Klaus Marten – In A Dream

Klaus Marten

“In A Dream”

I think I finally figured out the point of my own music: I want it to be like those tapes from the movie “V/H/S”, where you just find some random fucked-up tape and watch it and you’re just like “who made this? Where did it come from? How was this even made??!” Anyway, here is some music I made. Enjoy.

VA – The Light Side Of The Blue



“The Light Side Of The Blue”

“The Light Side Of The Blue” is a sequel to “Wordless” compiliation, which is the result of the creative colaboration between Southern City‘s Lab Label and producer Hank Hobson in search of talented electronic stage musicians. However, contrasting the previous work executed in gloomily vast tones of ambient and glitch, the compilation offers a wide range of styles from jungle and jazzstep to Berlin school. The sequence of tracks is developed in a way that turns it into a novel, written with sounds and tunes. Into a fantastic story where the main character, finding it no more possible to bear his daily routine and seeking seclusion, runs away towards the sea…to another planet.

It all starts with the surrealistic absurd of Mutafory Lili telling with their both comic and psychodelic track about the daily life of our protagonist, where if you listen closely you can realise that he is about to break down. Then the action is transferred to the cosmoport, where Pk jazz Collective, toying with the new wave, is singing a song of mourn and sorrow, maybe even of the lost love. Lost radiance are painting admirable soundscapes, showing all the beauty of the deep space. Finally the duo of Sexyalien & Hank Hobson ($IMDC) is depicting some difficulties during the flight of the spaceship.

After that we are setting off for an automobile ride consisting of three chapters: crazy races across the megapolis by Hobotek, a ride along the highway in tune with jazz by Sobrio and the last few kilometers along the rough coast by Eva Shlegel.

And here comes the seclusion, where being alone with the self, nature and darkish atmosphere, perfectly rendered by SandSpace & lost-radio, D-lity & Amaranth will tell a story about the long-desired evening at the seaside.

Klaus Marten – Honey

Klaus Marten


My latest release, contains some interestingly cohesive instrumental music, ranging from shoegaze to noise to surf to wild guitar solos and back again.

intouch – Lust




All I ever wanted is to create. It happened so that I chose music. This is where I feel like I belong.
I’m not a very cheerful person in real life and I’m very easy to annoy so my music is not fun at all.
I try to hold onto emotional experience people get in life.
My songs tell stories of exciting, sometimes strange or creepy phenomena that touched my feelings once.
This music is not for everyone. But if you like it, it means we got intouch.

Klaus Marten – Sometimes EP

Klaus Marten

“Sometimes EP”

This short collection of tracks, recorded and produced with the feel and appeal of a stripped-down radio session, includes re-imagined acoustic versions of previously recorded songs of mine, and one yet-to-be released song given the same treatment.

Митрий Гранков – Верните Мите!


Митрий Гранков

“Верните Мите!”

«В 2011 году мы с другом Ховбаем организовывали несколько фестивалей под названием НОРМАЛЬНЫЕ, на которых выступал и я с сольной программой — это были песни собственного сочинения и стихи. Аудиоматериал, представленный на диске «ВЕРНИТЕ МИТЕ!» — часть того, что исполнялось мной на этих выступлениях.

Название «ВЕРНИТЕ МИТЕ!» было выбрано отчасти из-за того, что хотелось получить от слушателей что-то обратно, некий фидбэк. Отзывы были не очень многочисленны, но порой столь неожиданны и позитивны, что доставляли большую радость.»

Santa Nebula – Dim Down And Up Brother Bear


Santa Nebula

“Dim Down And Up Brother Bear”

Santa Nebula

Dim Down And Up Brother Bear [0kbps076]

01 – Dim Down And Up
02 – Brother Bear

MAV [0kbps] Records, November 2014

Tigerberry & Haunt – 起死回生


Tigerberry & Haunt


Ритуальные танцы кибер оккультистов.
Интернет-медиумы вызывающие мертвых из битых секторов жестких дисков.
VHS-духи поселившиеся в по другую HD экранов.
Дискотека во время конца Вселенной под уцелевшие послания Великих Древних на обветшавшей магнитофонной пленке.

