intouch – Pride

ETZA – Surreal

Фиорд – Третий тайм

Pk jazz Collective – Red​-​Headed Woman

Myth Magic – Myth Magic

Voodoo Puppets & Botinki Ra – Split

Гладилин-Булгаков-Самохин – Снопы Параной

H.S. Novac – Alter Ego

STFU! Come to Dresden!


Mess. – Lucky One

NOS project house

intouch – Heaven In Your Mouth

Sans Nom – Unhappy Thoughts

Pk jazz Collective – Unpredictable Feelings

Emanuele Fais – SUNSHINE

Ховбай Хвекмеев – Летающий Папа

Fire to the Stars – Keep You Safe

The Finer Points Of Sadism – Essere O Essere

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – OVO EP

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Final Four

Klaus Marten – EP

Klaus Marten – September

Klaus Marten – Satiety

Klaus Marten – Take Me With You

Klaus Marten – Master Tape

Simon Waldram – Haven’t We Met Before? The Songs of Simon Waldram

1981 – Neodimia

Not The Elephant – Broken Sky

Still Pluto – Bitter Pill

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Asteroid

jim lace / alex nova – twists

8 6 S A N D A L S – E U N O T O

Sans Nom – Unconscious Bliss

Borstal Boy – Reflections From A Digital Heaven

Rotten Lily – 何かの記念に

intouch – Overdose

Tunnel Rat – The Solipsist EP

Taigerbery – Alive

stefano balice – isterondeath

Various Artists – Jesus Was An Olm

Fire To The Stars – Keep You Safe / Wholesale Slaughter

Nick Rivera – Zamalek

Indievision – Indievision EP

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Greatness Awaits

Varios Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 4.

Tick Tick – My Swelling Heart

Varios Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 2.

Not The Elephany – Strangers

Campo – Cuero, Bosta y Vaca

Bo Crew Hip Hop Collective – Bo Crew Hip Hop Vol. I