bedroom – Going Home
Longman – Domestic Violence
Eject – Instead Of Us There Was Rustle Heard (5)
Ascorbic Acid – Окно
Михаил Чекалин – Джаз-рок вокализ
Vespero – Триптих уходящему солнцу







01 – Trapianto di Fegato – T(d)F2
02 – d u b l o r – è uno sballo mi piace
03 – Jieko – Niggas On Neptune
04 – Lorenzo Squilloni – Eternal Soundscape
05 – Trapianto di Fegato – Blogrock
06 – Prudject – The mystical disease of a fainted shadow in a washing machine I
07 – Trapianto di Fegato – Pachino
08 – Le Nozioni – Grazie di esistere
09 – Trapianto di Fegato – Slaprock
10 – Jieko – Fanculo
11 – d u b l o r – Meanwhile nella casa di riposo
12 – Trapianto di Fegato – Raga bello il posto ma i drink costano un sacco
13 – Jieko + Trapianto di Fegato – Pollih (l’olocausto animale)
14 – ilGuglia – Racolta Differenziata
15 – Trapianto di Fegato – Black Moon
16 – d u b l o r – TROLLFACE
17 – Trapianto di Fegato – We (letto proprio come Uè! non nel senso di noi in inglese)
18 – Jieko – 紙に一度 Kami_Faber
19 – Corkscrew N° 4453556 – Teratoma

Ē̎ ̽̔E͋́͠ ̐ͪ͞E̓ͩ̊ͯ̚ ͘E̶̒̉́̌ Ë̒ ͐ͭ̅͛ͫ̓̚Eͤ̆̿ ̈́ͩ͂͛͢E̽ͤ̃ ̒̾͡E̓̌̓͑ͫ ̂ͬ͗͒E̛͋ͨ̌̃̎ ͦ̒̓ͯ͑̇́̕E͗̓̈́ ͋̆̀͛͋ͯ̄E̽ ̍̽ͯE̢ ͥͩ̎̍ͨͯE̶̊͐ ̌̿ͪEͥ͋͂ ̐̎̌Ȅ̡ͭ ̿͌͋ͨ̒̍E͡ ̿͌͢Ȇ̃ͫ̓̇ͯ ̶̈̂̉ͩEͧͫ͒̑̓̚ E͑͂͐̾̚ Eͯ̓̍̍ ̧ͮ͂̎E̡ͩͨ̀̚ ͒̋̃̀Ĕ̅ ̒̿͋̀E̶ͯ ͥͫ̒̿͂͌̊͏

First edition of the compilation organized by the network ‘Un altro trapiantato musicale’ made possible by the collaborations between different musicians from different realities working together in a net-collective.

MAV [0kbps] Records, December 2014

Vasteras – Glamour EP



“Glamour EP”

Artist: Vasteras
Title: Glamour EP
Country: Yaroslavl, Russia

01. Glamour
02. The Shop
03. Yard
04. Paranoia
05. Touch Me

various artists – CC Affiliates Mixtape #1


various artists

“CC Affiliates Mixtape #1”

The global community of Creative Commons Affiliates is starting a new tradition: collectively compiling an annual mixtape of great music from artists using CC licenses. This idea follows the 10-year anniversary mixtape that the European Affiliates put together back in 2012, only this 2015-edition covers the entire globe. We hope that this will be the beginning of an annual tradition: a musical tribute to – and celebration of – the talent of the artists and Creative Commons sharing tools.

The mixtape has been made by the Creative Commons Affiliates – the custodians of the CC licenses in each of these countries – as a fun volunteer side-project to showcase the musical wealth of their countries. This means, and we’d like to highlight this, that these are not artists officially endorsed by Creative Commons, but rather personal favorites of some of those community members advocating sharing culture and promoting the use of CC licenses.

Across the world millions of creators are using Creative Commons licenses to promote and spread their creativity and to find a global audience. Many of these are music artists, performers and songwriters and for this year’s tape a whopping 25 countries have contributed, covering 4 continents of amazing music cultures and artistic talents of all audio trades. Dive in to discover what the world has to offer while at the same time appreciating sharing culture. Enjoy!


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