Music by Tigerberry & Haunt

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cheon kim – eat dogs drink cats


cheon kim

“eat dogs drink cats”

cheon kim

eat dogs drink cats [0kbps075]

side a
a1 – Willkommen (synths, drum machine, samples)
a2 – LV (synths, piano, muted drum machine)

side b
b1 – Lautreamont (synths, growls, plug, digital reverb bugs)
b2 – the world means nothing to you (alto sax, fretless bass, guitar, vox)

///ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous enough to be a part of///

cover art by Serko Petrich

september,3 – october,25

MAV [0kbps] Records, November 2014

Bad Night Moon Shadow – Bad Night Moon Shadow


Bad Night Moon Shadow

“Bad Night Moon Shadow”

All Songs written and recorded by Jared C. Balogh from 1997 to 2005.

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Keyboard, Mini Organ, Sound Effect and Vocals: Jared C. Balogh

Vocals and Lyrics- Lisa A. Farrow and Jared C. Balogh

All Instruments Played By: Jared C. Balogh

Vocals- Pete Pasko on Track 15 “Wonder”

The band name Bad Night Moon Shadow is a play on the opposite wording of The Beatles song “Good Day Sunshine”.

Songs released on Altered State Reflections in 2008 and 2013

Azoora – New Height EP



“New Height EP”

In February 2008, Azoora released their first recordings on 23 Seconds Netlabel. Almost seven years later they are still around on the very same label; which makes us very proud!

The New Height EP features the voice of Jon Partelow, also member of The Flying Blind and former member of Can´t Stop The Daggers. Despite a new lead singer, the group hasn’t lost its unique sound and feeling.
Enjoy another masterpiece by Azoora!

The Flying Blind – Azoora RMX.EP


The Flying Blind

“Azoora RMX.EP”

The Flying Blind is an American band with a twist—the members all live in different cities, and work together mostly over the internet. Once or twice a year, they converge on a studio outside Chicago for a few weeks of high-octane debauchery and tracking.

In 2013 they released their self titled debut EP The Flying Blind. Now we are proud to present the remixed version, made by John Purcell / Azoora

Чокнутый Пропеллер – Миллиарды лет


Чокнутый Пропеллер

“Миллиарды лет”

«Миллиарды лет» is an experimental
album by the band «Чокнутый Пропеллер». It was recorded to celebrate band’s ninth anniversary.
You won’t find any tracks like «Люди против ментов» or «We Wanna Rock», however there are many love songs. Electric guitars were replaced by acoustic, punk rock was replaced by country or Americana. In fact that sounds more like a radio-friendly record, but it’s important to notice that not many bands in Russia are able to record such music in their native language.

Producer — Дмитрий “4ester Minuala”
Photo by Сергей Споялов
Cover by Костя Роди
2014 “Kukkovka Hell Studios”

Артем “Dr.Mozg” — Guitar, vocals, percussion
Дима “Листик” — Guitar
Костя Роди — Bass, back-vocals
Паша Быданов — Drums, back-vocals

Ивану Смирнову (vocals “Wait And Bleed”), Кристине Шабельниковой (vocals “Миллиарды Лет”), Владу Демину (violin “Посмотри Вокруг”, “Роза Моих Ветров”), Лешему (harp “История О Нас”).
Честеру за терпение и труд, как говорится!
Отдельное спасибо “Лаборатории10” и Сергею Споялову за участие в создании обложки альбома.


Aniqatia – Erratics



Erratics” is a 5 song E.P. from Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania) Expeimental/Post Rock/Shoegaze/Grunge band.
Josh Beck: Guitars/Vocals
Chris Navatier: Guitars/Vocals
Nick Fritz: Drums
Jared C. Balogh: Bass/Vocals
Recorded at The Skylight (Studio) by Vince Ratti:
Mastered at Azimuth By Bill Henderson:
Aniqatia Live Booking contact: aniqatia@gmail.com

Southern City‘s Lab – FIORDMIX

podcast №4

Southern City‘s Lab


Mixtape session of the Moscow avant-rock of Фиорда, specially for Southern City’s Lab

