TIGERBERRY – Break the Lies (Official Video Clip)

TIGERBERRY – Break the Lies (Official Video Clip)


“Break the Lies (Official Video Clip)”

«As an independent band TIGERBERRY decided to handle all the aspects of the video production. They invited Ketto Science to make something completely extraordinary. As Fedor Ferapontov said: “We needed Ketto Science cause he had an amazing experience in dance music production. Dope underground things”. The plot of the video is highly connected with the lyrics of the song. Vladimir Berlizev: “Let’s say that one does something wrong, but there is no one to evidence that. So he/she decides to move on without making it right. That is a way people spoil things I believe. To live a life you’ve got to go back and break it. That is the meaning.” Highly influenced by web punk, “Break the Lies” appears to be a mixture of 3D models, distorted colors and psychedelic effects. Band members were filmed with the help of Xbox Kinect camera to make band members fit the digital universe. “In the video we show things that are not real, things that have changed our life so dramatically that there seems to be no way out. The Internet has destroyed the world we used to live in. Everything is digital.» — Vladimir Berlizev.

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