1) Iof Fiord —- Braincrusher
2) Скобки Пуассона —- Телефон
3) Musical Tree —- If You Want
4) Язык Кошки —- Ночью темно
5) Синкопированная Тишина —- Джангл
6) Light Dope —- Agnessa
7) Скобки Пуассона —- Дурак
8) Iof Fiord —- Perfecto
9) Синкопированная Тишина —- Протобаян
10) Язык Кошки —- Север Юг

Pura Neurosi – Pura Neurosi


Pura Neurosi

“Pura Neurosi”

Questo progetto musicale affonda le sue radici nella musica elettronica, nel post-rock e nella shoegaze con influenze down-tempo. Voce, chitarre, sintetizzatori e suoni sporchi uniti in un suono unico e convincente. Il progetto Pura Neurosi è iniziato a Barcellona, nell’estate del 2010, e rappresenta la naturale evoluzione delle traiettorie musicali dei membri. Entrambi provengono da un passato rock classico ma negli ultimi anni si sono dedicati alla produzione e al djing di musica techno e minimal. Con riferimenti alla post-dubstep di Mount kimbie, Balam Acab e i suoni atmosferici ed inquietanti di Salem, Pura Neurosi ha fuso queste influenze dentro il suo stile alternativo.

Break The Bans – Propaganda


Break The Bans


Yes, you read that right – it’s a new album by Break The Bans.
It seems nothing has changed, but everything has changed! Some big reforms have been made.
Themes of sex and love have been replaced by social and political issues.
The band has ripped all the flesh from the dance sound of garage-hard-rock songs and left a bare skeleton of rough punk rock, slightly embellished by a few guitar solos.

Recorded at Kukkovka Hell Studios in april-june’2014
Engineered by Nikolai Kuskov
Mixed by Alex Fry
Mastered by Anatoliy Nikulin

Alex Fry – Vocals, guitars, bass
Vadim Bogorodskiy – Guitar on «[Night/Day/On/Off]», Solo-guitar on «Sweet Pills», «Children In The Closet», «My Sick Friends», Slide-guitar on «Do You Believe In Love?»

All songs by Alex Fry

Thank You:
Nikolai Kuskov for beer and the work, Vadim Bogorodskiy for the help and skills, Yaroslav «Sweet boy» Tregubov for the bass-guitar, Julia Letto for the faith.

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Outsider Leisure – Едоки Собачьих Хвостов


Outsider Leisure

“Едоки Собачьих Хвостов”

01-Ванильный Трип-Хоп(2:00)
02-Orevuar Big Brother(3:24)
03-Living Like An Animal(2:00)
04-Внутриутробный Быт(2:44)
05-Едоки Собачьих Хвостов(4:48)
07-Завтра Будет Конец Света(2:12)
08-Как Ток(2:40)
09-Папа Знает(2:36)
10-Рупор Свободы Блевал Нас Вон(2:24)
11-Рыбы Молчат(1:44)
12-Так Себе Человек(1:52)
13-Ты Говоришь, Что Я Говно(3:28)

Papascandy – Speakin Up



“Speakin Up”

[LCL44] Papascandy : Speakin Up
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) november 2014
Creative Commons by-nc-nd license

/ / / TRACKLISTING / / /

01. Feeling
02. Demmadont
03. Why wasting
04. Warrior
05. Linton
06. Dubadont (Chalart 58 version)

Live video clip :


::: ENGLISH :::
Papascandy is our first “classical reggae” release, so we’re very excited about it, both because some of them are friends, and also because it’s damn good !

::: FRANCAIS :::
Papascandy est notre première sortie “reggae classique”, aussi nous sommes très fiers à la fois parce que certains des membres sont des amis, et aussi parce que c’est diablement bon !

/ / / / / KEEP IN TOUCH WITH OUR LABEL / / / / /

Get this release and lots of others for free and legal on LibreCommeLair (LCL) online label !
Web http://www.lclweb.org
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/LCL_netlabel
Soundcloud http://www.soundcloud.com/lcl
Blog http://lclweb.blogspot.com/

Color Kings – Black Box


Color Kings

“Black Box”

Sometimes you listen to the recording and think that it must be a big American band with a numerous team of producers and sound designers. And in many cases you are right because we are all familiar with some specific production peculiarities. But in some cases you are not. Our example today is a single by a Belarusian band «Color King». It’s called «Black Box».
They sound like a true British band and it’s not because of the engineer. Perhaps the key is the unique atmosphere of these songs.
When the openning track «Black Box» sounds like a polished garage rock, «Ghost of Love» seems to be a song written by a band like «Supergrass», which is more interesting. The perception may vary, however these guys create a cool British-like indie rock without that compulsive post-punk stuff.

Artwork By – Dima Vergun
Bass – Evgeny Michalik
Drum – Hleb Lapkovsky
Guitar – Dima Vergun, Harry Fingers
Vocals – Dima Vergun

Record in Studio 33


Various Artists – 50th

Marc Stapleford – Eight Dreams


Marc Stapleford

“Eight Dreams”

Marc has been in the business for a while, being a member of the recording and touring band Beautiful 2000 but since the breakup of that band, he’s been writing and recording his own material.
This extended EP of eight songs was recorded after a long visit to Kobe, Japan in 2004. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams, ‘Eight Dreams’ was recorded, played, written, mixed, mastered and produced by Marc Stapleford. It has a delightful mixture of laid-back acoustic and electronic-flavoured textures, with the odd turntable and field recording thrown in.
“Eight dreams dreamt in one night. From young to old. This record is in celebration of human spirit and imagination. Long live us.”

Tigerberry – Spirit Kit



“Spirit Kit”

The first band’s full-length album was compiled from the original songs captured between 2009 and 2012. It depicts the development of their distinctive sound and the starting point. The title “Spirit Kit” shows the idea behind the recording: each song itself is a key to a particular spiritual mood. The soundscape was designed in a very spontaneous and natural way. Nobody planned to release this record, and yet it became the organic 8 track statement that had been gathered from a vast band’s catalogue of singles, outtakes and demos. Serious changes and re-recordings were excluded on purpose to deliver the purest feel and tension behind the music. Remastered by the wizard from Binomial Records. The beauty of layering and reserved power reveals itself in an unexpected way through repeated listening.

Artwork By — Vadi Tkachev
Lyrics By — Vladimir Berlizev
Music By — Vladimir Berlizev
Remastered By — Andrey Teterlev

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intouch – Pride




Когда человек начинает считать себя самым добрым, самым умным, тут и начинается гниль. Гордыня – худший из грехов, что бы ты ни создал.
Простите ребята, но эта песня не о той любви, с которой все свыклись. Pride – крик великого возмущения.

Music & Lyrics by Ray Fano
Sound Producer by Ray Fano.
Artwork by Jessica Bartolini.

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ETZA – Surreal




Artist: ETZA
Title: Surreal
Genre: Electronic/Experimental/Glitch/Psychedelic
Country: Bandung, Indonesia

01. Mischievous
02. Surreal
03. Marionette Opera
04. Karat
05. Lady Mercury

Фиорд – Третий тайм



“Третий тайм”

The Moscow-based artist Fiord has released the third album. As compared to the previous long play “Квадроколесо”, the new record “Третий тайм” seems to sound less complicated musically however
the lyrics turn out to be more direct. Still the album develops the statement which has been claimed by its predecessors: mecanical parts, authentic vocals, unique harmonies and lyrics.

Artwork By – Семён Капралов
Music By – Фиорд (Игорь Фасхеев)
Vocals – Фиорд (Игорь Фасхеев)

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Pk jazz Collective – Red​-​Headed Woman


Pk jazz Collective

“Red​-​Headed Woman”

After several experiments with psychedelic and jazz rock, collaborative projects with different style musicians and poets, Pk Jazz Collective have returned to old rock traditions of making music. “Red-Headed Woman”, released on Southern City’s Lab has became an expression of Pk Jazz’s musicians experience in perception of “how to make simple but impressive rock album.

Music & lyrics by Pk jazz Collective

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